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My Trip to the Grocery Store

I am not the greenest person in the world besides my diet, household cleaners and personal care items. I recycle when convenient though if it uses too much water to wash out like a jar of tahini or nut butter … Continue reading

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Shift Happens!

I’ve been working with EBT (Emotional Brain Training) Practitioner Barbara Gabriel who came down to our retreat last month. When I first saw her I instantly loved her energy, but had no idea that she would be such an angel … Continue reading

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3 Requirements of Raw Recipes

The next session of The Garden Diet’s online raw program The 21 Day Raw Cleanse starts on Monday! Details: Tried everything you could to eat healthier and nothing worked? Try 100% raw! It sounds difficult, but once you get it … Continue reading

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Eating Ourselves to Death

Sitting and writing in my car outside Jamba Juice which is right next to a Starbucks coffee shop, in the last hour 5 people went in to the Jamba Juice and around 50 people went in to the Starbucks.The Jamba Juice … Continue reading

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FDA Admits Cooking Causes Cancer

You hear different reasons why the raw food diet is healthy. It is the enzymes, they say, the life force in the food that makes it easier to digest. Or it is the denaturation, the loss of minerals and other … Continue reading

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Grown-up Freedoms – mp3 RawRadio JINJ

Are you in the habit of buying yourself little treats at every stop along the way? Do you wonder why you’re doing this? Do you wish you could stop? Here’s an angle you may not have considered… You’ve been un-cooking, … Continue reading

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Why Casual Sex is Unhealthy for Women

It is difficult to make healthy choices in regards to diet and exercise if we are making unhealthy relationship choices. I have theories that coincide with those of the woman below… Two molecules once joined can not ever really be … Continue reading

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Alicia Silverstone Nude for PETA

The IMDB (Internet Movie Database) says: Trivia Alicia Silverstone refuses to appear nude in any of her movies. She requires a body double in her place for nude scenes. Also, when starring in the stage version of “The Graduate,” she … Continue reading

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Refined Food Addiction

Do you live in service to your gut or to your higher intelligence? Perhaps you can not serve two masters in this arena. Either your gut rules you and you live to do its bidding, or your mind/spirit rules you … Continue reading

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The Garden Diet Story

Our website banner through the years…. “The only sustainable way to get healthier is to remove the causes of disease and apply the causes of health.” We now know that cooked food causes cancer. The FDA have told us the … Continue reading

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Rest Your Way to a Flat Tummy

The below is from the Day 7 instructions from the 21 Day Cleanse… “In the Second Week of this Program we will be eating lighter, with more fluids, culminating in a one-day water fast on Thursday. The water fasting day … Continue reading

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Lo-Carb Fruit-Free Raw Menu Plan

The Garden Diet is all about eating a Balanced Raw Diet. However, when people first get off a Standard American Diet (SAD) they often have issues with certain types of foods. Some people have lost the ability to digest fats. … Continue reading

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Necessity of Balance in Raw Diet

Some people do better on fruits, some on vegetables/greens, and others on a balanced raw diet. The third category are lucky because it is the most sustainable for long term health. However, follow what works best for you, and if … Continue reading

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Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

Just watched an amazing video (actually I’m about half-way through and already have to share it with you!) by Dr. Greger called “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death”. It is up-to-the-minute scientific information on how meat kills and plants save … Continue reading

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Praying or Visualizing For Ones Food

I have heard people say they can eat whatever they want if they just visualize it being good for them! Although this may have some positive effects, I do not think visualizing or manifesting is as easy as all that. … Continue reading

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Beauty Secrets From Around The World

Some tidbits I’ve gathered in my travels… – Kurdish Beauty Secret – Strive be beautiful even when you are alone. Dress in your best clothes, do your hair, even if staying home – showing your commitment to beauty to the Universe. … Continue reading

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Garden Diet Bloggers – How They Got Our Programs for FREE!

F-REE pass to 28 Days Raw Course Did you know there is a way to get our 28 Days Raw and 21 Day Raw Cleanse for no cost at all? These are our 2 Go-RAW Programs that you do online with … Continue reading

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Emotional Eating vs Emotional Healing

Every Sunday at 2:00 PM I host a Question and Answer Conference Call for my Go RAW Program Participants. This week nobody had any questions so I just talked about what was on my mind – which was Emotional Eating … Continue reading

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Emotional Brain Training

We recently finished up an absolutely wonderful raw hiking yoga retreat week. I’ll have photos coming to my Facebook page soon. We were fortunate to have a very magical group of guests and I feel I have learned as much … Continue reading

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