Glass Half-Full Beauty

shalejinjIf you are always comparing yourself to people more beautiful than yourself, or always looking at your imperfections or nit-picking your appearance, unsatisfied with your looks, then you are looking at your beauty-glass as half-empty.

And then the ramifications of that behavior is that you end up walking around feeling not good enough. And that’s what you’re going to project to the world, which will then attract more proof of your beliefs reflected back to yourself.

It’s a vicious cycle. But you can break it with conscious effort. Here are 40 ideas that can help re-frame the way you see yourself…

- Focus on what you like about yourself, not your flaws.

- Smile

- Stand tall

- Breathe

- Don’t compare yourself to others

- Stay positive

- Accept yourself

- Lovingly observe yourself

- Appreciate your flaws

- Appreciate your uniqueness

- Express yourself

- Participate in life

- Be amazed at the miracle of your body

- Follow your passion

- Exercise

- Dance

- Acknowledge your goodness

- Be kind (to yourself and others)

- Don’t try too hard

- Still your mind, find your inner peace

- Be in your body

- Be inside your eyes

- Feel grounded

- Feel centered

- Feel beautiful (imagine!)

- Reduce stress

- Feel confidence

- Feel gratitude

- Treat yourself

- Accept/love others as they are

- Beautify your space

- Laugh

- Meditate

- Get some sun

- Focus on your inner strengths

- Develop a unique style

- Be around people who like you

- Focus on others rather than yourself

- Look at yourself as a doer, not an object to be observed

- Reframe negative self-talk into positive statements

By just practicing a few of these tips daily you can slowly transform your self-esteem and make your beauty-glass half-full instead of half-empty!

Also, you might want to try this raw diet menu plan for a month! ;) — Nothing has been as instantly beautifying for me as eating a 100% raw vegan diet! It really changes you on a cellular level, renewing cells with high-quality vibrant natural materials. There’s no amount of money and plastic surgery that gets results like this!

In Joy!

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Blissful Beauty

Is happiness beautifying? I really think it is. I think there’s a magnetic beauty to a truly happy person that comes from within and transcends physical features. Maybe the joy comes from knowing who you really are and fully being your unique self and/or doing your unique work in the world, work that brings you fulfillment. Maybe it comes from being in love or having great friendships. Maybe it comes from your personal growth or spiritual development.

I think joy usually comes from working on one of these types of areas and seeing the forward momentum, experiencing growth. And usually it is an area that is associated with love; love for yourself, another, the world, humanity, your work, or what you are passionate about. And where there is love there is creativity and therefore there is growth. Isn’t it blissful!

When you pursue joy, it doesn’t just bring out your intrinsic and dynamic beauty but it also naturally makes it easier to make healthier choices and a so have a more balanced life, both of which also contribute to blissful beauty.

So, rather than eating raw for health and happiness, which can totally work, we can actually jump in to the cycle in the other direction if that’s easier, and seek wholeness and happiness in order to be able to more easily eat raw.

This focus on inner work, the happiness focus, is one of the aspects that makes The Garden Diet Menu Plan Programs different, and maybe it’s why so many people have such great results going raw, releasing weight and improving their health on these programs. (See

Right now you can still get on board The Raw Rumpus that starts tomorrow/Monday and use that for a week to prepare you for the 28 Day Raw Transition Program which starts the following Monday.

You can sign up at for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special which includes The Rumpus as a bonus. Or you can sign up for just The Rumpus at

Click on either link above to find out why these programs are super-fun and will help you find your joy!

It is not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are – Roy Disney

In Joy!
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Three Ways to Healthy Habits

SpaceShuttleI was watching a business productivity video and learned some things about creating new habits that is just as useful for creating healthy habits as it is for creating good business habits.

Actually, 3 things…

1. You only have a certain amount of willpower per day.

2. You need escape velocity to lift off a rocket (new habit) due to habit gravity.

3. Laws of habit creation (2 steps to commit to memory)

I’ll explain each of these a bit below…Please excuse the CAPS LOCK, but I’m copying directly from my notes….

1. Willpower…..

We actually only get a certain amount of willpower per day (this is actually based on new scientific research)

Use it / Invest it to CREATE NEW HABITS (so you won’t have to use your willpower for that in future, so you free your willpower up to create more and more powerful habits)

Tip: Start creating your new habits earlier in the day when you have more willpower.

