Benefits of a Raw Cleanse

– Cleanses your cells of toxins
– Cleans out your colon
– Makes you feel lighter and more clear so you don’t want to eat junk
– Nourishes you on a cellular level
– Causes your to skin to have a healthy glow
– Makes your eyes clearer and brighter
– Improves your breath and body odor
– Unlike a Juice Cleanse you can eat while still getting all the benefits of a detox cleanse
– Can improve any number of minor health issues
– Improves general health and well-being
– The food is delicious
– You get to know your body and how it reacts to various foods
– You get to experience your optimum health and vitality
– You become more flexible
– You’ll have more energy
– You release weight

Find out more benefits of a Raw Cleanse and see people who have been through one here:

Next session starts Monday. Early Bird Special is on until tomorrow / Friday midnight!

In Joy!
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Make Yourself Get up and Eat

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.15.02 PMMake Yourself Get up and Eat? What kind of diet advice is that??? Well, it’s a little trick I stumbled upon to keep me from sitting at my computer too long, and to keep my snacking in check at the same time.

Have you ever gone to sit down to do a difficult project at your desk armed with a plate of snacks to ease the stress? – I know I have!

Just the other day I had a delicious bowl of organic green grapes at the ready. But in an effort to stop eating at my computer I decided to leave them on the kitchen table and make myself get up from my computer and walk to the kitchen every time I wanted some.

I limited myself to 2 or 3 grapes at a trip, so I ended up walking back and forth to the kitchen about 7 times during that hour of work. Even though it is a very short walk in my little apartment it kept me feeling somewhat active and energized.

Sitting for lengthy periods at your desk is hard on your body, especially after doing it for years. Frequent breaks are healthy for your brain as well as your skeletal system.

I hope this helps!

— Want to share your tips, tricks, ideas and secrets with the Daily Raw Readership? Post a comment below!

— Sorry the Daily Raw Inspiration newsletter has been sporadic of late – I’ll need to change the name to the Raw Inspiration and drop the “Daily” if this goes on!

— The 21 Day Raw Cleanse begins on Monday! Early Bird Special is still on until Friday! Click here to find out all the benefits of doing a Raw Cleanse:

In Joy!

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Coming Off a Binge


Sometimes when people do diets, they go on binges now and then. I’ve found a good way to end a binge. Sometimes when on a downward spiral you find that you are eating worse and worse foods and less and less good foods.

Now, you can get away with eating some bad food if you have the good fiber-rich vegetables and cleansing fruits cleaning out your system regularly. But once you stop eating those foods and don’t drink enough water, things can go downhill really quickly.

One of the things you might find yourself doing is trying to get yourself to eat a healthy salad but feeling too full to do so. My solution is to force-feed myself the salad. If I can stuff in unhealthy foods when I’m full – just for the flavor – then why not stuff in healthy foods when I’m full – just for the health of it! It could be that making that one step in a healthy direction could turn the tide.

The nutrients could help restore chemical balance so that you can have the mood and clarity to make more frequent, progressively better choices.
In Joy!

Upcoming Program Schedule

Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus
Monday June 15th

21 Day Raw Cleanse
Monday June 29th

28 Days Raw Program
Monday July 20th

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Heaps of Support

The 28 Days Raw Program just started this morning (find out about late signups here: and people are making their introductions in the online community forum…Here’s a taste of what it’s like to embark on this type of journey together with a supportive group….(names changed to protect privacy)

Hi, I’m Susan from Tampa, giving the 28 Day another shot. I used travel and visitors as an excuse to not make it last time. But I did manage about a week and quickly lost weight and felt great. I want that again….and I want to sustain it! – Susan

Hey everyone, My name is Dana and I am doing this with my sister.  Might be a bit more of a challenge for her – she has never done anything remotely like this.  We started this morning (being in Australia it’s now 8am) and looking forward to the journey.  – Dana

Hello All – I’m looking forward to the raw adventure!  I’ve gotten WAY off track the last couple years & ready to get my rear in gear again.  Like Susan said, TOO many excuses…. Glad to be here + glad you’re all here :) – Beth

