25 Reasons Going Raw Together is Romantic….

25 Reasons Going Raw Together is Romantic....

25 Reasons Going Raw Together is Romantic….

  1. Raw foods are delicious
  2. You have more energy
  3. Colors look brighter
  4. You can enjoy dancing more
  5. You aren’t distracted by addictions
  6. You smell better
  7. Preparing raw food together is fun and playful
  8. You can eat more
  9. Your eyes are clear and bright
  10. Your skin is more sensitive
  11. You are more present
  12. Fruits are sensuous
  13. You can breathe more deeply
  14. You can enjoy your body
  15. Fruits are filled with electrifying electrolytes
  16. You can exercise more
  17. Your emotions are clearer
  18. Eating raw foods together is bonding
  19. You feel better about your body
  20. You taste better
  21. Raw food is full of rejuvenating anti-oxidants
  22. You can enjoy running
  23. Going raw together gives you something in common
  24. You can bring more to your relationship
  25. Raw foods are beautiful

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In Joy!

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