7 Weeks of Raw Recipe Menu Plans Begins Monday

The next 28 Days Raw Transition Program begins on Monday. This is
the Spring Session, immediately followed by the 21 Day Raw Cleanse.
Both of these Programs come with weekly menu plans chock full of
delicious raw recipes! Each weekly menu plan comes with two
shopping lists so your ingredients are always fresh.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to think about
what to eat at each meal, each day and what to shop for at the
store. It just makes life so much easier. And you are enjoying the
raw lifestyle in a safe and healthy way with experienced guides to
help you via phone and email.

On top of all this you get daily emails with motivation, education,
journal exercises and workouts. Plus you get access to an exclusive
online community for all the participants (usually 60 new
participants and over 100 returning participants from the group of
over 1500 former participants).

You would think this would cost a fortune. It is like your own
little raw retreat in the comfort of your own home and without
having to drop out of real life. But our 2-Program lifetime
which allows you to do the two programs as often as you
like so you can actually stay on them continuously (we’ve been
running them for four years now!) which used to cost $199 is now
usually a deal at $167! However today you can get it just for $137
at our Early Bird Rate which we are keeping up until Friday at

Find out more, hear from our participants, and see their Before and
After pictures here:

Secret Insight / Tip….

“The more you are truly grateful for your health, the more natural¬†and easy it becomes to take care of it, sometimes seemingly even¬†without effort” – Jinjee Talifero


In Joy!

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