Question re Eating too many Nuts on Raw Diet

almondsLetter from a Program participant….

Hello Jinjee ,

I am wondering if a lifetime membership means you can be joined into the next 21 day program again? I would like to improve my game but at present my head is being stubborn. I know I can do this though. I am eating all raw except the nutritional yeast and some coconut organic ice cream and living in the tropics lends itself to some high calorie fruits and coconut so I feel I am overdoing this, I am being positive though as I am now finally back on track to eating 99% raw so in that sense it is good. I am close to a raw food family and they also question eating too much nuts but I am slowly shifting to sticking to the exact program you have sent. I also have been lazy and only worked out a little running, bike ride, small swim. I have just come out of having a very bad dose of [] so I was very run down and maybe it would be better to join the next group for the 21 day cleanse program as I have not been pro-active like I know I can. What are your thoughts?

Warmest Regards,



Hi Cecilia,

Thank you for writing!

Many people have similar challenges with getting the programs right the first time, which is why we have the lifetime membership. So, yes, you can re-do the 21 Day Cleanse as many times as you like on all future sessions at no cost! The program starts every 7 weeks. (We do the 28 Days Raw Program in between, and keep the two programs running back-to-back so members of both programs can stay on them continuously long-term for ongoing raw support, as many do!).

Maybe the first time you just get familiar with the program, the materials and the community. The next time you follow the menu plan perfectly or close to perfectly or adapt it to your own needs. And the next session you add the workouts. And the next session you add the inner work presented in the daily instructions. Just for instance. Some people just use the programs for the support and social connections. Some just use the menu plans.

As far as the question about too many nuts, there are many schools of thought with eating raw. An all fruit / veg diet is wonderful for healing. But in the long-term (2 years+) people who don’t get enough fats and proteins (which are delivered via nuts) become mineral deficient and usually go off the diet.

It sounds like you are making good progress! Keep it up and do what you can. You get points for every step in the right direction, and it keeps getting easier!

Keep in touch!


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Self-Knowledge Through Raw Food

yarrowjeanjacketEvery body is different. And since we aren’t just a body but a whole being intertwined with our body, every being is even more vastly different as our almost limitless combinations and permutations of factors affect our health and the right way for us to eat as individuals.

If we are just looking at the purely physical body, even then, the variations in blood type, history, genetics, activity level, and much more all play a part in determining the right diet for us at this particular time in our lives.

Other factors that play a huge part in how we should eat are our tastes, mental state, emotional needs, lifestyle, relationships, family, work, finances, location, climate, health goals, priorities, beliefs etc…

Self-knowledge isn’t really taught. We are taught to believe the experts. And we tend to believe marketing; at least we would like to believe any marketing that gives us hope.

But what if developing a diet that is right for you is actually inner work. It is paying attention to how your body feels. It is, first, wanting to feel a sense of well-being, balance, energy, health. It is loving yourself enough to do what you need to do to feel good, while also taking care of all other aspects of your life. Sounds like an almost impossible balancing act.

Well, that’s why not too many people get to experience this. It is like an art-form. You have to practice in a dedicated manner for years to master an art-form. But it is not only worth it, it is perhaps an essential art to master to maximize our potential in this life. So we must start now.

Even if I am not sure that the 100% raw vegan diet is right for all people at all times (except perhaps in theory), I do believe that it would be of incredible benefit to anyone to try it for a time! – Ideally 1-3 years, but even if for a few months, a few weeks, or a few days!

There are insights to be gained from this path. Experiencing 100% raw is unlike reading about it, hearing about it, or observing it. Like child-birth, falling in love, and many other things, you just can’t explain it; you actually have to experience it to understand it.

If you are unsure about what foods are good for you, what foods are harming you, and how various foods affect you in general, if you are confused about what and how to eat, going 100% raw can be extremely helpful for bringing super-clarity on these topics.

By going 100% raw you eliminate all the toxins, allergens and common food sensitivities from your diet at once. By starting at this Ground Zero you simply gain a tremendous and rapid understanding of your relationship to food. Most people are shocked, surprised, and overawed at how quickly they feel better in every way once they are eating raw.

And from there you can try to add back various cooked foods to your diet and you will be completely in tune with exactly how each of these foods affect you, and how different combinations affect you.

Many people realize that they feel best by far on a 100% raw diet, although they may be able to add more cooked foods after doing a healing year or two raw.

Similarly, people who can’t digest fats (oils/nuts) or can’t handle sugar (fruits) on a 100% raw food diet and need to eat a more restricted / less balanced raw diet at first, will often quickly re-gain the ability to eat these foods as the raw diet is so healing for the digestive system.