2. Habit gravity and escape velocity ….first few days easy, next week really hard escaping gravity of previous habits, then you get escape velocity and it gets easier to get over the last hump. Then it’s smooth sailing taking very little energy to keep the habit going. (This is very much like the Flywheel comparison I made in the 28 Days Raw Program that I got from another business book).


• Days 1-10: Optimism that turns rapidly into avoidance and even defiance

• Days 10-20: Strong resistance that begins shifting to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

• Days 20-30: Acclimation & increase in productivity – becomes a natural part you

3. Bonus tip…Just commit this to memory and then commit to doing just this and you’ll have any habit beat right in the gate!




How To Cure Procrastination

Here are some more notes from the business workshop online. You can sign up for this at by Eben Pagan

Productivity is simply getting the result you want. If you get the result you want, then you are productive. If you don’t get the result you want, then you’re not productive. When you define productivity this way, it keeps you from confusing being “busy” with productivity.

The key to creating a happy, successful, satisfied life is learning to get the results you want – rather than the results that other people want you to have. Wake Up Productive is about designing your life so it happens AUTOMATICALLY.

Use your willpower to create new habits. Once you build a new habit, then you don’t need to use your willpower anymore, because you do the new behavior naturally and automatically.

We are creatures of habit. We think, feel and do the same things, day after day. Maybe in a little different order, but we are basically doing the same stuff every day… in habitual patterns and combinations. Habits are the internal paths of least resistance.

So where is the place we can invest our energy to get the biggest return? It’s in creating new habits – and specifically, habits that bring us the highest possible success and returns. This is the path to accelerating your success in life.

In the beginning, you need a lot of extra energy to overcome the gravity of your original habits. I call this “Habit Gravity”… and I call the point where you get free of the pull of your old habits “Escape Velocity.”

• When doing a new habit, you actually get a couple or few days of help… because you’re excited and optimistic, but things quickly change, as your system goes into resistance.

Days 1-10: Optimism that turns rapidly into avoidance and even defiance

Days 10-20: Strong resistance that begins shifting to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Days 20-30: Acclimation & increase in productivity – becomes a natural part you

You have to set things up so that you DO this new habit every day, so that it takes root, and becomes a part of you.

Tip: Do new habits early in the day, when you still have willpower.

Inevitability: Set up your environment to make success automatic – and inevitable.

“Start Now, Don’t Deviate!”

Put this reminder sheet somewhere that you’ll see every night before bed, and first thing in the morning when you wake up – to get you on the right track.

- from by Eben Pagan

In Joy!


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Explaining the New Raw Menu Plan Programs Schedule

21daysrawinfographicOk, so it was a tough decision but I decided to schedule this month’s Raw Rumpus to start a week from this Monday on Monday April 6th. That’s only a week before the next 28 Days Raw Program starts on Monday April 13th.

So, as the Rumpus is either a 1 or 2 week program depending on what you prefer, as it repeats a 1-week menu plan twice, I think it could be a really good optional “prep-week” for those starting the 28 Days Raw Program on April 13th. (It’s a really simple, easy, economical, raw weight release menu)

For those who will be finishing up the current 21 Days Raw Program on Sunday April 12th, they could jump in on Week 2 of The Rumpus that starts the following day.

If you are currently on the 21 Day Cleanse and want to follow up with the 28 Days Raw Program, I would skip this Rumpus session and do the May Rumpus instead, which we’ll start on May 18th.

If you purchased the 2-Program LIfetime Membership Special (21 and 28 Days Raw Programswhich run continuously back-to-back) you might want to finish both of those before doing The Rumpus. We do The Rumpus once a month so there’s plenty of time to do all three programseventually. (By the way it really doesn’t matter which program you do first – the 21 day, the 28 day, or The Rumpus)

We’ve been giving The Rumpus away as a bonus with the 2-Program Membership but you don’t have to join any particular Rumpus Session. Save it up for whenever it works best for you.

