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Question re Eating too many Nuts on Raw Diet

Letter from a Program participant…. Hello Jinjee , I am wondering if a lifetime membership means you can be joined into the next 21 day program again? I would like to improve my game but at present my head is being … Continue reading

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Self-Knowledge Through Raw Food

Every body is different. And since we aren’t just a body but a whole being intertwined with our body, every being is even more vastly different as our almost limitless combinations and permutations of factors affect our health and the … Continue reading

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Fed Up, A Powerful Film about Sugar

The Trailer for this film is powerful, high impact, and moving. I believe this film will give more people the desire and inspiration to make important changes in their diets and the diets of their children which will ultimately affect … Continue reading

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Connie’s Incredible Rejuvenation

Check out Connie’s amazing Before and After photos! Connie lost 20 lbs! This is going to be one of those where we are accused of using a many years old photo as the after pic. But I can tell you, … Continue reading

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New Concepts in Raw Cuisine

Doing our 21 Days Raw Program has helped hundreds of people to learn to love a raw diet with all the basics plus some exciting new Concepts in Raw Cuisine, like the Sunfry above…. Here’s what Paige, who contributed the … Continue reading

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What is Happiness and How Can it Help You Go Raw?

Dear Readers, Happiness….what is it really? It is a feeling, a really good feeling, that can be generated by tuning in and enjoying the moment, or by working hard for something we want and achieving or attaining it, or by … Continue reading

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Reasons to Love Raw…

Help spread the raw message to the world and you might just ease someone’s suffering in this life! Simply share this infographic on your social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc… Download the graphic above or Share it from … Continue reading

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More on Raw Food, Anti-Aging, and Hormones…

I love this letter in response to the last Blog “anti-aging observations“… Hi Jinjee, I will be 61 in December. For mature gals, after menopause, the season of life that follows a ticking clock, will bring understandable change. Might I … Continue reading

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Anti-Aging Observations

I just received this question via email… Hi Jinjee May I ask about hormones? I’m 60 and have managed well with DHEA tablets and food. In the last year my skin has become crackly, saggy quickly and hair thinning. Thanks … Continue reading

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6 Reasons You Should Have a Raw Experience….

1.) It is a Powerful Experience! – Like trying to describe being in love or childbirth to someone who has never experienced these things, I can’t describe a raw experience to you. You can only understand the incredible insights and … Continue reading

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