10th Annual Back-to-the-Garden Retreat Pics

The Garden Diet RetreatAh, it was a wonderful time!! Made me wish we could do retreats forever. This was our final Annual Back-to-the-Garden retreat as Storm needs to dedicate himself to his film productions for the next few years, but in the future if and when we might have our own center we hope to enjoy more retreats with the amazingly beautiful raw enthusiasts of the world.

Storm and I shared these photos from the retreat in Ojai, California that took place for a week in July on our Facebook pages, but here they are (by request) for those who don’t do Facebook.

The retreat house is the beautiful and luxurious “Eden” house in Ojai via Ojai Vacation Rentals and the hikes are in the majestic Matilija Canyon in Ojai, about a 25 minute drive from the retreat house. The hot springs on the way are right off of Matilija Canyon Rd.



21 Day Raw Cleanse
Monday September 3rd, 2012

28 Days 100% Raw Transition Program
Monday September 24th, 2012

Raw Empowerment Program (start tomorrow!)
Ongoing Membership Program

Vital Force Diet System (for Boomers)
New week-long Session every Monday

In Joy!

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5 Responses to 10th Annual Back-to-the-Garden Retreat Pics

  1. Tina says:

    What a stunningly beautiful place to be in nature and enjoying the raw lifestyle retreat! I sure wish I was there!

  2. Gigi says:

    I was wishing that I could have seen the photos too, since I don’t have facebook. So happy that wish came true! I felt like I got a little escape to an amazing place of beauty this morning. Thanks

  3. Sasa and Benet from Slovenia says:

    Jinjee, this is awsome. I am so happy for your family. Receive warm greetings form Slovenia. A big hug for each and every single member of your family. Love, sasha and benet

  4. James (UK) says:

    Awesome pics!
    Fabulous hiking!

  5. PJ says:

    I am one of the people that does not have Facebook. Thank you for posting these photos! Looks quite wonderful!

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