Be Here Now Meditation

photo by Chris Schmidt

I like to preface posts like this with a bit about my beliefs….

My Beliefs:
I believe in God, a loving creator, universe intelligence and original source and center of all. I believe that Jesus, a Creator-Son, is our Local Universe Creator. I am a student of a religious philosophy called The Urantia Book. I also believe in Religious Tolerance. I accept and love you no matter what you do or don’t believe. I believe that you are being guided in your unique journey as I am in mine. I believe in the Blind Men and the Elephant – that all religions are views to different aspects of God. I believe in fact that each person has their own unique view of God, as (I believe) we each possess a unique fragment of God within us.

Being Present…
My friend Maude and I have been talking about Being Present and how great it can make you feel when someone is really present with you. Actually being present with yourself is a great feeling too.

The other day as I was pondering how to become more present, I thought, well, if I can become more conscious of where I am in space, and where I am in time, then maybe I can really feel more present.

Be Here Now Meditation

Realize that you are….

I am here….
in this space
in my body
in this chair/bed/ground
in this room
in this house
on this land
in this block
in this neighborhood
in this community
in this town
in this county
in this region
in this state
in this geographical area
in this country
on this continent
in this hemisphere
near this ocean, mountain range, or landmark
on this planet
in this solar system
in this universe
in infinite space

I am here, now….
In this moment
In this minute
In this hour
In this time of day
In this day
In this week
in this month
in this moon
in this cycle
in this season
in this year
in this decade
in this era
in this age
in time

As you read it you might want to really picture yourself in these places/times and breath in to each one so you can really feel your whole self existing in this exact place in this present moment.

Isn’t that a good feeling?

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In Joy!

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