More on Raw Food, Anti-Aging, and Hormones…


I love this letter in response to the last Blog “anti-aging observations“…

Hi Jinjee,

I will be 61 in December. For mature gals, after menopause, the season of life that follows a ticking clock, will bring understandable change. Might I suggest to all of the ladies who are fortunate to live long enough to welcome this time of change, consider not just the outward physical beauty that naturally occurs with healthy living, but also nurture virtue that shows to the world, a fresh sparkle that is the emblem of an ageless beauty.

I know women that struggle with aging, so much that they appear desperate, taking desperate measures to retain a youthful appearance. This can be all consuming, and often only masking a hidden true beauty. The truth is that we will age, and outward beauty will fade. I would like to suggest for your readers to nurture habits that are healthy and display virtue, both treasures that will be remembered by generations to come.

Have you or your readers ever met an older woman and thought after your encounter, how truly beautiful she was? Was it her hair? Her face? Her figure? Or, was it something she said, the twinkle in her eyes, her gracefulness with how she dealt with people, perhaps the smile she freely gave, or the helpful counsel offered? You see, there is so much more that we can offer and leave for others to remember, besides a physical presentation. Let’s enjoy the challenge!

Staying as physically active as we can (for women of any age), is an important goal. I can work in my garden, shoveling, carrying loads, and stooping to harvest at ground level, better than many younger women. I know that this grunt work in the sun produces strength, and body renewal better then a lotion in a bottle. There are many moments in the garden that I am refreshed and can in turn can pass on that renewal to others. Some say that my complexion and hair is amazing. Maybe the results of fresh garden vegetables, a kiss from the sun, and a purge from the sweat of the brow. If the combination of all of this or some other venue of virtue is shared with a smile, what could be more beautiful?

Best to you Jinjee,


And here is Storm’s response to my Blog and the original question….

What’s happening to her body is this. By taking artificial hormones her body is doing a scan and seeing an abundance of the hormone present so it has stopped making that hormone.

This works really well for a little while then the body either rejects the artificial hormone or for whatever reason people stop taking it and then the body ages in fast-forward because the body has lost the ability to make that hormone.

The trick is to get a steady well-balanced raw vegan diet in place that one can do long-term. Then because of the vital nutrient density and the low toxins the building blocks are there to supply all of the glands with nutrients they need to naturally provide the body with the anti-aging hormones it needs.

Warm regards,

Would love to hear your opinions and ideas on this topic below!

In Joy!

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Anti-Aging Observations

I just received this question via email…

Hi Jinjee
May I ask about hormones? I’m 60 and have managed well with DHEA tablets and food.
In the last year my skin has become crackly, saggy quickly and hair thinning.
Thanks for any reference or advice!

Hi Sarah,
The one thing that I have witnessed evidence of in my older friends is those who have serious daily workouts do not age as fast. I’m thinking of my friends who are yoga instructors, spinning instructors, and in training as athletes. It seems like if you keep the body going as a young person does, you can fool the body into keeping on producing those young hormones. And that seems to be especially true if there are ample nutrients available to the body from eating a mostly raw or all raw diet, and/or from doing daily juicing. I think drinking water is key to skin elasticity. And eating berries is rejuvenating. Daily greens are essential of course.

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In Joy!

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6 Reasons You Should Have a Raw Experience….


1.) It is a Powerful Experience! – Like trying to describe being in love or childbirth to someone who has never experienced these things, I can’t describe a raw experience to you. You can only understand the incredible insights and feelings that you have on the 100% raw vegan diet if you actually try it. And even if you only do it for a week, it is worth it to have the experience! It is truly an altered reality. I believe if everyone on the planet tried it for 3 weeks, that it would change the world.

2.) You will Experience Health! – You will know what it is like to be healthy. If you have not experienced yourself in actual health, it is indescribable. It is like vibrating in a constant state of bliss to exist in a healthy body. Many people have never had this experience, even as children. Raw food alone won’t do this; but raw food combined with a workout practice will.

3.) You will Understand Your Body – After 2 to 3 weeks of being 100% raw, you will understand your body better and how different foods affect your moods and your physical body. The longer you stay raw the greater knowledge of this you will have. This self-knowledge will help you in your life to be able to choose foods that are healthier for you whether you stay 100% raw or not. You will have new tools that will help you to feel better for longer in your life.

4.) You will Understand Food – You will understand food on a whole new level. You will have insights into the nature of food, how natural foods in their native state are healing, cleansing, rebuilding and regenerating. You will feel these things happening. You will feel the difference when you start introducing other foods again. And you will gain an understanding and appreciation for the unique powers and properties of each food that you eat.

5.) You Will Make Friends with Hunger – You will get in touch with your hunger. You will actually get hungry in between meals, something you may not ever experience now. You will learn to enjoy this feeling of lightness and enjoy the phase of being empty and clean, desiring food and asking yourself what you really want to eat. You will know that while you are hungry you are cleansing and burning excess weight. You will want to make the best choices you can from that place of clarity. You will learn that hunger makes your food taste incredibly delicious. You will actually start to want to wait until you are hungry to eat. You will learn that when you don’t eat due to hunger, you are often eating out of boredom or anxiety. You will not be eating from an addiction any more, and you will thereby learn how surprisingly little food you actually need to feel satisfied and nourished.

