What Do You Really Want?

Here’s another one of those little tricks to re-orient your mind away from deciding to eat when you aren’t really hungry.

I often share tips that help combat emotional eating, compulsive overeating and the like because I collect them to help me with my own issues with these.

I know they aren’t going to necessarily combat the core of the issue, which might be anything from food addiction to the need to heal from traumatic experiences and any combination of things which can take a lifetime of seeking for wholeness and doing inner work to resolve or accept.

But for the sake of minimizing harm along the way, I’m not against psyching myself out of overeating or distracting myself from food with other forms of amusement.

Recently I’ve been observing myself in a peacefully detached way. For instance, I was walking down the street noticing whenever I had a negative thought and finding myself able to purposely choose a positive one instead.

And I’ve been able to notice when I’m stressed and choose to stop stressing too. I’m not sure where this kind of growth has come from, but it’s very welcome!

So, this brings me to my new trick. When I’m thinking about eating when I’m not hungry I ask myself “What is it I really want?”. That’s such a nice way to recognize that you have needs, you want to tune into them, and you want to do what’s right for you at any time.

Wait a while and see if you might really need to or want to lie down and rest, take a break and get a change of scenery, do some journaling, bust out a few sit-ups, call a friend, stretch, take a walk, etc…Maybe your habit is to eat when you take a break. Maybe break-times could be times to indulge one of your other dreams, needs, or desires like writing poetry, cleaning up, or meditating.

Leaving space to tune in to what you really want, it is exciting what you might discover. It is nice to know that you might be able to meet more of your needs this way, and become healthier and happier. That’s the positive upward spiral we all want to be on!

In Joy!

PS: Due to popular demand, I just opened up late registration for The Raw Cleanse that started today at http://21daysraw.com

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Marsha speaks out on Raw Programs!

Marsha participated in my Raw Rumpus first and is now excited to start the 21 Day Raw Cleanse tomorrow! I know she’s going to be happy with it, because I have to say it is even more awesome than the Rumpus as far as delicious recipes and the amount of daily support and inspiration! But look at what she just sent out to her own readers…

starts on
Monday, November 23rd! !

Good morning,

I just completed Jinjee’s 14 day raw food program, and I am excited to tell you about her 21 day program that is coming up, starting on Monday!


Let me tell you why her program was so good…
1. It was EASY!  Everything is laid out for you.
2. The food is actually GOOD.
3. You are NEVER HUNGRY.


If you are even slightly thinking about it, and you want details, contact me and I will tell you all about it… the recipes, the shopping lists, the online community, the support… everything!


The 21 Day Program…
The Garden Diet’s 21 Day Raw Thanksgiving Cleanse Program starts on Monday, November 23rd, with a delicious 100% raw vegan menu plan that includes recipes with directions for preparing every meal and shopping lists to make sure you have all the fresh ingredients for the recipes on hand. Plus you get access to the supportive online community where members blog and share their journey going raw together. It’s a great time to have some social connection with like-minded new friends! Right now when you sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special at 21daysraw.com you will also get The 3 Raw Thanksgiving Feasts including demo videos as well as all the Raw Bonus Gifts listed on the 21 Day Cleanse site!


Sign up now at http://21daysraw.com
I’ll be taking the class too!
If you sign up now you’ll be in the class with me, so you won’t be alone!
If you were wondering how to stay healthy during the holiday season, with all of the impending temptation of yummy-smelling food and treats; here is your answer!
To find out more, read testimonials, see awesome pictures and /or register, click here:


Happy Holidays!


P.S. I was thinking about doing a pot luck for Thanksgiving, but I decided to do this instead.


Thank you so much Marsha!


Marsha Sims, author of “Organizing Your Day,” “Smart Office Organizing,” and “5 Days to a Clutter-Free House” is a professional organizer (organization coach) and certifies other professional organizers! You can find out about her services at: www.SortItOut.net and on Facebook at: The SOS Community… get organized today!


