A trick for fully enjoying your food

Tip for eating less…

I can’t believe it when I have some really yummy food and then put something else of a totally different flavor that’s also really yummy in my mouth. Why would I do that???

Isn’t part of enjoying ones food enjoying the aftertaste for as long as it lasts? Wouldn’t that be getting the full value out of the flavor?

That got me thinking that to fully enjoy ones food one should fully and consciously relish every part of the process, starting with the initial craving and/or planning, and including the joys of…

• Craving, expectation, looking forward
• Shopping
• Preparing
• Plating
• Eating / enjoying
• Savoring aftertaste
• Enjoying the feeling in your tummy / body
• Noticing what the meal does for your health, beauty, and energy

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In Joy,

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