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to be part of the program and community! I’m a life/career coach, professional actor, educator and new mom/wife living in LI, NY. Prior to having my son I was a vegetarian and for a period of time, raw vegan. I loved how I felt both mentally and physically when I was raw, and want to recreate that in my life. Since then, I have gone back to a “SAD” and am almost always at a lower energy level. I’m hoping this program will act as a support to reach my health goal, which is to make a permanent lifestyle change, increase my physical and emotional energy and (most of all) lose 40lbs while I’m at it! Enjoy the rest of your night! – Carol

I am joining you from Ontario Canada. I have been aware of “raw” for a few years now and know in my heart and in my cells that it is the answer and the right way to live.  I am very socially agreeable so I always just go along with what my friends want – usually the worst kind of junk food, and relentlessly. Well, guess what – one of those friends is currently in ICU after having a heart attack.  So, I am committed to learning this lifestyle and imparting as much of it to him as he is willing to accept. As long as it is delicious and satisfying, I’m sure he will follow along…  Good luck to everyone.  I am extremely perceptive about knowing what I should do, and very weak about following through. But, here goes…. my friend’s condition will keep me motivated I’m sure…  love to all! – Erica

I am nervous and excited and hope this will be a wonderful experience. Thank you for the opportunity of this journey. I have never really had support of this nature and hope it will help me through this challenge. – Sara

Hello all, I’m April and I’m doing this with my sister, Dana.  She’s correct, this is out of my comfort zone but I am determined. Dinner time in Australia so have just had the gazpacho.  It was pretty good. – April

You will both be fine.  Looks like there’s heaps of support here, and lots of people to chat to who are going thru it with us. It will be fun. – Crystal

Hi everyone –My name is Jenny I live in NY, NY. I joined because my eating habits have become very inconsistent, and i really need to get back to taking charge of my eating and work outs.  I want to be raw but i find it hard to do it long-term and i want it to become easy and just second nature.  I also need to be more accountable to my workouts.  So i have a lot of work to do (lol). Thanks. – Jenny

Hi, everybody. I’m a longtime vegan and pretty high-raw — I have a new book out about that very thing.. I live in New York City where it seems to be winter almost all the time, and being a Vata in Ayurveda, I eat a lot of cooked foods in the colder seasons. It’s time to transition to nearly all raw again for June to (or through) October. Even though today is damp and feels freezing (it must be in the low 50s but it feels colder), I’m in. I must admit that I won’t be doing the meals as written. I’ve been around raw for a really long time and know how I like to eat. I’m not so much looking for a detox or major weight loss thing, just some support in the seasonal cycling back to this way of living and eating that I already know I love. – Viv

To join in the fun with this great group going raw together today, check out our late registration option at

In Joy!

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Our Participants Speak Up…

bnacollageI’ve just been setting up the forum for the 28 Days Raw Session that starts Monday ( and I’m loving reading the things that members posted there in our last session…

Wanted to share a few with you to show you the wonderful level of support and encouragement our participants give each other …

Sending you a big virtual HUG.
I’ve been making more of my own recipes this week and doing less walking and exercise.
I’ve also been doing fun stuff like getting a hair cut and posting pic of me on facebook
and soaking up the love and kudos from friends.
I never weighed or measured myself before this program.
My goal was to feel less pudgy, sluggish energy and to look and feel better…
I’m moving in the right direction.
While I’m an omnivore at heart… I’m enjoying a whole new world of recipes and alternatives to microwaved burritos at work.
What are your thoughts and feelings week three?

Are You Thrilled You Got Through Week Two? … Onto Week Three!! There were a fair amount of challenges last week… delicious smelling meals with friends, “that time of the month”, detox, fast. I felt I did the best I could and slept a lot more and ate more smoothies when I was hungry. I’m listening to my body more and starting to let go of the cravings and self judgement. Special thanks to my two supporters/ email partners. You rock and have kept me from blowing it the first week.