In Joy!
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Fergie’s Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

fergieIt seems Britney Spears isn’t the only pop star to enjoy green smoothies for delicious energy, fiber, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and satisfying comfort. I stumbled on an interview with Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas in which she shares her favorite green smoothie recipe. She did not state the measurements for the greens so I’ve estimated those below.



The Fergie….
1/2 cup Kale
1/2 cup Romaine
1/2 cup Spinach
Half a banana
Half a pear
Half an apple
Water, a little
A juiced orange

If you find it too thick or it won’t blend just add a little more water or orange juice (or a lot more if you prefer a more watered-down smoothie to a sweeter, thicker one).

Of course, blend it all up in your Vitamix, Nutribullet, or regular blender.

For more great raw support, recipes, and inspiration, try my 21 Day Raw Cleanse that starts on Monday! Sign up now at http://21daysraw.com

In Joy!
More inspiring articles…

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Britney Spears Raw Food Diet


I stumbled on a Cosmopolitan UK headline that read:


The articles says: “Following in the foodie footsteps of raw food diet fan Katie Holmes, Brit owes her toned torso to a combo of crunching her abs and crunching on raw veg. The Womanizer warbler can only chow down on raw recipes including seaweed marinated in olive oil with coconut and papaya and pancakes made from flax seeds”.

Although another magazine, inquisitr, claims she is eating mainly poultry but has a “weakness” for raw food, particularly sushi!

Hollywood Life backs this up with a quote from Britney, originally from Women’s Health Magazine:

“I’m really into raw food — sushi, basically,” adding that she snacks on “any kind of fruit.”

I don’t know if she’s just saying that to be trendy, or if on the other hand she is just a bit embarrassed to admit that she’s actually into a full-on raw foods diet.

Pop Workouts reports that Britney eats toast and eggs for breakfast but that she relies on smoothies to get her through her long rehearsals and concert performances.

Maybe her song “Toxic” indicates she has been interested in clean diets for a while now. Many celebrities are, and although their lifestyles don’t often allow for a long-term raw diet, – the average celebrity raw food diet length is 2 weeks according to my Hollywood friend – but even 2 weeks might just be enough to get their glow back.

Well, if anyone knows a celeb, friend, or loved one who wants to try raw, send them my way to http://21daysraw.com! The Raw Thanksgiving Cleanse starts Monday! Early Bird Special ends Friday at midnight.

In Joy!

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Guacamole Heaven

bokchoy28As the weather gets colder my desire for fatty foods increases. (Here’s why)

Recently reading that avocados are helpful for weight loss, I thought I would make some guacamole.

I’m loving how simple guacamole can be – just mash an avocado, squeeze in a little lemon juice, and add salt!

Or add chopped onions, tomatoes, and cilantro to make a traditional guacamole.

Unlimited variations are possible as you can add any finely chopped veggies or even make a blended veggie base in the food processor and blend in a little avocado to make a low-fat version of guacamole.

You can guacamole it on its own, use as a dip, wrap it in lettuce, or use as a delicious salad dressing!

Benefits of avocados…
Avocados are a good source of pantothenic acid, dietary fiber, vitamin K, copper, folate, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and oleic acid are key fats provided by avocado.

They are heart-healthy, help in absorption of minerals, and lower cholesterol.

More benefits of avocados…

In Joy!
PS: 21 Days Raw starts Monday Nov 23rd!

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Last Week of Raw Thanksgiving Cleanse Early Bird Special


Artwork by Raven Talifero

This week when you sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special at 21DaysRaw.com you will get The 3 Raw Thanksgiving Feasts as well as all the Raw Bonus Gifts listed on the 21 Day Cleanse site! (All for a low early bird rate, if you order by this Friday!)

Find out details about everything you’ll receive, how to join in the fun and get in on this great deal here!

