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Over 1000 lbs. lost collectively with Delicious Raw Menu Plan

These folks above and other participants have lost over 1000 lbs. collectively with our Raw Food Menu Plans! Click here to see more pics and feedback from our members! What you should know… – New 28 Days RAW Program session … Continue reading

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Never Giving Up

There’s only one secret to success – never giving up! Especially with diet, fitness, health, overcoming bad habits, overcoming addictions, food addictions, compulsive overeating, etc… you can expect it to be a lifelong journey. So get comfortable with the struggle. … Continue reading

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Your Raw Problems Solved

For the last 14 years my work in the world has been to help people go raw. The Daily Raw Inspiration helps inspire people. And The 28 Day Raw Transition Program helps people to try a balanced raw diet with … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Creating a Workout Habit

We all go through these times and moments in the day, week or month where things just seem so hopeless. And we can get in the habit of punishing ourselves for this by acting out and taking terrible care of … Continue reading

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1 Week Left to get Early Bird Special for 28 Day Raw Transition Program

The 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program, AKA The Raw Experience, is a 100% raw vegan doorway into a healthy, delicious, and doable raw lifestyle that is balanced, rejuvenating, and healing! The next session begins on Monday September 29th. The Optional Prep-Week Begins this … Continue reading

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Short Light Exercise Makes a Difference

I just read an article called “Are you sitting comfortably? Well, don’t!” The bad news is that the latest research shows that sitting for even just an hour or two at a time causes serious health risks. The good news … Continue reading

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Question re Eating too many Nuts on Raw Diet

Letter from a Program participant…. Hello Jinjee , I am wondering if a lifetime membership means you can be joined into the next 21 day program again? I would like to improve my game but at present my head is being … Continue reading

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Self-Knowledge Through Raw Food

Every body is different. And since we aren’t just a body but a whole being intertwined with our body, every being is even more vastly different as our almost limitless combinations and permutations of factors affect our health and the … Continue reading

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Fed Up, A Powerful Film about Sugar

The Trailer for this film is powerful, high impact, and moving. I believe this film will give more people the desire and inspiration to make important changes in their diets and the diets of their children which will ultimately affect … Continue reading

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Connie’s Incredible Rejuvenation

Check out Connie’s amazing Before and After photos! Connie lost 20 lbs! This is going to be one of those where we are accused of using a many years old photo as the after pic. But I can tell you, … Continue reading

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