(This one was in response to a woman who was self-loathing due to food addiction and weight)
GADS! I see myself in you. That was the state of mind and body I was in 2 weeks ago when the program started. I keep reading Jinjee’s words about cutting ourselves a break, focusing on what went well instead of wrong, etc…..and the veil lifted. I’ve lost 6.8 lbs. Writing as you did is EXACTLY what you need to do. Reach out and you’ll find an “ah-ha moment” right around the corner.

I wasn’t feeling so great this morning and told myself I would go get junk food (telling myself it was 1 last time!) and then I would start doing raw tomorrow. I woke up from a long nap, and instead of getting take out- I went and saw fruits and veggies in my fridge and ACTUALLY grabbed strawberries for a snack. I will eat the Day 2 dinner. Anyway, making a choice like this has almost never happened, especially after I’ve given myself “permission” to eat junk today and start again tomorrow. I recently started on a more spiritual path- and I’ve been filling my thoughts with things like- my body and life are gifts to be treasured. I treat my body like a temple. Maybe changing my thoughts have helped me today?

There is still time to sign up to become part of the next awesome group of people going raw together starting this Monday, June 1st!

Registration is open until Sunday at midnight at

“You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right!”

In Joy!

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Go Raw with me Tomorrow! 2-for-1 Mother’s Day Special…

yarrowmomAs you know I’ve probably been the person who has been raw the most times!!! I’m not bragging – not the longest or anything – it’s actually a joke because I have gone on and off of raw more times than I can count. It is almost like my way of being moderate, to look at the positive aspects of this. It also gives me a ton of insight into how my body reacts to raw food vs. cooked and the transitions back and forth too.

It used to be I’d stay raw for about 2 years and then do cooked vegan for 2 years. That was the first decade. This last decade though I was experimenting with high raw for most of it (eating a mostly raw diet), although slowly more and more cooked food slipped in and I decided to add some vegan meals to my diet. And I’ve even experimented with animal products a little to see how my body would react to those after 20 years raw/vegan.

Well the jury is still out on all of it. I feel like where I’m at truly is working on finding the right balance for me to feel and look my best at this time in my life. I’m making progress and I feel like I will have more to share about all this soon.

For now though I think I could really use a raw cleanse. So I am going to go 100% raw again for three weeks starting tomorrow, doing my 21 Day Raw Cleanse along with everyone else signed up for the program! It has been about a year since I did this so I’m excited to see what happens! I know I will lose weight and rejuvenate and have more energy so that’s a great Mother’s Day Gift for myself!

And I’d like to offer you a Mother’s Day Gift too! If you sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special today at you can do it yourself and also gift it to a Mother or friend to do with you! (You’ll also both receive a ton of bonus gifts you can find out about here:

I will sign your Mom/friend up for no cost so it is a 2-for-1 special. Just email me your paypal receipt that you’ll get in your inbox and let me know the name and email address of your Mom/friend and include any message to send to her (or him) too!

Consider doing this also as the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift to honor and take care of yourself so you can better continue to take care of all the people you nurture in your life!

Sign up now at

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” ― Rudyard Kipling

In Joy!

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Tomorrow is Last Day to Sign up For Raw Cleanse

21daysrawinfographicLeslie’s Story…

My experience of the 21 Day Cleanse was like an answered prayer! I had wanted to go raw for the about 4 years, but just didn’t find the jumping in place until I decided to join the 21 Day Cleanse, and it’s what I’ve needed for many years!!! Raw food!!!

The sheer volume of what you get with the 21 Day Cleanse is phenomenal! The amount of information: I haven’t even gotten through half of it – that’s how packed it is with information, and support!! Although my program pals weren’t able to be there for me, and that’s ok, I felt the support coming through the daily emails from Jinjee, & I knew if I was in some kind of fix, that I could email her, or call her, and get “fixed”. And the weekly phone support for all of us was great!