Or register directly here and now with this link and download all the raw Thanksgiving recipes with eBooks and bonuses now! (You’ll be all set to go raw on Monday Nov 23rd, or you can use your lifetime membership any time and wait to start in the New Year if you prefer!)

Holiday Tips…

Encouraging you to follow the Programs to the best of your ability between holiday parties and feasts, and if you choose to indulge or are pressured to partake of holiday fare, use these ideas to minimize damage:

– Serve yourself a main course of the healthiest looking salad on the table. (maybe the one you bring!)

– Take a 1-2 tablespoon sized scoop of two of the healthiest veggie dishes (cooked if necessary)  as sides on your plate. (eat them if you like, but another option is to just play with it, move it around on your plate, and leave it!)

– Or be boldly raw if you are ready for the onslaught of questions! Enjoy the spotlight, share your knowledge but don’t be obnoxious or holier-than-thou! Let people enjoy their choices and they will (hopefully) let you enjoy yours!

In Joy!

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Raw Holiday Programs!


With Thanksgiving coming soon, I’ve put together our Raw Program Holiday Schedule for you along with several ways you can participate!

The Garden Diet Raw Holiday Programs Schedule:

21 Day Raw Thanksgiving Cleanse – November 23rd – December 13th

The Holiday Rumpus Double-Rumpus Special – Nov 30th – Dec 27th

Christmas and New Years 28 Days Raw Program – Dec 14th – January 10th

21 Day New Years Cleanse – Jan 11th – January 31st


You have choices….

Are you stressing about sticking to your healthy eating plans through the Holidays? Here are some ways our Raw Programs can help support you and keep you on track through this time!

Want to stay raw through the Holidays and launch into the New Year raw?
– Do the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special…
The 21 Day Thanksgiving Cleanse – November 23rd – December 13th
The Christmas and New Years 28 Days Raw Program – Dec 14th – January 10th
The 21 Day New Years Cleanse Jan 11th – January 31st

Need a fun and healthy alternative to Christmas feasting?
- Participate in our festive Raw Holiday Rumpus! (a low-cost weight release program)
Sign up for The Raw double-Rumpus Special which lasts from November 30th to December 27th and you can do it for the whole month or for the first two weeks of December, the first three weeks to prepare for Christmas, or just Christmas week as an alternative celebration! It’s a 1-week menu plan that we will repeat for four weeks in December, so you can stay on for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks – it’s all up to you! Participate in the supportive online forum and remember to send in your points at the end of the month to help your team compete for the Raw Cup! See http://jinjeetalifero.com/?page_id=3113

Want to experience a Raw Thanksgiving?
Join us for The 21 Day Thanksgiving Cleanse – November 23rd – December 13th
Comes with 3 Thanksgiving Feasts including an incredible 5-course Holiday feast with demo videos by Chef Dorit!
The 21 Day Raw Thanksgiving Cleanse with 3 Thanksgiving Feasts: http://21daysraw.com
Or order 3 Thanksgiving Feasts only: http://thegardendiet.com/aboutthanksgiving.html

Already have Thanksgiving plans but want to go raw after that?
Join us for DecemberRaw…
The Holiday Rumpus – Nov 30th (do it til Dec 13th)
Christmas and New Years 28 Days Raw Program – Dec 14th – January 10th

Ready to try our next level program?
If you’ve been through all the above Programs, graduate yourself to The Raw Empowerment Program
New Raw Empowerment Program Group Start Date – January 1st 2016!


email me with any questions at jinjeetalifero@gmail.com

Happy Healthy Holidays to you!

In Joy!

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Lovely Raw Program Feedback and Photos…

I just wanted to share a really nice email I received this morning from Marsha Sims who is participating in The Raw Rumpus. I love when people share their experiences on the programs with me (I have a whole page of such comments here: http://tinyurl.com/gardenresults) but this was extra nice because she sent photos she had taken of some of the food…

rumpusgreensmoothieShe is raving about the recipes on The Rumpus, although it is much more simple than the 21/28 day program recipes, because it is all about Rapid Raw Weight Release. So, if you like the Rumpus, you’ll love the 21 Day Cleanse, our next upcoming program at http://21daysRaw.com

It’s also funny to me that she finds it to be too much food! Certainly, one of the strategies on The Rumpus is to eat a lot of raw food including snacks in order to stave off hunger, cravings, or any desire for other-than-the-healthiest-cleanest-raw-foods.


