Anti-inflammatory Raw Diet

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 2.44.57 PMWhy raw food is anti-inflammatory…

We’ve all been learning through articles in recent years that many foods cause inflammation in the body, and that many diverse ailments, aches and pains in the body are caused by inflammation. We’ve also been hearing that some foods are anti-inflammatory.

I can tell you in a nutshell that junk foods, meat, dairy, and gluten (grains) are said to be the causes of inflammation. And that a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices are said to reduce inflammation.

Is it any wonder that so many people who try vegan and raw vegan diets report feeling better, getting off meds, being able to exercise for the first time in ages, and healing from any number of different diseases? (See such reports here)

So what kind of raw diet is anti-inflammatory? The 100% raw diet is the most anti-inflammatorydiet in existence. Any percentage increase in the amount of raw food you eat will help in that proportion however. A 50% raw vegan diet will reduce about 50% of inflammation. So you’ll feel better. But if you want to feel amazingly better really quickly and at the same time prove to yourself that raw foods really have awesome healing power, try a 100% raw vegan diet for three weeks!

My 21 Day Raw Cleanse begins on Monday! I hope you’ll join in and try the greatest anti-inflammatory diet in the world! You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your life.

Look at what it has done for some of the hundreds of people who have tried it….

In Joy!
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