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What Makes The Garden Diet Different

There are so many raw food diet programs, 28 day diet programs, and 21 day cleanses out there now! So how is The Garden Diet and our 21 and 28 Days Raw Programs different from other Raw Food Diet Programs? … Continue reading

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Last Day for Best Special Ever!

You know you want to and need to go raw! So what’s holding you back? If it’s support, guidance, recipes, and education – our Programs are a complete package of everything you need to go raw easily, safely, and with … Continue reading

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Raw Gratitude Real Magic

When I remember to be grateful as an actual practice, it is absolutely astounding how much brighter the world gets. It really is like magic! Beginning the practice is as easy as noticing one thing to be grateful for, or … Continue reading

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Real Forgiveness and Real Health

Holding on to hurt, resentment, anger, and pain rather than forgiving is something that is very detrimental to our health. The sooner we can resolve major issues like power, control, abandonment, jealousy, and anger issues the sooner we can move … Continue reading

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Be Here Now Meditation

I like to preface posts like this with a bit about my beliefs…. My Beliefs: I believe in God, a loving creator, universe intelligence and original source and center of all. I believe that Jesus, a Creator-Son, is our Local … Continue reading

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