(It’s also amusing because once in a while I get an email from a person who has just purchased the programs and emails me panicked that it is too little food to survive on! – Usually they are shocked to find out they almost can’t eat it all and are never hungry. But if you are hungry, you can eat as much fruits or vegetables as you like between meals – or just enjoy the hunger!)

We also avoid triggering the body’s stress response to reduced food intake by intaking as much bulk as ever, but with a higher nutrient density and lower calorie count, eliminating all the empty calories in a normal diet, and thus actually releasing weight while never being hungry! So we don’t risk slowing our metabolism down.


Here is Marsha’s letter….

Hi Jinjee,

I’m LOVING the program!  I LOVE the salads!  I enjoy the nut mylks (with one extra date), the lemonades (yummy!), and the smoothies (smile)!

I am really, really happy!  I’ve lost 4 pounds, and I’m really excited because I know what raw food can do for me; I’ve been there before.  I just couldn’t get back up on the wagon.  Your program has helped me to re-start and now I’m back as committed as ever.

I have not been hungry since I started.  No cravings, etc.

I have a question:

– About quantity.  Am I supposed to try and eat / drink ALL of everything?  I’m so stuffed all day every day now.  It’s good because I’m not hungry; no cravings or anything.  But am I supposed to be stuffed?

This program is WONDERFUL!!!

Marsha Sims
Author: “Organizing Your Day,” “Smart Office Organizing,” “5 Days to a Clutter-Free House”


To find out more about our participants’ experiences on The Garden Diet raw programs, see http://tinyurl.com/gardenresults

Want to give the programs a try? Sign up for The 2-Program Lifetime Membership at http://21daysRaw.com and you’ll also get The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus as a bonus gift! Go raw for the Holidays and/or the New Year with the recipes, guidance and support you need to thrive on a healthy raw lifestyle long-term!


In Joy!

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Core of Garlic Toxic

Image by Carlos Porto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image by Carlos Porto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How to remove the core of the clove

Garlic has many medicinal and health benefits, but also many toxins. Turns out the toxins are in the core of each clove. Simply remove the core and you get the benefits of garlic without the drawbacks!

Cut the garlic clove lengthwise. You’ll see a section in the middle of one or both halves that you can easily pop out or pull out. In younger garlic it is greenish. In older garlic you might need to cut it out. You can see the lines where it is defined.

I used to get white bumps in my tonsils when I ate garlic, which does not happen at all since I began removing the core.

In Joy!

Schedule of Upcoming Raw Programs

Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus
Monday, November 9th

21 Day Raw Cleanse
Monday, November 23rd, 2015

28 Day Raw Experience
Monday, December 14th, 2015

Raw Empowerment Program (REP)
Ongoing 1-Year Program, Start Any Time

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A trick to stop overeating

almondsWhen you are tempted to eat dessert when you are already full, find something you want to do or give yourself a task that will take a few minutes to an hour so you don’t overfill your stomach.

You won’t feel deprived because you know you’re still going to eat that treat afterwards, but it’s better than stuffing yourself all at once if you can space it out.

You can tell yourself you’re just going to tidy up your room a bit first, but then get into it and do a full cleaning once you get going. Once you get going on a task it’s easy to keep going. Getting started is the hard part.

This little trick is just one of many ways to manage an overeating issue. I love to come up with these and they really do help. But to really heal the root of the issue so you don’t have to use bandaids like this, try re-setting your system with a 100% raw diet like the one on this Program: http://21daysRaw.com

In Joy!


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