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Missing persons: Adagio Talifero (Dag) and Gerald Talifero (Storm).





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Missing persons: Adagio Talifero (Dag) and Gerald Talifero (Storm).

My name is Jinjee Garrick (formerly Talifero) and I am seeking my son. Adagio was last seen leaving his home in Camptonville, California on June 1st 2018 in the company of his Father, Storm Talifero.

Storm was seen several times between June 1st and June 7th 2018 by family members in the Santa Barbara and Ojai areas of California, and by friends in Arizona. But Adagio was not with him. Storm was last seen when he was dropped off at College Point at Goleta Beach / Goleta Bay near UCSB in Isla Vista (part of the Goleta area of Santa Barbara County).

Storm said Adagio was on board a friend's 30 foot sailboat in the Goleta Bay anchorage, with the boat owners. He said they were going to sail the friend's boat together 200 miles out to sea. Storm told some family members "if the friends got seasick or nervous, as they often did when they got out of sight of land, he would drop them in San Diego, otherwise they would all sail to Hawaii together".

Storm has not been seen since that day, June 7th 2018, when he allegedly set sail for Hawaii with Adagio (and the friends who owned the boat).

Nobody in the family or circle of Storm's friends were given the name of the friends or of their boat. So the Coast Guard don't have much to go on to help us find them, although they did their best by alerting commercial vessels to keep an eye out for a sailboat with a father/son aboard. They circulated a poster made by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

A Missing Persons report was filed with The Santa Barbara Police Department. I had hoped they would be able to secure Storm's phone records so that we could gather clues from the people who spoke to him last. But they were unable to do so.

You can help by circulating the poster above and/or the one of both Storm and Dag from my Find Adagio Facebook page.

Thank you so much,

Jinjee Garrick

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PS: Our raw food menu plan programs are no longer for sale.




How am I?

I'm doing OK. Worried about Adagio.


How are the other kids?

The other kids are doing well, missing their Dad and brother of course, and worried. It would be nice for everyone to have closure. This is a very difficult type of grief because it is hard to move on, not knowing.


Why are you not doing the Raw Programs any more?

I don't have the capacity to run them any longer. I don't feel like I'm in a position to teach about health. I have come to think that raw foodism can become a type of extreme fanaticism.


Did raw food cause your cancer?

I don't think so. The cause is unknown, although I did live surrounded by commercial orange groves at the time the tumor is thought to have started. I happen to have been eating a raw vegan diet at that time. I also had been working full time on a computer for 20 years and talking on a cellphone for hours a day before they had speakers. None of these things have been proven to cause brain tumors. It isn't known what causes them. That's another mystery.


Do you still believe in raw food?

I never thought raw food was always the best diet for everyone. It was good for me for a while. It wasn't the great "prevention" diet it was touted as. However, being generally healthy, which was partially due to my years as a vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan, has I believe helped me to tolerate my treatments better than expected.


Do you still believe in feeding children raw?

Not unless you have a lot of time and money. It is very hard to get enough calories and protein for a child on a raw vegan diet.


When is your new book "Jinjee's Raw Journey" coming out?

I don't know. I have writer's block. But if all goes well, I should have it ready by this summer. Other working titles include "Farewell to Raw". I want to share my experiences and what I learned raising my kids on a raw vegan diet. Also to share some of the perils of being a raw guru. Premise: My observations regarding how the alternative health movement is in some ways just as corrupt as, if not more corrupt than the medical industry (which is at least backed by science).


What can I do to help?

Keep an eye open for Storm and Dag. They may be wandering the wilderness anywhere in the world, hiding out in Hawaii, visiting farms, health food stores, observatories (Adagio's passion for space and science). If the sightings in Oahu in November was really them, Storm has shaved his facial hair and Adagio has shaved his head. Police have combed that island so it is thought they have moved on from there. Santa Barbara police presume them deceased. But in my opinion they could just as well be hiding out.



Storm and I separated in Spring of 2013. Our divorce was finalized in Spring of 2016. Dag lived with Storm. Shale and Yarrow with me. The oldest two flew the coop. Storm and Dag moved to a friend's farm in Comptonville, California to try to start a raw retreat up there in 2014. In 2016 I moved to Canada with the girls to help my Mom after her husband passed away. She ended helping me instead through my health crisis.


So much more to write. I'll add more FAQ's soon.


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Thanks again,