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Skinny Raw Man Puts on Muscle!

Above are two pictures of Storm about 6 and 8 years after he went raw. He was a classic raw “stick-man”. As an athlete into extreme sports – mountain climbing, sailing, hang-gliding, rowing, martial arts, running, bicycling, and fencing, Storm … Continue reading

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How To Stick to Any Diet!

Empower Yourself The secret to sticking with a diet is to empower yourself. And how do you empower yourself? Well when you are committed to a certain diet plan, whether it is 100% vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan, or whether … Continue reading

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Victims of the Fire – The Results of Cooked Food Addictiont

Written at a time when I was experimenting with an 80%-90% raw diet… I feel like eating cooked food is ungrateful of me. It is ungrateful for the gift I’ve been given of the knowledge of this diet. And even … Continue reading

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Imagine a Passionately Peaceful and Loving Relationship…

“Do you realize that in the time we’ve known each other, we’ve never argued?” 
It was that initial insight that led us to explore our relationship and eventually blog about it. We were astounded again and again by the peaceful … Continue reading

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My Take on Low Fat Raw Diets

I have a slight issue with low-fat raw diets as fats are essential helpers in our body’s process of absorbing nutrients. A lot of low-fat-raw people look depleted after a couple of years on the diet. I understand that a … Continue reading

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