6.) Healthy Things will Taste Better – Your taste buds will become more sensitive after about 3 days of eating 100% raw and will become progressively more sensitive over the weeks or months of eating raw, so that you will actually be able to tune in to the subtle flavors in even vegetables and develop a love for these foods. You will learn what you really like to eat, your body will tell you exactly what you want to eat, and you will want to hold out for those foods that you are truly craving at any time. This will naturally cause you to simultaneously release weight and enjoy your food much more!


In Joy!




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Raw Connoisseur


The iconic Chef Ito writes “I eat raw….because I like it!”

Top chefs are learning to prepare raw cuisine for the taste of it!

As a foodie or food connoisseur you know that to flavor your food with fresh herbs, ginger, garlic, lemon, orange zest, edible flowers, fruits, nuts, seeds, leafy greens and vegetables can add subtle yet exciting flavors to your recipes.

Roe Gallo told me once, I only eat when it is something I really, really want. So she only ended up eating the best food. Never wasting her eating on something less than what she really wanted. It is like having standards in life.

As a Raw Connoisseur you would not be tempted by cooked food because you are in touch with the real, raw, flavor-burst that you really want, and you will wait until you really want it, so that your mouth and your body are ready to receive it, enjoy it to the utmost, and make the most of it.

For delectable Raw Recipes that will become your favorites whether you stay completely raw or just start adding more aweome and easy raw recipes to your lifestyle, sign up for our Guided Raw Online Journey by Friday at midnight at

Invest in your health with a lifetime of raw support! (See our 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special which is further discounted with our Early Bird Special until tomorrow).

“Fresh is Best!” – Storm

In Joy!

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You’ve Decided to Go Raw, Now What?

So you’ve decided to go raw; now what? You would think that doing all the studying about eating healthy, getting inspired and finally making this momentous decision would be good enough!

But raw food doesn’t grow on trees….I mean…it does, actually…but it isn’t exactly readily available everywhere you go like, say, junk food is.

I think if you are going to be successful at eating raw, you need a plan. It’s not just about what you aren’t going to eat, but you need to know what you are going to eat.

Even if it’s just planning a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and nut-milk for dinner, that’s a start. You have to learn the best places in your area to buy the various ingredients you’ll need. You have to get in the habit of buying basic raw ingredients to create easy raw recipes on the fly.

But won’t you be hungry eating just salads and smoothies? Yes, actually, you will. It will be hard to stick to the raw diet long-term with so little variety, so few calories, and so little protein. For some people it will be hard in the beginning as they will be hungry. For others they may feel really high on so little food in the beginning but later the lack of sufficient heavy protein may cause them a desire to binge.

After years of experimenting you may find a balanced raw diet that gives you all the nutrients you need to feel satisfied long-term as well as avoid deficiencies. You may find ways to make the recipes really delicious and at the same time easy to make, so you don’t end up spending all your time in the kitchen or dreaming about cooked foods.

Or you could save yourself years of study, experimentation, trial and error, pitfalls, and setbacks….and you could purchase our menu plan Programs, The 28 Days Raw Program and the 21 Day Raw Cleanse.

Let our years of research and development with a real live test group – our family of five children – and our experience in what works and what doesn’t – go to work for you now so you can have an out-of-the-box ready-made raw menu plan that is both delicious and doable!

Check it all out at today and sign up by Friday to get all this at our ridiculously low Lifetime Membership Early Bird Special for ongoing raw support!

If you truly want to eat healthy and live your most vibrant life, we have the tools! I hope you’ll treat yourself to the experience!

28 Days Raw Starts Monday!

In Joy!

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Raw Rumpus: Winter Weight, Summer Weight

wrrwrrbnaI find that I eat more come fall and gain weight for the winter. I believe it is an ancient survival gene that compels me to crave high fat foods to prepare for the lean winter time.

Come summertime I am happy to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, eat much less, and get outside and do some form of play or exercise every day.

The days are long and sunlight gives plenty of energy. Fresh, delicious, in-season fruits and vegetables are available in abundance. And there is plenty of time in the day to get out and move.

Participating in our Summer Raw Rumpus is a great way to make hay while the sun shines! And by making hay I mean getting the jump on your health, fitness, weight, beauty and rejuvenation for the year. (If not now, then when?)

The Rumpus will help you eat a light but balanced 100% raw vegan diet for two weeks starting this coming Saturday with a full menu plan, shopping lists, daily instructions and a supportive online community.

The Rumpus will also encourage you to make healthy choices at every moment by giving you a huge amount of points whenever you exercise and eat what’s on the menu plan, while taking away a few points when you make choices that you feel are not in alignment with your health.

The Rumpus is our lowest cost program and a great way to test out the raw diet for a week or two.

This month we are going to include Storm’s Fat After-Burner Concept workout suggestions in the Rumpus Daily Instructions. This System has helped its practitioners to release significant belly fat in the first week of implementing!

