So raw didn’t work for you? And now you are just eating whatever you want as you cast around for the next thing that will bring you into balance?

It’s OK, there are any number of things that can throw you off the path in this far-from-raw world. That is par for the course for most of us.

Let’s see – some of the things that have derailed me in the past…

– moving to a new country
– trying to be high raw and falling into food addictions
– raw cacao addiction leading to chemical imbalance and cravings for cooked food
– financial strain, trying to feed teenagers enough raw food
– a moment of weakness
– helping a friend out with a cooking job
– rebelling from having to be raw in the public eye
– traveling
– stress
– lack of raw food availability
– feeling deprived or deficient on raw, lacking the focus to optimize or tune-up the raw diet for my changing needs
– social/work peer-pressure
– extended family peer-pressure

When it seems like too much trouble to stay raw or when we choose to not stay raw for whatever reason, we can still benefit from our raw knowledge and experiences.

We don’t need to have an all-or-nothing attitude – “100% raw or bust!” – but find ways to integrate our raw beliefs into our lives in order to mitigate the damage caused by cooked foods, not to mention by any negative emotions we hold onto out of guilt for not being raw.

For instance….

– Include a raw meal a day and/or a raw side dish with each cooked meal.

– Enjoy raw smoothies, juices, salads, nutmilks, and other raw favorites whenever possible.

– How about “Raw Saturdays”. Honor your local farmers market and make your weekly farmer’s market day raw! You could have a breakfast of fruits, a veggie based lunch and big salad for dinner!

– Make fruits or veggie sticks your snack habit

– Get in to the habit of buying yourself your favorite fruit at the grocery store instead of a last-minute temptation in the check-out aisle.

– Choose healthier cooked foods.

– If you need them, keep boundaries in place for what foods you will allow from the cooked world, what you will allow in moderation, and what you won’t allow at all. Sometimes just having one or two allowable cooked foods on my diet can keep a food-addict like me from slowly sliding down and slipping off the deep end.

– Go on 3-day, 7-day, 21-day, or 28-day raw program from time to time to clean out, release weight, boost your nutrient levels, and rest your digestive system. You’ll feel re-energized, rejuvenated, and ready to plan and implement the right habits for you in this new phase of your life.

– Go to raw restaurants with friends as a fresh novelty instead of eating out at decadent establishments whenever possible.

– Consider making raw condiments like raw ketchup and raw mayo to replace the worst cooked ingredients.

– Similarly keep fresh raw almond-milk on-hand to replace all milk needed in recipes, cereals, tea and for protein cravings or the need for a cold drink snack.

– Integrate a few of your favorite raw recipes in to your own weekly menu plan.

Not too many people are 100% raw for life. Even for those of us who have embraced the 100% raw diet as a cherished ideal, most of us have to muddle through plenty of times when this isn’t doable.

Those are times to honor our health and happiness in other ways as much as possible, don’t give in to despair or depression or fear, and do whatever we can to integrate the benefits of raw foods in to our life in whatever small ways we can find that will actually work! – often found through trial and error.

Be patient. And rather than giving up an ideal for the sake of accepting yourself as you are; hold on to that ideal and love yourself as you are right now, knowing that you will naturally move towards your ideal in the right time and way and place for you!


In Joy!

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2 Responses to All-Or-Nothing

  1. molly malka says:

    Hi Jinjee!

    i love your site and articles, they are really honest and informative.
    i was wondering if you know anything about going all or almost all raw after gastric sleeve surgery. im three months post op and am looking to make a change in my diet.
    any information would be great!!
    thanks in advance


  2. Liv says:

    Thank you Jinjee. This is such a sensible article. Plain common sense keeping perspective whilst always having a goal, whatever that might be! Know what you mean about teenagers though – if they just stopped moving for a minute it might help!

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