Minimize Harm at the Grocery Store

raspberrytorte500In EBT (Emotional Brain Training) I learned to Minimize Harm. When we’re extremely stressed a lot of us have programmed ourselves to harm ourselves. By repeating “Do not judge, minimize harm, know it will pass” over and over we can usually get through one of these dangerous-to-ourselves emotional brain states!


It’s a great tool in dealing  with addictions, compulsions and bad habits – avoiding what EBT calls “reaching for external solutions”.

(If this speaks to you email me any time about getting set up with an EBT coach or join my Raw Programs to find out more about EBT).

Here’s one way I’ve developed of minimizing harm in the grocery store…

If you are tempted to buy a food that you know isn’t good for your wellbeing but you can’t help putting it in your cart (sometimes it screams so loudly it feels like you have no choice!) also find your raw/healthy comfort food and put that in your cart too.

At the checkout counter, decide which one you really want. If you choose the temptation, buy both the temptation and the healthy treat.

When you get to your treat-eating place, eat the healthy treat first. You may just decide not to eat the temptation, to eat it later, to give it away or to just have a nibble of it and toss it out. — Way to minimize harm!

The emotional brain state that we are in when we are totally stressed out is Brain state 5, our Reptilian Brain, a fight-or-flight area of the brain responsible for nanosecond decisions intended to relieve you from stress quickly even by doing things which can be very damaging in the long run.

This brain state can really only understand the most simple of concepts. Deal with it like you would a very young child. And be aware this isn’t you, it’s just a brain state, just a faulty wire, a synapse gone wrong, wired to serve you when you did not have the tools to deal with stress. (Hence “Do not judge; I will not judge myself or others”, the long-form of the 5-tool).

Find out more about EBT at

Enjoy The 28 Days Raw Program starting on Monday September 7th and learn more tools for your wellbeing that draw on EBT and other modalities.


“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”


In Joy!

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New Raw Menu Plan Program Schedule…

Back to School Sessions…

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 2.40.50 PMNow that the kids are back in school, you can take some time to focus on your own health and dietary needs!

Let the new schedule of upcoming Programs support and inspire you….

28 Days Raw!
Start with the 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program on Monday September 7th to go 100% raw in the easiest, most delicious way, safely and with abundant support! Find out about this program at Here’s a tip: If you sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special you actually get The Rumpus and the Raw Empowerment Program (REP) as bonus gifts.

21 Day Raw Cleanse!
Follow up with the 21 Day Raw Cleanse that starts on Monday, October 5th, the day after the 28 Day Program ends so you can go seamlessly from one Program to the other and continue eating a delicious raw menu plan for another three weeks. Find out about the 21 Day Cleanse at

The Rumpus!
The 2-week Raw Rumpus program begins on Monday September 21st! If you’ve already done the 21/28 day programs or want to get your feet wet with a low-cost program you can sign up for the Rumpus at where you can also read all about this fun and innovative way to create healthy habits in your life!

The Raw Empowerment Program! (The REP)
If you have completed our other programs above, and you would like to further fine-tune the raw diet to your unique needs, the REP is our advanced program you can begin any time that guides you through creating your own raw menu plan using four special systems geared to individual types, needs and goals. Find out more at

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it” 
- Pablo Picasso

Feel free to contact me with any questions…

In Joy!

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Anti-inflammatory Raw Diet

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 2.44.57 PMWhy raw food is anti-inflammatory…

We’ve all been learning through articles in recent years that many foods cause inflammation in the body, and that many diverse ailments, aches and pains in the body are caused by inflammation. We’ve also been hearing that some foods are anti-inflammatory.

I can tell you in a nutshell that junk foods, meat, dairy, and gluten (grains) are said to be the causes of inflammation. And that a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices are said to reduce inflammation.

Is it any wonder that so many people who try vegan and raw vegan diets report feeling better, getting off meds, being able to exercise for the first time in ages, and healing from any number of different diseases? (See such reports here)

So what kind of raw diet is anti-inflammatory? The 100% raw diet is the most anti-inflammatorydiet in existence. Any percentage increase in the amount of raw food you eat will help in that proportion however. A 50% raw vegan diet will reduce about 50% of inflammation. So you’ll feel better. But if you want to feel amazingly better really quickly and at the same time prove to yourself that raw foods really have awesome healing power, try a 100% raw vegan diet for three weeks!

