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7 Week Guided Raw Journey Online Begins Tomorrow

Whether you want to go raw for a day, a week, a month, or a year – our 2-Program Lifetime Membership to the 21 Day Raw Cleanse and the 28 Days Raw Experience can help you begin safely and support … Continue reading

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Little Blip’s Personal Diet Wisdom

Wisdom is deep knowledge gained through life experience and the perspective of years. I seek to gain wisdom to live right, to walk my unique path, inspired, going with the flow, following the grain of the wood, to come into … Continue reading

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Secret of Relaxation

Research shows that relaxing is key to reducing the stress hormones that cause us to store fat in our tummy area. We all know about deep breathing, yoga, meditation, prayer, and getting out in nature. And we also all know … Continue reading

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Research Shows Significant Difference in Organic Produce

An article in Salon opens with the question… “Could there be a clear difference between organic and non-organic food? An international study, due out next week, in the journal British Journal of Nutrition, presents evidence that there is, indeed, a discernible … Continue reading

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Don’t Beat up on Yourself

This is an excerpt from our 28 Days Raw Program… Day 2 Motivational Reading We Don’t Beat Ourselves Up! I totally believe that we are all going to stick to this program, and to our individual goals for improving our … Continue reading

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Mentally Preparing for Going Raw

I don’t recommend that people try to go raw on their own. You won’t know all the many wonderful types of recipes that you can make and it will quickly get boring. Instead of wading through raw cookbooks and blogs … Continue reading

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Elephant vs. Lion…

 Cool raw fact! My son Adagio, 10, told me today that it is not only human raw vegans who seem to need less sleep. According to Adagio, elephants (raw vegans) sleep for only 3-6 hours a day, while lions (carnivores) … Continue reading

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Living as if…

Living as if… Every bite counts Every thought counts Every action counts Every prayer counts Every word counts Every person counts Every decision counts Every intention counts Every day counts Every moment counts Every communication counts Every relationship counts Every … Continue reading

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Your Addiction Wants You Dead

                  Russell Brand is a comedian who is a recovered heroin addict and speaks out on the importance of an abstinence-based recovery program. In one interview about the recent death of Phillip … Continue reading

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