Self-knowledge is a powerful thing, and is the key to claiming your birthright to health! Just as certain subjects are required reading for becoming a well-rounded person, trying the 100% raw vegan diet (preferably a well-balanced one designed by an experienced guide and gifted chef with proven delicious recipes that are easy to make) should be a required experience for any truth-seeker or health-enthusiast!

In Joy!


The Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins tomorrow, Sunday September 14th!



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Fed Up, A Powerful Film about Sugar

The Trailer for this film is powerful, high impact, and moving. I believe this film will give more people the desire and inspiration to make important changes in their diets and the diets of their children which will ultimately affect the food supply and improve quality of life for everyone!

Fed Up


Share the trailer with friends on Facebook… 



The Raw Rumpus starts Sunday!


In Joy!

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Connie’s Incredible Rejuvenation


Check out Connie’s amazing Before and After photos! Connie lost 20 lbs! This is going to be one of those where we are accused of using a many years old photo as the after pic. But I can tell you, Connie has done the work and I have seen these type of results before and experienced them first-hand where eating raw for a few weeks makes you literally look 10 or 20 years younger!

These results are real. The results of eating raw really do actually look much, much better than plastic surgery! This diet should be a national anti-aging revolution! I don’t care how many thousands of dollars you spend on anti-aging products in bottles and jars, you will never come close to achieving the type of results that you can get in just 3 weeks of eating a well-balanced 100% raw vegan diet!

When you think of the pain and risks people are willing to go through with plastic surgery and the fortunes of money people are willing to spend to look young and beautiful, and when you actually know for sure first-hand that you can achieve results that are 10 times better with a perfectly natural diet with zero harmful side effects and none of the expense or risk or pain — isn’t that just totally a huge inspiration to embark on this incredible journey to being the best you that you can be right now?

The Garden Diet 2-Program Lifetime Membership at can help you….

- Get a new lease on life

- Enjoy your youth – again!

- Feel younger, more energetic, and more vital

- Inspire your creativity

- Re-ignite your dreams!

- Have brilliant thoughts and cosmic insights!

- Find out how beautiful you really are!

- Enjoy your food more than ever with your increasingly sensitive taste-buds

- Discover the ecstatic bliss of working out in your healthy body

- Return to your natural shape, your uniquely beautiful body as nature designed it

- Have an abundance of energy to achieve your goals

- Sleep better

- Get off medications

- Lose weight and keep it off

- Experience the joys of actual health for maybe the first time ever

- Come into chemical emotional/mental/physical alignment and balance

- Realize new levels of happiness you never imagined

Today, Friday September 5th, is the last day of our Early Bird Specials on the 21 Day Cleanse and the 2-Program Lifetime of Raw Support Membership Special, which also includes 4 bonus Raw Empowerment menu plans targeting specific issues!

Check it all out here!

The Garden Diet’s 21 Day Raw Cleanse


The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. – Winston Churchill


In Joy!

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New Concepts in Raw Cuisine


Doing our 21 Days Raw Program has helped hundreds of people to learn to love a raw diet with all the basics plus some exciting new Concepts in Raw Cuisine, like the Sunfry above….

Here’s what Paige, who contributed the photo, says:

“Thank you so much for this excellent idea! I feel so clever when I set my huge mason jar filled with veggies out in the sun. I’m now experimenting with different veggies. Today was red onion, carrot, fresh ginger, mushroom, and broccoli. A little oil and a touch of Himalayan salt and that’s it. DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for this life-changing concept!” – Paige

Paige took one of the concepts in our program and made it her own. I love seeing the art of raw cuisine evolving and spreading, making raw living more exciting, delicious and doable for everyone all the time!

We have many more Life-Changing RAW concepts in our 21 Day Raw Cleanse!

The next session starts Monday. The Early-Bird Specials are still up for another day!

Click here to find out all about it!

In Joy!

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What is Happiness and How Can it Help You Go Raw?


Raven (raised raw vegan)

Dear Readers,

Happiness….what is it really? It is a feeling, a really good feeling, that can be generated by tuning in and enjoying the moment, or by working hard for something we want and achieving or attaining it, or by practicing gratitude, noticing the good and the beautiful, the harmonious and the true in life.

It can come from taking a deep breath, feeling good about ourselves, connecting with someone, learning something, having a realization or an insight, seeing something beautiful, or from giving to or helping someone.

