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Lessons From Amal Clooney

What can we learn from George Clooney’s new bride, Amal? I’m not going to talk about how she is skinny, because nobody is even thinking about that. They are mostly talking about her accomplishments and what she has done for humanity. … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Journey

Interview with Virginia… Jinjee: What made you decide to try a raw vegan diet? Virginia: I was interesting in going raw first and foremost to lose weight. I was already vegan, but struggled with eating high calorie, high fat foods. … Continue reading

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Journey Through Moodiness to Self-Love and Confidence

Sometimes I’m in a bad mood. I allow myself these. I think it’s good to be in a bad mood sometimes. Right now my bad mood allowed me to close the door on everyone and just take some time alone … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Beauty Practice

Like many of you, I’ve had a gratitude practice for years. I am aware that being grateful is a key to happiness. And that the more you are grateful the more you notice all the things to be grateful for. … Continue reading

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Sahira’s Journey

Just received these Before and Afters and testimonial from Sahira who participated in the 21 Day Raw Cleanse. Sahira wrote… Three weeks ago i was experiencing bloating, constipation, headaches and fatigue. Then I decided to join to 21 day cleanse … Continue reading

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Why New Years Day is the Best Time to Go 100% Raw

– It’s memorable and it’s good to have an easy-to-remember date like Christmas, New Years, or your Birthday to go raw on. – Here’s why that’s important. It helps to be able to easily count how many months or years … Continue reading

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Last Day to Sign up For New Years Programs

Happy New Year from The Garden Diet!!! Today, New Year’s Eve, is the last day to sign up for our January 1st start-date programs: The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus and The Raw Empowerment Program However, you can still sign … Continue reading

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New Years Raw Resolutions

Are you resolved to take care of yourself in the New Year? Would you like to go 100% raw but have not been able to find a way or a way back to that glorious state comfortably? If you make … Continue reading

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How To Thrive on a Raw Diet

Here are some of the main things I’ve learned about eating 100% raw and thriving without deficiencies! Getting this right can keep you from falling off the wagon in 2015! – Eat a balanced raw diet including plenty of fruits, … Continue reading

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New Years Raw Programs – Go Raw on January 5th!

* Are you ready to release some holiday weight? * Are you putting “Go Raw” on your New Years resolutions list? * Would you like to get in shape, feel more energetic and rejuvenate? Then my Go-Raw Programs are for you! … Continue reading

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