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Eating More May Keep You Young

Some people think that eating really light can keep you young. It is true that eating a third less then “normal” may make your life a full third longer! (based on scientific Calorie Restriction research). But I think you can … Continue reading

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2012 in Pictures….

More photos from previous years…. In Joy! Jinjee

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Mood Swings and Food Swings

Could your mood swings be tied to your food swings? What did you eat before the “down”? What did you eat before the “high”? The next day is often when you feel the effects of the foods you eat, but … Continue reading

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Excess Raw Energy

Excess Raw Energy is a concept I’ve written about before but I have just had an experience that has deepened my understanding of this phenomenon. The theory is Storm’s – that many people go off the raw diet simply because … Continue reading

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How I Am Overcoming Food Addiction

Wow! It is over! The darkest hour is just before dawn – truly. Yep, I guess I’m a rock bottom girl. Gotta touch ground before I can spring up. Or maybe I just like to push boundaries. How much can … Continue reading

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What To Eat

At first you realize that a healthy diet is more about what you don’t eat than what you do eat. You cut out sugar, flour, meat, dairy, gluten, MSG, soy, caffeine and acrylamides and you feel a million percent better … Continue reading

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Losing Too Much Weight?

The raw vegan diet works amazingly well for weight loss, but sometimes it works too well! Even without exercise, people lose weight almost instantly on a 100% raw food diet. But what happens if you lose too much weight? What … Continue reading

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Jinjee's Journal 2006

I was just looking for some excerpts from our writings that I could use as twitter quotes, and stumbled upon this journal entry from 2006! (From my eBook ¬†Jinjee’s Journal) …and realized that sometimes I can get some good advice … Continue reading

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Inspiring Garden Diet Results

Every day I get to read awesome stories of raw success. Here is some of the latest feedback I have received about our Go Raw Programs…. “Lost six more lbs…whoo!..but I know it would have been more if I stuck … Continue reading

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Don't Stress, We're All One!

Its going to be OK! We are all so stressed out by modern life – so much to do constantly, the constant flow of bills and expenses, and the running to keep up with it all. I just realized the … Continue reading

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Raw Sour Cream and Chives Recipe

Here is an absolutely delicious recipe from Storm’s new eBooklet “Guilt-Free Decadence: Raw Sauces, Dips, and Salad Dressings” If you love cheese or cream — this will satisfy you on the level of “why would I ever eat any dairy … Continue reading

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