Find out all about the Raw Rumpus system and join in the upcoming tournament here:

“Healthy isn’t a goal. It’s a way of living”.

In Joy!

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If Not Now, Then When?

Like Tracy Chapman said…

If not now then when
If not today then
Why make your promises
A love declared for days to come
Is as good as none

Let’s look at this in terms of self-love. You can make yourself promises all day long and the thought is lovely, but what is really accomplished? Yes, dreaming, planning, visualizing and thinking are all good and perhaps necessary steps in accomplishing our goals, including our health and fitness goals.

But nothing makes a true change like actually doing something! An action is the only thing that will change the synapses in your brain and actually create real, new habit-pathways!

Doing something for your health right now, – that is love in action! That is real love. Take a step in your habit of real self-care, real self-love, and take a giant step onto the life path of being good to yourself right now!

If not now, then when?

And can I add…..

If not you, then who?

It’s in your hands! What is the next step? Any step in a positive direction will do. Any healthy choice, whether going for a walk or a run or drinking a glass of water or planning a raw menu plan for the rest of the day and tomorrow or just your next meal….Perhaps just saying “no” to the next temptation. Maybe the best thing you can do for your health at this moment is getting a massage or doing some journaling or visiting a friend. Only you know!

Keep going with it and watch this build momentum until your life is transformed!

In Joy!

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Keep Calm and Earn Points!

pointsOur next Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins on Saturday August 2nd!

The Rumpus is also known as The Raw Cup as it is a tournament in which participants compete in teams, earning points for their teams with a system of points given to themselves for each healthy choice made.

This system has made the difference for many people who realized that to their surprise they found themselves much more easily making healthier food choices and particularly resisting temptations and working out more to earn points for their teams!

Here’s a testimonials from our last session….

One of the reasons I signed up for this program was the group competition. I thought knowing that my actions would affect others would help me stay on the program. Now that I am here, I realize what really helps me the most is the point system. I like earning points for doing things that help me achieve my goals. I don’t like losing points for doing things that slow me down. But what I like best is the contrast, and the reason behind it. If I eat a bite of the lunch I make for the boys, my day is not ruined, I just lose a few points. If I go way off track, still far fewer points lost than gained the rest of the day for creating good habits. A mistake does not mean the end of the world; the points help to put our actions in perspective.
- Darla

For more information about The Rumpus points system and for registration options click here!

In Joy!

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Jealously Guarded Beauty Secrets

I had a wonderful conversation with a beautiful woman yesterday. My mouth dropped open when she told me she was 53. I had to ask her “pardon me, could you say that again?” 3 times. I thought she was a ravishing beauty who was in her 30′s.

I hesitated to ask her what her beauty secrets were because the last time I did that to someone the woman literally ran out of the store. I know, it was strange, but I have learned that many women actually guard their beauty and fitness secrets as though revealing them was just going to create more competition for them.

So I felt very grateful when my new girl crush revealed that she had accidentally stumbled into a simple habit that increased her metabolism and caused her to release 10 lbs, putting her at her ideal weight.

She had been walking her dog in the mornings and her roommate walked the dog in the evenings. But then her roommate went away for a week and she started walking her dog in the morning and the evening. And that did it. Each of the walks was about 20-30 minutes. And suddenly she started releasing weight. She could feel her metabolism had sped up. And this was the only lifestyle change she had made at this time.

I’m sure this isn’t the whole story…She is very spiritual with an inner glow and light…and she still believes in love. She values herself and is kind. These are just things I picked up, and these and many other factors play into a person’s health.

But I was grateful that she shared that one secret. I believe this is very valuable information when you consider how jealously guarded so much true knowledge can be.

I’m going to give it a try, while also continuing my afternoon bicycle ride and interval workout. Will keep you posted.

I have shared many more beauty secrets from around the world in our Programs.

In Joy!

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7 Week Guided Raw Journey Online Begins Tomorrow

saladWhether you want to go raw for a day, a week, a month, or a year – our 2-Program Lifetime Membership to the 21 Day Raw Cleanse and the 28 Days Raw Experience can help you begin safely and support you in all the challenges of living raw in an un-natural world!

You’ll learn…
- what to buy
- what to make to eat a balanced raw diet
- how to make each meal
- hundreds of new recipes
- how to set up your raw kitchen – simply!
- how to avoid common raw pitfalls
- how to deal with emotional detox
- how to avoid detox discomforts
- how to use your raw food equipment
- how to store your foods
- all the types of raw cleanses
- how to safely begin and end a cleanse
- benefits of cleansing
- how to rejuvenate with cleansing
- how to invent your own raw recipes
- fundamentals of raw cuisine
- how to make raw food taste incredible
- how and when to exercise to release weight – and to gain weight on a raw diet!
(Yes, most people get to a place where they want to stop releasing weight and need to learn how to keep it on while staying raw for the energy and clarity!)

Find out more, see recipe pictures, see Before and Afters, and read hundreds of testimonials from people who have been through the programs at

We start tomorrow! So get on over, download your shopping list, get your shopping for the first 3 days’ ingredients done today, and treat yourself to feeling better!

To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha

Action expresses priorities. – Ghandi
In Joy!

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