My 21 Day Raw Cleanse begins on Monday! I hope you’ll join in and try the greatest anti-inflammatory diet in the world! You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your life.

Look at what it has done for some of the hundreds of people who have tried it….

In Joy!
More inspiring articles…

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Healing with Raw Vs. Staying Raw Forever

Photo Beth Hemmila, Flickr

Photo Beth Hemmila, Flickr

Healing with Raw Food…

– If you have a condition and want to reverse it naturally, raw foods can often help.

– If you go 100% raw until you are better, you’ll develop a huge appreciation for the power of raw foods and you’ll continue to eat a lot of raw foods to maintain your health once you are better.

– This approach is easier in a way because you aren’t committing to eating 100% raw for life, but only for a specific time period, for a specific purpose.

– This approach generally doesn’t threaten people socially. Your family and friends have an easier time accepting that you are using raw foods for a medical condition rather than as a preventive lifestyle, as it doesn’t make them feel that they need to change their diet.

– There are various approaches to a healing raw diet. Some people do green juice fasting for a few weeks to a month or more. Some people do a high raw and vegan diet. Some people will follow a raw menu plan while others will limit their intake to whole fruits and vegetables. Still others will intake greens exclusively.

Staying Raw Forever…

– If you want to prevent illness, disease, aches and pains

– If you want to slow down or reverse the aging process, stay youthful for longer, and live longer

– If you prefer the taste of raw foods to cooked

– If you like the way you feel on 100% raw foods (or high raw) – more energetic, more emotionally balanced, more mental clarity, heightened sensitivity, increased creativity, healthy, vibrant, active, alive and joyful!

– If you like the way you look on raw foods – thinner, fitter, more toned, in better shape, clear skin, glowing, shinier thicker hair, brighter clearer eyes, less wrinkles, vibrantly healthy look to your face, happier!

– If you find a way of eating raw that works for you long term in terms of health, budget, ease, availability, and enjoyment.


Some people start out eating raw to heal, but end up staying raw for good because they love it.

Many of us play with a raw food diet but are flexible about including certain cooked foods and some others find they even prefer a little bit of animal products on occasion in their diet.

There are an infinite number of ways to use raw foods in your healthy lifestyle journey. But once you actually experience their benefits, I’m sure you’ll be using raw foods in some way to improve your quality of life in this natural, raw world!

Need a starting place for trying a 100% raw diet safely and deliciously? Try the 21 Day Raw Cleanse online menu plan program! (New session starts Monday).

In Joy!

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12 Things to Help You Prepare for the Raw Cleanse Starting Monday…

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 1.58.04 PMFor those who like to be prepared in advance, here are some things you can do to get ready to go 100% with the 21 Day Raw Cleanse on Monday! (Read why The 21 Day Cleanse is different than other Raw Cleanses).

1. Purchase the 21 Day Raw Cleanse at and get in on the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Early Bird Special, the best deal for ongoing raw support ever, with tons of bonus gifts!

2. Download the files instantly when you order on the last page of the ordering process or from the link automatically sent to your inbox. The link goes to a page where you will download a big zip file package so give the file a couple of minutes to download before you try to open it. The zip file is called 21days and contains PDF files that you can open up in Acrobat, on your web browser or in your eBook reader.

(If you are downloading to a smartphone, iPhone or iPad, you should first get a free app called iZip from your app store).

3. Print out the 3 Menu Plans and 3 Shopping Lists.

4. Put the Menu Plans in a binder or folder in your kitchen

5. Put your Shopping Lists in that folder too or in your purse and/or you can also email or text them to your phone

6. Look at the Shopping Lists and figure out where you can obtain the ingredients. (Start comparison shopping). They are mostly ordinary produce items but there are few optional exotic items that may be more difficult to locate. (email me if you need to substitute for them).

7. Plan a visit to your local Farmer’s Market this coming weekend to shop for the fresh stuff! Search your zip code at the link above to find one near you. (Summertime yay!!)

8. Start shopping for non-perishable items now: organic extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, Celtic sea salt, raw honey, seasonings, seaweeds, nuts and seeds. Keep nuts and seeds in fridge to preserve freshness. See shopping lists for seasonings and seaweeds etc. needed.