What happened to me is that my relationship to food totally changed, and cravings left except for an occasional urge for really sweet food, so I went for dates or honey, and sometimes dates dipped in honey. That last one is a little excessive, I know, but Hey! it’s SO much better than eating cookies & ice cream! Sugar was one of my addictions, and simple carbs (like bread, white rice, pasta) – the other – and that junk had me addicted for many years!!!! It’s incredible to know that I don’t need, and EVEN WANT – that junk anymore!!!

Food no longer has me chained, and I’m FREE!!! No more fuzzy, confused, tired, apathetic states of both mind and body. I would talk slower than anyone else. And walk slower than my age! My attitude was half the time often one of apathy, resignation, just getting by. And I would still reach for the junk. It was emotional eating: giving me a truly deceptive and temporary comfort, over-and-over-and-over-again. So now – I don’t need any of that. Truly awesome!

My whole being seems less stressed, too! I feel more at peace about how my life is now going, because I’m really taking care of myself!

And I’m making a big change with something in my external world that’s been very stressful for a long time. Is it a coincidence that I decided to stop living in a bad situation for so long? Don’t know…maybe, maybe not!

The other transformation is eating tiny amounts! Sometimes I hardly eat or drink anything and then nibble throughout the day and I’m just fine with that! Somedays I’ll have to do more than nibble, though; it does catch up with me. Since I had done fasting in my old life, I knew that it was possible to live on next to nothing and actually feel better, usually much better. But I wasn’t ready to make eating according to the true needs of my body a way of life, and eating realistically – until I embarked on the 21 Day Cleanse. What a change!!!

I also had the awareness in the past that my diet was very acidic, because I also had heartburn for years, too. Crazy! As soon as I went raw and alkaline in my food, the heartburn was history, too!

While losing weight is extremely important for me, I’m reassured that I don’t have to rush it, that – I just have to keep eating & drinking the way I am now, and it’ll happen.

Now the exercising I didn’t get to. That was another huge amount of very valuable videos & info., and I’ll definitely go back to them and use them. In the 28 Day Program, I’ll start working it in. Because of a condition (adrenal fatigue), I don’t really get moving until the afternoon. However – I know that this is going to change from what I’m feeding my body. I’m at peace because I know – finally! – I can have long-range goals for my body, and my whole being, that are going to work out!

Although I didn’t follow the menu’s perfectly, and went for cooked or processed food sometimes, I knew immediately that I was doing the right thing. The smoothies, juices, cleansing drinks & mylks were especially like dynamite! I mean, I would often feel my body kinda like humming. Just a really good feeling that’s hard to describe. But a real energy feel, almost like a buzz, or vibration! And I was so happy that I was feeding myself in the best possible way!!! That it re-inspired me, and kept me going!

Then, Jinjee’s daily Instructions were always full of encouragement. The menus and shopping lists were kept simple, the recipes were really good! This whole new world of veggies, fruits, seeds & nuts is opening up for me, and I like it! It’s exciting, healing, energizing, and stabilizing! Wonderful!!!

Last but not least it was great to know that others were in this with me, too! That whole other dimension of people who are a lot like me, and we’re all doing the same thing – made it more complete, more validating, a more encouraging experience. I think it would be too intimidating to interact just with the teachers/role models. So having others like me brings the whole experience more down to earth and doable. It was very helpful to get other’s encouragement through the web site, and just know that I wasn’t really struggling alone with this, at all!!!

So there’s nothing lacking in the 21 Day Cleanse! It was perfect!! THANK YOU!!!

– Leslie

…Thank you sooo much Leslie for the fabulous feedback! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey as it continues!

The journey begins for many new participants starting out going raw, many of them for the first time, tomorrow Monday May 11th!

You can sign up here by midnight Sunday to take part!

Find out how you can make it a Mother’s Day Gift:

(Two-For-One Offer! — Order today and share with Mom! I’ll be happy to set you both up to do the program together!)

In Joy!

