A trick to stop overeating

almondsWhen you are tempted to eat dessert when you are already full, find something you want to do or give yourself a task that will take a few minutes to an hour so you don’t overfill your stomach.

You won’t feel deprived because you know you’re still going to eat that treat afterwards, but it’s better than stuffing yourself all at once if you can space it out.

You can tell yourself you’re just going to tidy up your room a bit first, but then get into it and do a full cleaning once you get going. Once you get going on a task it’s easy to keep going. Getting started is the hard part.

This little trick is just one of many ways to manage an overeating issue. I love to come up with these and they really do help. But to really heal the root of the issue so you don’t have to use bandaids like this, try┬áre-setting your system with a 100% raw diet like the one on this Program: http://21daysRaw.com

In Joy!


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  1. Phil Mayes says:

    When I’m deeply involved in a project that’s going well, I often forget about lunch until, say, 2pm. It’s when I’m struggling with a problem or failing to tackle my todo list that I procrastinate by snacking or making lunch.

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