These are happy moments. But how to have a happy life? Perhaps happy moments add up to a happy life. Or perhaps a happy life is generated when we make it a goal to have a happy life.

In EBT (Emotional Brain Training) we collect “Joy Points”. This practice helps remind me to notice the happy moments and celebrate them. When we appreciate things, they appreciate in value. They expand. And thereby happy moments can expand into a happy life.

It is like with gratitude. The more you are grateful, the more you notice things to be grateful for. And so a gratitude practice can take over your life in a good way very quickly. Gratitude is like happiness on steroids….Happiness shared with The Great Spirit, happiness being appreciated, growing.

So, to think we will be happy once we are thin or beautiful or rich or successful enough may be approaching things backwards. Sure, setting goals for these physical things and attaining them through our intelligent efforts can provide us with rewarding feelings of accomplishment, and can even make our lives less painful and perhaps easier in some ways.

But there are plenty of people who have these things and are not happy. So, I rather think that cultivating happiness is the main thing. And from that happy life, an abundance of goodness like health and prosperity can more easily be attained — and enjoyed!

Work on yourself – the rest will follow. And that doesn’t mean in a selfish way. It means doing what you know you need to do to get right with yourself so you can be your best for others, for your life, for the world we’re all a part of together.


Yarrow (raised raw vegan)

On our Raw Food Programs, The 21 Day Raw Cleanse and The 28 Days Raw Transition Program, there are three main areas that we work on:

1. Diet (through our 100% raw vegan/beegan menu plans and shopping lists, raw education, and raw support)

2. Exercises (through our workout schedule, workout videos, suggested daily workouts, and workout motivation)


3. Happiness (through Daily Motivational Reading, Journal Exercises, and Happiness Exercises).

At one point in my raw journey I realized that I was slipping into unhealthy, self-harming habits because I was not happy. I knew then that I had to focus on my happiness in order to get back to healthy living.

I did a lot of reading, studying, journaling, meditating, and praying. I made changes in my life. I learned that happiness takes work. And eventually, I wrote the happiness program that became part of our programs. And I loved writing it! I think that this inner work program is the secret ingredient that makes our Diet Programs work so well for so many people!

I get so excited taking each new group on this journey, knowing they will be eating the best foods, moving their bodies daily, and raising their emotional vibration all at once – for unstoppable momentum that can do nothing but effect positive change in anyone’s life! And I’m super proud of our Results Page, which features over 1000 lbs. of collective weight released in Before and After pics and an incredible outpouring of elated, astounded and excited testimonials from our program members.

I invite you to explore more about our unique and comprehensive Programs at where you can get in on a pretty awesome 3-Program Membership Early Bird Special until the end of this week.

Get raw – Get fit – Get happy! Join in this coming Monday with our next great group of raw adventurers!!

In Joy!

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Reasons to Love Raw…


Help spread the raw message to the world and you might just ease someone’s suffering in this life! Simply share this infographic on your social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc…

Download the graphic above or Share it from one of my Social Networks below….







In Joy!

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More on Raw Food, Anti-Aging, and Hormones…


I love this letter in response to the last Blog “anti-aging observations“…

Hi Jinjee,

I will be 61 in December. For mature gals, after menopause, the season of life that follows a ticking clock, will bring understandable change. Might I suggest to all of the ladies who are fortunate to live long enough to welcome this time of change, consider not just the outward physical beauty that naturally occurs with healthy living, but also nurture virtue that shows to the world, a fresh sparkle that is the emblem of an ageless beauty.

I know women that struggle with aging, so much that they appear desperate, taking desperate measures to retain a youthful appearance. This can be all consuming, and often only masking a hidden true beauty. The truth is that we will age, and outward beauty will fade. I would like to suggest for your readers to nurture habits that are healthy and display virtue, both treasures that will be remembered by generations to come.

Have you or your readers ever met an older woman and thought after your encounter, how truly beautiful she was? Was it her hair? Her face? Her figure? Or, was it something she said, the twinkle in her eyes, her gracefulness with how she dealt with people, perhaps the smile she freely gave, or the helpful counsel offered? You see, there is so much more that we can offer and leave for others to remember, besides a physical presentation. Let’s enjoy the challenge!

Staying as physically active as we can (for women of any age), is an important goal. I can work in my garden, shoveling, carrying loads, and stooping to harvest at ground level, better than many younger women. I know that this grunt work in the sun produces strength, and body renewal better then a lotion in a bottle. There are many moments in the garden that I am refreshed and can in turn can pass on that renewal to others. Some say that my complexion and hair is amazing. Maybe the results of fresh garden vegetables, a kiss from the sun, and a purge from the sweat of the brow. If the combination of all of this or some other venue of virtue is shared with a smile, what could be more beautiful?