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Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Idea, Raw Menu Plans


The next 21 Day Raw Cleanse online menu plan session starts this Monday, the day after Mother‘s Day!- Stuck for a last-minute gift? — This one delivers instantly via an email link to download the files. After ordering, email me at with gifting instructions — when and where to email the gift and if you’d like an email message attached to your gift, etc.

- Want a really life-changing gift that Mom can use for a lifetime to rejuvenate and feel great? — See all the benefits and bonuses of getting on board with this lifetime of raw support and motivation here…

Early-Bird Special ends at midnight tonight!

“There’s a reason some people think they can do anything…They listened to their mothers!”

In Joy!

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How The Raw Diet Helps You Stay on Track

salads500Some diets might be easy to cheat on, but when you invest in perishable, expensive organic rawproduce it sort of inspires you to not eat anything else! You just don’t want all those ingredients to go to waste!

I was just thinking that with colds going around right now I want to eat some extra zinc. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and there’s a yummy sprouted pumpkin seed pate I want to make. But if I make it I have to eat it the same day I soak the seeds and make the pate. So I’m putting it on my menu plan for the day for lunch so I don’t eat something else unplanned.

This seems to be a deciding factor in so many of our program participants staying on the raw menu plan during our programs. If you want a raw menu plan with accompanying shopping lists with what to buy to make the next three days’ recipes and directions for preparing a different raw Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner every day for 21 days, then you might like to join our 21 Day Spring Cleanse starting Monday!

The Early Bird Special ends this Friday! Visit to find out more!

New Program Starting…
Starts this Monday May 11th

In Joy!

More inspiring articles…
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7 Reasons Cooked People Should Try Raw For a While

So, cooked people should try a raw vegan diet or menu plan or at least some of the notoriously better raw recipes because….

1.) When you eat cooked food, you could really use raw foods to clean up your system. Really, especially if you eat some junk like fried food. It tears up the arterial walls. But then eat some fresh vegetables, like a nice big salad, and that raw roughage goes through and puts nutrients in your blood stream that actually repair those arterial walls! And that roughage cleans out your colon and keeps you processing all that cooked food like a boss.

2.) Similarly the anti-oxidants in fruit clean up the free-radicals in your body that come from eating various toxins in cooked foods.

3.) Some things just taste better raw: desserts, fruit, smoothies, salads, juices, green juices! They really do! Why not eat the most flavorful version of a thing if it is also going to heal you instead of harm you! It just makes sense! It might not always be practical. So get on one of these raw programs, learn how to shop for raw foods and make some of these common and versatile raw food recipes. Make them part of your daily life. Not to the exclusion of your favorite cooked foods necessarily. But just because they are delicious!

4.) You can enjoy the delicacies of the raw food world without hating cooked foods!

5.) You know you need to eat your greens. Your Mom told you that as soon as you could talk, and your doctor has finally caught on too! Science has caught up with Grandma! Yup, those wise old women knew what was up! Greens are the most nutrient-dense foods, they fill you up and activate your satiety response so you quit craving crap, and all those minerals just make your body run better, rejuvenate you, prevent disease, keep your eyes and everything else healthy, etc. etc. etc…

6.) Raw Vegans KNOW how to make those greens taste delicious! We had to figure that out. You can’t be raw and healthy without your greens. You cooked people get greens through cows who spend all day eating the stuff. But raw  people have to eat the stuff themselves. So we have found ways to not just get it down, but to make it tasty! Green smoothies, green lemonades, incredible salads, wraps, soups, patés and other recipes will have you eating cups of greens a day and loving it!

7.) You know you want a better protein source! Meat and cheese have down-sides. Soy is suspect. But the world of raw cuisine brings you a cornucopia of delectable meals, drinks and treats made from the cleanest protein packets around; nuts and seeds!

I’m sure I haven’t exhausted the reasons to try raw. When something is true, you can just go on and on about it on every level! But I’m not trying to convince you to go raw for life. I’m asking you to try raw so you can add it to your arsenal of healthy habits, healing tools, rejuvenation resources and delicious weight-release and wellbeing activities!

In Joy!

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