Little Blip’s Personal Diet Wisdom

Wisdom is deep knowledge gained through life experience and the perspective of years.

I seek to gain wisdom to live right, to walk my unique path, inspired, going with the flow, following the grain of the wood, to come into balance and know how to eat right to support my body so it can support my soul in my goals and dreams as I traverse the time-space reality as this being that currently includes a physical carbon-based cellular organism called a body.

My body is not just my soul’s house and home at this time but also a very integrated part of my entire being. Not just a vessel, my body responds to my emotions, holds my stories, is changed by my desires and decisions, is dependent on my emotional health and daily choices for its comfort and continuation, which in turn affects the well-being of the entire organism – me. Which in turn affects the well-being, health, vibration and destiny of the larger organisms of which I am a small part – my family, my community, my world, humankind, the planet, and beyond!

We may be but a blip in the big picture but isn’t it exciting how many choices and opportunities and potentials we have to be completely unique, individual, happy, inspiring, loving and special little blips!

In Joy!

Coming up! 21-Day Raw Summer Cleanse!

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2 Responses to Little Blip’s Personal Diet Wisdom

  1. Linda says:

    How lovely! This is another one of your writings that I’m going to save!

  2. Courtney says:

    I agree: this was so beautifully written, that I’m going to save it, too.

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