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Vision Board

Brandi, Jules, the kids, and I had so much fun doing our vision boards on New Year’s Eve! We took my old magazine collection that needed to be recycled anyway, and sat around the big table with cardboard, glue, scissors … Continue reading

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Cucumber Power

I bet every fruit and vegetable is a miracle food on this level…. The Amazing Cucumber This information was in The New York Times several weeks ago as part of their “Spotlight on the Home” series that highlighted creative and … Continue reading

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Shale's Snow Sundae

Shale and Adagio make a Snow Sundae….Raw Vegan kids invent their own treats…Here’s the recipe, as told by Shale, age 8 and Adagio, age 5. Many variations possible. Please make only if clean snow is available….

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New Green Smoothie Recipes

I used to have trouble drinking green smoothies with an orange juice base, however Jules has been making some green smoothies with orange juice that taste and feel absolutely great! Here are her recipes….

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The Truth about Calcium!

(Storm’s birthday tomorrow – 61 years!!) The truth comes out!  This article below claims that fruits and vegetables are more important than dairy for healthy bones!

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5 Days to a Flat Tummy!

You may have seen my Pear Magazine interview with Teresa Jordan, who at 52 is a role model for me with her raw glow and beautiful vibe! Well now she and Dr. Ariel of Women Go Raw have written a … Continue reading

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I just received this email from a woman in the UK….

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Avatar movie review

We saw the new movie Avatar and I was just amazed! I was sure I wouldn’t like it, thinking that it would just be a lot of special effects as they spent $500,000,000 making it. For that price, you should … Continue reading

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Desire is The Healthy Beginning!

The Desire to Create, is strong in me today. I wish to create a new website for the Garden Diet. I wish to make a CD of my music. I wish to sing. I wish to write songs. I long … Continue reading

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