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My Little Menu Plan

  Sometimes when I’m feeling food insecurity or stress, it helps me greatly to have a plan for what I’m going to eat over the next few days. Here’s one I made the other day…. SATURDAY BREAKFAST – OJ or … Continue reading

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Nice Self-Forgiveness Tip

“I’ve learned a little trick from a good friend. When she slips up and eats unhealthy food, she tilts her head to the side to kiss her shoulder. This little affirmation shows that we can make mistakes, but still love … Continue reading

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50 Tips for Staying Raw

1. Throw away all your non-raw food items 2. Buy a Vitamix 3. Eat a variety of different raw foods 4. Find a raw Meetup 5. Experiment with changing recipes up 6. Use whatever veggies you have at home to … Continue reading

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New Raw Recipe ~ Jinjee’s Raw Pizza Extravaganza

The Raw Pizza Extravaganza (non-dehydrated raw pizza) takes about 30 to 40 minutes to prepare but is well worth it! I have to tell you this pizza trumps any cooked pizza out there! This is what cooked pizza is TRYING … Continue reading

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Binging and Other Survival Mechanisms

Some people will tell you that eating a 100% raw diet can lead to binging. The truth is much broader than that. In fact any kind of diet can lead to binging. But even if you don’t diet, binging is … Continue reading

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Lifelong Detox

Doing extreme cleanses and going back and forth to cooked food can play havoc on the system as cleansing makes you extra sensitive to toxins. In addition your body’s pH balance goes from alkaline on a raw diet to acidic … Continue reading

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My Diet is Not My Identity

Here is a letter from a reader with some very common problems people face when trying to go raw, and my response to her…. Hi there Jinjee, I really need help!!!! I went raw a number of months ago because … Continue reading

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Are You Depleted?

There’s a razor’s edge of vibrant health between toxicity and depletion…that is difficult to find and more difficult yet to walk… Feeling tired and don’t know why? It may be you are deficient in minerals or other nutrients. No matter … Continue reading

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Health is Natural

Health is the natural way to be. We’ve just come so far away from the natural that now healthy people seem supernatural. But eating and moving the way nature intended we can stay healthy indefinitely. We can even die healthy, … Continue reading

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Playing Russian Roulette with Your Stomach

I know what it is like to play Russian Roulette with your stomach, to know that you’ve been eating so much, so badly, so consistently, so long, that with any next bite it could throw you in to such an … Continue reading

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Rawfully Ridiculuous 4th of July Week Sale through Friday!

Our “Go Raw” Programs have helped thousands of people thrive on the raw lifestyle with delicious menu plans, life-simplifying shopping-lists, and a huge amount of daily support! If cost has ever been prohibitive, this is the time to jump on … Continue reading

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