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How Some Fruits may be Healing Cancer

I just watched this exciting video from The Renegade Health Show above featuring Dr. Jameth Sheridan presenting some really interesting information about the way in which certain fruits help reduce cancers. First of all, according to Dr. Sheridan there is … Continue reading

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Too Good to Be True

If it sounds too good to be true, it often is! If you are being sold a product that claims it will help you lose weight without changing your diet or exercising, you can be about 99.9% sure that it … Continue reading

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Insane Benefits of Walking

I’ve just been collecting a list of scientifically proven benefits of walking from many different medical journals online, and it is immense…. Here are just some of the benefits of walking… Helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and … Continue reading

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Proportion Control

We’ve all heard of portion control as a technique for releasing weight. But when it comes to creating a balance of cooked and raw foods, I believe that with the right proportion or ratio of raw to cooked, you can … Continue reading

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Eating Consciously and 28 Day Mid-Summer Raw Program Starts Monday

Eating Consciously Conscious Eating doesn’t have to be raw. People who are conscious of what they eat may be of any dietary persuasion. What they have in common is an understanding of what various foods do to their bodies. Conscious … Continue reading

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Alive Raw Nut Butters

Do you know about Living Tree Community’s amazing raw nut butters? They make alive almond butter with a special process slowly, over several days. They slice the almonds rather than grind them and they make their almond butter frequently and … Continue reading

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Cool Anti-Aging Videos

My son Adagio has been getting really in to time lapse photography videos lately. He showed me this cool one of strawberries decomposing. It is interesting to see how aging occurs cell by cell. And when you break it down … Continue reading

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The Future of Cooked Food

I had a vision tonight….that in the future cooked food will be a treat….a novelty….a sort of entertainment….not looked upon as sustenance….but rather as something to be done in moderation….such as social drinking is for some people now….. I’ll tell … Continue reading

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Fridge Before and After Raw Diet

We have had a lot of submissions of Before and After photos from people who have taken our 21 Day Raw Cleanse and 28 Day Raw Transition Program….. But this is the first Before & After of a Fridge that … Continue reading

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New Summer Program Schedule….

Summertime is here! What a great time of year to go raw – even if just for the summer! Eating light is one way to beat the heat. Nature’s bounty of produce is abundant, fresh, and delicious! And there is … Continue reading

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Allergy Relief with The Garden Diet 28 Days Raw

We received this feedback on the 28 Days Raw Program on our Facebook page! I do love when people post their feedback there, for all the world to see! “The Garden Diet is a fantastic program. The menu is … Continue reading

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