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Reasons to Love Raw…

Help spread the raw message to the world and you might just ease someone’s suffering in this life! Simply share this infographic on your social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc… Download the graphic above or Share it from … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Earn Points!

Our next Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins on Saturday August 2nd! The Rumpus is also known as The Raw Cup as it is a tournament in which participants compete in teams, earning points for their teams with a system … Continue reading

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Strangest Secret to Storm’s Success Staying Raw So Many Years

My friend Shannon emailed me saying he is really feeling the call to go raw. He has done raw before and was curious about what Storm’s secret to staying raw all these years is. I told him I thought it … Continue reading

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How Raw Food Can Save You Time

Thank you so much for all the positive response to the Rapid Raw Weight Release Program idea! I had about 40 people respond with resounding Yes’s and a few suggestions for making it the greatest raw program ever! And lots of people … Continue reading

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Elemental Nutrition

It’s Elemental my dear Watson! – Edible plants, like any other plants, are made from the very stuff the planet is made of! ie the four most basic elements; earth, water, fire, and air. There is a lovely chant my … Continue reading

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25 Reasons Going Raw Together is Romantic….

25 Reasons Going Raw Together is Romantic…. Raw foods are delicious You have more energy Colors look brighter You can enjoy dancing more You aren’t distracted by addictions You smell better Preparing raw food together is fun and playful You … Continue reading

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Eating Ourselves to Death

Sitting and writing in my car outside Jamba Juice which is right next to a Starbucks coffee shop, in the last hour 5 people went in to the Jamba Juice and around 50 people went in to the Starbucks.The Jamba Juice … Continue reading

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FDA Admits Cooking Causes Cancer

You hear different reasons why the raw food diet is healthy. It is the enzymes, they say, the life force in the food that makes it easier to digest. Or it is the denaturation, the loss of minerals and other … Continue reading

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Rest Your Way to a Flat Tummy

The below is from the Day 7 instructions from the 21 Day Cleanse… “In the Second Week of this Program we will be eating lighter, with more fluids, culminating in a one-day water fast on Thursday. The water fasting day … Continue reading

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Emotional Eating vs Emotional Healing

Every Sunday at 2:00 PM I host a Question and Answer Conference Call for my Go RAW Program Participants. This week nobody had any questions so I just talked about what was on my mind – which was Emotional Eating … Continue reading

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