9. Shop for produce on Sunday ideally, unless you have a Saturday Farmer’s Market near you.

10. Join the Ning Community Forum for the 21 Day Cleanse members over the weekend. You’ll receive an invite on Friday or Saturday to your inbox. Otherwise, please check your spam folder, or set your email permissions now to allow emails from

11. Request Program Pal by emailing me “Requesting 21 Day Cleanse Program Pal”. I’ll put you on the list and you’ll receive your Program Pal’s email address and Program Pal Assignment on Monday, Day 1.

12. You can mentally prepare by looking over the materials too, if you like, reading the mini eBooks on journaling and working out, and the introduction/orientation eBook.

That’s it!

I hope you’ll join in and explore the exciting experience of going raw for 3 weeks with us starting on this coming Monday August 17th!

Find out all about the Program and how to sign up here!

In Joy!

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Prep Week for 21 Day Raw Cleanse starts Monday

greensmoothiearugulaThe next 21 Day Raw Cleanse starts Monday August 17th…

As you may know we have an optional “prep week” for each program. There are many ways to approach prep week, ranging from cutting out a few toxins in your diet to following the One Raw Meal a Day menu plan that comes with the Programs as one of the many bonus gifts.

All the different options and ideas are outlined in the “Prep Week” eBook that comes with the programs.

I’m pretty proud of the comprehensive amount of materials and facets that make up the Programs, which give them a huge value way beyond the price. And it feels good to over-deliver. In fact, the Lifetime Membership that the programs come with is almost necessary to be able to make use of and absorb all the materials and resources that make up the programs!

It’s also helpful because timing is important when going raw, and if the timing doesn’t turn out to be right, you have plenty of time to try and try again!

Join in the fun, get ongoing support for your healthy lifestyle, be part of a community of like minded people and get in on the Early Bird Summer Special package of gifts at — and I hope you’ll go raw with us on Monday for prep week or next Monday when the 21 Day Cleanse begins!

Register at today!

“Fall in love with the process and the results will come”

In Joy!

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What You Need To Know about Mandatory Vaccinations in California

It’s crazy that what we thought was the most conscious state is the one state where vaccinations will now be mandatory for all kids to attend any public or private school!

The vote was very close, and but for 8 votes would not have passed. So, now, as of July 2016 you will need to have 10 different vaccines in order to be allowed to attend school. Signing a belief waiver form will no longer be an option.

However, if you already signed or sign such a form before July 2016, you will be grandfathered in until your next “grade span.” The three grade spans are defined as birth to preschool, kindergarten to 6th grade, and grades 7 through 12. So get going on that now if you don’t choose to vaccinate.

The only waiver that will be available as of July 2016 will be the medical waiver, in which a doctor would have to state that your child can not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

I’m not an expert at the issue of whether to vaccinate or not. I have mixed feelings about it personally. I have not vaccinated my children, mainly because Storm feels very strongly about not vaccinating. But I do feel some guilt about it because they say that many diseases that had been eradicated are coming back because such a large number of people are not vaccinating their children.

“They” also say that the risk of experiencing the devastating side-effects of vaccinations that many people fear are much lower than the risk of contracting the diseases if you aren’t vaccinated, and that in most cases this would be far worse.

Anyway, I hate to see freedoms lost, especially since it was pharmaceutical money that bought this vote. I would love to get your opinion in the comments below, or on my Facebook page.

I also want to share with you this important article from The National Vaccine Information Center about what we can do to help restore the personal beliefs exemption!

Note: Did you know Storm is giving away his artwork? Check it out:

Memo: The next 21 Day Raw Cleanse is coming up starting Monday August 17th!

In Joy!


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Wild Raw Rumpus starts Tomorrow!

Yay bonus gifts!

Calling all raw champions!

2-Week Raw Cup Tournament AKA Rumpus starting…

This is it! Tomorrow, Monday August 3rd, the last Rumpus of the summer

​Lasting two weeks, a grueling quest filled with smoothies, salads, nut milks, juices, raw fruits and veggies, wraps, resisting temptations and daily workouts awaits our brave Rumpus champions!

How can you sign up to join a team and add your hard-won points to helping attain The Raw Cup?

Will you be a Super Strawberry or a Dangerous Dragonfruit? Are you up for the challenge?? Are you ready to rumble???

Find out all about how you can be a part of the adventure here…
(Sign up today to get ready for tomorrow!)

Let the wild raw rumpus start!

“Inside all of us is hope, inside all of us is fear, inside all of
us is adventure, inside all of us is… a wild thing!”

– Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

In Joy!

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A Rumpus Member Shares….


One of our last Rumpus Members posted this in the Rumpus Community forum..

“I’ve stuck to Raw foods for the last 5 days.  It’s been rather easy because I’m dedicated to getting my body back in shape.  I will be performing in a Summer Solstice parade on June 20th with only a painted on costume so I’ve got great incentive!

I haven’t exactly followed the recipes, some mornings having a fruit salad with hemp & chia seeds vs a green smoothie and changing up the salads tho following the guidelines for dressings. It was new experience making nut milk.  I’ve enjoyed the almond milk immensely tho it’s a bit labor intensive.  This next round I’m doing a bigger batch learning it will keep a few days. 

My favorite part of this cleanse with regard to the recipes has been the juice!  My partner gifted my a new Omega 8006 juicer and it’s been a real treat juicing up delicious green drinks.  I can actually feel my brain tingle when I have the juice, a total natural high and something I will continue beyond this 2 week cleanse.

Weight has been coming off slowly 4 lbs since day 1, which is great.  In the past I’ve done dozens of juice only fasts, from the Master cleanse, to apple ginger and fresh squeezed orange juice.  Doing juice only is wonderful and the slowing down of my metabolism was a concern.  Seems easier to self correct by continuing to eat solid foods that shed fat while the energy levels remain in tact.

I have been writing daily in my journal self reflecting mainly on what food represents for me.  I realize that I use food for so many reasons other than pure hunger.  In fact I’ve been trying to lose 20lbs my whole life up and down.  I can get the lb off then I seem to put it back on as if my body wants to be a size 12 and anything less is uncomfortable.  I’m looking deep into the rabbit hole and trying to see what this is all about.  Mainly it’s a buffer from the world extra padding to keep me safe, odd I know and it’s more lb to throw around as well.  I do know the last time I lost 20lbs my body felt better.  I did an experiment and carried around two 10lb weights for 30 minutes.  This was a great way to see how much extra work my body had to do with 20lbs, which is what I need to lose now!  Once I released the lbs it was a big sigh of relief knowing I’d taken this load off my body as well.

In the end it all comes down to self love and how good you can stand your life to be.  We all have our excuses and can justify any behavior or choice we make.  I am going to carry on with this plan to shed 20lbs and keep cultivating self love.  I will spend my Bday in my Birthday suit bicycling in a parade in front of 80K people so there is no stopping me now!”

- KP


New Rumpus session starts Monday! Find out all about this fun and life-changing program at The Rumpus


In Joy!


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Just Gone Raw…


Newly Raw People Speak Out…

“I have more energy and sleep better and I have felt very nice working out. Thank you so much for the recipes they have helped me to enjoy the raw foods so much more”. - S

“I’m raw because it’s the first thing since I was like… 13 that’s made my IBS better.  If I have even a few bites of bread or cheese I’m doubled over in cramps or can’t poop for days.  I think it’s really just helped me identify foods that make me feel good and bad and be aware of my body.  I’ve also lost 18 pounds, which is never a bad thing” – T

“Thanks for the continued inspiration. My husband and I have now been raw since November 2003 and are feeling FABULOUS. On top of our increased energy and wellbeing he has gone from 17% body fat to 9% and I have lost 40 pounds!!! - Sheryl

“What I love best is how easy your recipes are to make!” – Tanya

“I have enjoyed all the recipes. Thanks a million for all the inspiration that you send. I have now lost 43 lbs. and still losing. I am a 70 year old woman and I can now exercise, where for a while I couldn’t even walk”! - Sue

Just want you to know that you guys are the very LEAST commercial of all the raw food “leaders”.  I have been reading and getting messages from several for years, and even the local raw food meet ups are all about somebody making money on people who are trying to be healthy.  I love it that you don’t peddle stuff, but empower us! So far lost @ 15 pounds and several inches. – Lynne B

Waited till today for some reason to have this baby [recipe from 28 Days Raw]. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda thought this one would be good, but I had no idea that it was gonna make my tummy do loops and cartwheels of joy!! I didn’t think the Ambrosia or celery chowder could be beat, but this little gem …is definitely a keeper!! LOVED IT!!!!!!! – Lisa Miller

More testimonials from our program participants:

Next 28 Days Raw Program begins Monday!

“There is no better time than now to start living healthy”

In Joy!

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