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Denaturation of Food

There is a biochemistry term: Denaturation. It means de-naturing, making something natural un-natural. It is often used to describe what happens to food on a molecular level when heated. For instance this was taken from the Wikipedia page about Denaturation … Continue reading

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Elemental Nutrition

It’s Elemental my dear Watson! – Edible plants, like any other plants, are made from the very stuff the planet is made of! ie the four most basic elements; earth, water, fire, and air. There is a lovely chant my … Continue reading

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Varieties of Raw Vegans

No two raw vegans eat exactly the same way just as no two cooked foodists eat the same way. We all have our tastes and preferences, and we all get to know what foods agree and disagree with us, as … Continue reading

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Be in Our Infomercial in One Year!

I’m saving up to do infomercials for our Healthy Menu Plan Programs! (The 21 Day Cleanse and the 28 Days Raw Program but will call them something that doesn’t use the word RAW). Wouldn’t that be exciting, to have regular … Continue reading

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The Impossible Balance

I mentioned I thought someone we know might be a little deficient in nutrients. Storm said “Everyone is deficient” You’re either undernourished (deficient) or over-nourished (toxic) and if you actually hit that perfect balance point in the middle it is … Continue reading

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New Photos

April 2013: Shale, 12 — Adagio (Dag), 8 — Jinjee, 45 — Storm, 63 — Yarrow, 5 Everyone is 100% raw at this time. Shale, Dag, and Yarrow have never eaten cooked food. Storm has been raw for 41 years. … Continue reading

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Emotions, Food and Thoughts

It’s all one. Everything is our emotional life. Our emotions are behind all that we do. And everything we do, and everything that happens to us, affects our emotions. Emotions generate physical sensations in our body. The foods we eat … Continue reading

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Women with Character

Don’t you hate how as men get older people say they get more attractive because they have more “character” but for some reason when women get older we don’t celebrate our character – we just keep trying for that vacant-eyed … Continue reading

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To Control or Not To Control

It may be that you have been trying to force yourself to change. And maybe it hasn’t worked so far, at least not for long. In the 28 Days Raw Program you are not going to try to force yourself … Continue reading

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Help for Binge Eating

I sent this out in the Daily Raw Inspiration the other day…. Raw Alienation It sounds like Raw Alien Nation, and sometimes it feels like we are that, doesn’t it! I was hiking along today with a view of the … Continue reading

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