Best to you Jinjee,


And here is Storm’s response to my Blog and the original question….

What’s happening to her body is this. By taking artificial hormones her body is doing a scan and seeing an abundance of the hormone present so it has stopped making that hormone.

This works really well for a little while then the body either rejects the artificial hormone or for whatever reason people stop taking it and then the body ages in fast-forward because the body has lost the ability to make that hormone.

The trick is to get a steady well-balanced raw vegan diet in place that one can do long-term. Then because of the vital nutrient density and the low toxins the building blocks are there to supply all of the glands with nutrients they need to naturally provide the body with the anti-aging hormones it needs.

Warm regards,

Would love to hear your opinions and ideas on this topic below!

In Joy!

21 Day Raw Cleanse starts September 8th!
Optional Prep-Week begins a week from Monday!

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Anti-Aging Observations

I just received this question via email…

Hi Jinjee
May I ask about hormones? I’m 60 and have managed well with DHEA tablets and food.
In the last year my skin has become crackly, saggy quickly and hair thinning.
Thanks for any reference or advice!

Hi Sarah,
The one thing that I have witnessed evidence of in my older friends is those who have serious daily workouts do not age as fast. I’m thinking of my friends who are yoga instructors, spinning instructors, and in training as athletes. It seems like if you keep the body going as a young person does, you can fool the body into keeping on producing those young hormones. And that seems to be especially true if there are ample nutrients available to the body from eating a mostly raw or all raw diet, and/or from doing daily juicing. I think drinking water is key to skin elasticity. And eating berries is rejuvenating. Daily greens are essential of course.

3 Weeks til 21 Days Raw Cleanse begins!
See Early Bird Special here:

Read 6 Reasons to have a Raw Experience here:

In Joy!

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6 Reasons You Should Have a Raw Experience….


1.) It is a Powerful Experience! – Like trying to describe being in love or childbirth to someone who has never experienced these things, I can’t describe a raw experience to you. You can only understand the incredible insights and feelings that you have on the 100% raw vegan diet if you actually try it. And even if you only do it for a week, it is worth it to have the experience! It is truly an altered reality. I believe if everyone on the planet tried it for 3 weeks, that it would change the world.

2.) You will Experience Health! – You will know what it is like to be healthy. If you have not experienced yourself in actual health, it is indescribable. It is like vibrating in a constant state of bliss to exist in a healthy body. Many people have never had this experience, even as children. Raw food alone won’t do this; but raw food combined with a workout practice will.

3.) You will Understand Your Body – After 2 to 3 weeks of being 100% raw, you will understand your body better and how different foods affect your moods and your physical body. The longer you stay raw the greater knowledge of this you will have. This self-knowledge will help you in your life to be able to choose foods that are healthier for you whether you stay 100% raw or not. You will have new tools that will help you to feel better for longer in your life.

4.) You will Understand Food – You will understand food on a whole new level. You will have insights into the nature of food, how natural foods in their native state are healing, cleansing, rebuilding and regenerating. You will feel these things happening. You will feel the difference when you start introducing other foods again. And you will gain an understanding and appreciation for the unique powers and properties of each food that you eat.

5.) You Will Make Friends with Hunger – You will get in touch with your hunger. You will actually get hungry in between meals, something you may not ever experience now. You will learn to enjoy this feeling of lightness and enjoy the phase of being empty and clean, desiring food and asking yourself what you really want to eat. You will know that while you are hungry you are cleansing and burning excess weight. You will want to make the best choices you can from that place of clarity. You will learn that hunger makes your food taste incredibly delicious. You will actually start to want to wait until you are hungry to eat. You will learn that when you don’t eat due to hunger, you are often eating out of boredom or anxiety. You will not be eating from an addiction any more, and you will thereby learn how surprisingly little food you actually need to feel satisfied and nourished.

6.) Healthy Things will Taste Better – Your taste buds will become more sensitive after about 3 days of eating 100% raw and will become progressively more sensitive over the weeks or months of eating raw, so that you will actually be able to tune in to the subtle flavors in even vegetables and develop a love for these foods. You will learn what you really like to eat, your body will tell you exactly what you want to eat, and you will want to hold out for those foods that you are truly craving at any time. This will naturally cause you to simultaneously release weight and enjoy your food much more!


In Joy!




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