And don’t forget the Raw Empowerment Program, our advanced program, which I made for those who have been through the other programs and are serious about getting to work on tailoring a long-term raw or high-raw diet specifically for their unique needs. This also comes as a bonus gift with the 2-Program Early Bird Special on now at

Here are all the Program sites:

The Raw Rumpus:
Monday April 6th

28 Days RAW:
Monday April 13th

21 Days RAW:
Monday May 11th

Raw Empowerment Program:

I hope this makes sense! Feel free to email me any questions at

—- Anyone can work out for an hour, true strength is controlling what goes on your plate during the other twenty three.

In Joy!
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The Flat Abs Raw Diet

2821jessicabna12 Flat-Tummy Hacks for Raw Vegans…

I’ve been studying up on getting a flat tummy back at 47 on a high raw diet, and here are some great tips on the topic that I’ve found…I’m adapting them below to a raw diet….

1. FIBER (Up intake gradually to 25 grams a day so you don’t get gassy)

- beans (soaked, if you are strictly raw)

- fruits

- veggies


1 cup low-fat yogurt a day (I believe this works because it is a cultured food. Fermented foods are cultured also, so opt for these raw fermented foods as staple ingredients in your recipes: apple cider vinegar, Bubbies or homemade dill pickles, mustard, kim chi, and sauerkraut)


Includes chewing gum, which usually always has aspartame in it. Aspartame which is also in diet sodas and diet candies is a neurotoxin of the excitotoxin variety, which overstimulates the pancreas to produce insulin which causes sugar in the body to be stored as fat. In other words you can put on a serious belly quickly by just chewing gum with aspartame!


Drink enough water so your tummy doesn’t retain it.

Cut back on sodium.


Sprinkle chili pepper on food.


Choose dark leafy greens, veggies and soaked garbanzo beans over pasta as it takes more energy to break down protein. Aim for 80-90 Grams lean protein a day. (I didn’t include nuts here even though they are a raw vegan’s primary protein source as I’m not sure nuts would be considered a lean protein, however their fats are good fats so I don’t know if we really have to worry about getting our raw protein in “lean” form)


Studies have found that drinking two to four cups of green tea daily increases your metabolism by four to 10 percent, thanks to a powerful antioxidant called EGCG. Hel-lo, lean tummy! (Make mine a sun tea! Also I will stick with one cup a day because caffeine)


Not only does it promote belly fat but it also mobilizes fat from elsewhere (the butt!!!) to migrate to your middle!!!!

Found in:



fried foods

baked goods



partially hydrogenated oil


It really works.


Don’t confuse thirst for hunger. Down a glass of water or tea when the afternoon munchies hit.


Eat if you are actually hungry. It’ll prevent binging later.


High-satiety foods make you feel fuller, so you end up eating less, and trimming your tummy. Since your high-satiety food might not be the same as someone else’s, figure out what healthy options really make you feel full and satisfied. it might be a green smoothie for breakfast,  big salad for lunch and a handful of almonds for a snack.

Flat Tummy Menu

Need a menu plan that incorporates all of the points above in a 100% raw vegan lifestyle? The 21 Day Raw Cleanse menu plan program started today with a new group of people going raw together and we are welcoming late-comers through end of Wednesday…See

In Joy!


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Put Yourself On The List!

Arugula Berry Best Smoothie

Arugula Berry Best Smoothie

If you’re like me you probably shop for all your family’s needs, including everyone’s favorite foods, but somehow don’t think you have the time, money, or focus to buy the healthy things that you love and need even though they will keep you healthy and happy so you can continue to take care of your family at your very best for the longest possible time!

Well, it’s time for a change! Time to make yourself, your health, a priority!

Here’s a first step that is simple and effective – just for a start!


Put this on your shopping list every time you go shopping:

Fresh squeezed orange juice (or tangerine juice)
Frozen blueberries (or any other berries, fresh or frozen)
Pre-washed Spinach (or collard greens or arugula)

This is your fast food / treat / icecream smoothie / comfort food….

You can just throw this in your vitamix or nutribullet / blender:
– 2 to 4 cups OJ and/or water
– apx. 1 cup berries
– apx. 1 cup greens

Liquefy and enjoy!

Takes less than 1 minute to make!!! 

And you’re full for at least an hour, nourished, energized and beautified with minerals, calcium, iron, vit C, anti-oxidants, electrolytes, fiber, and much more – all of it good for you – to the last drop! — oh, and it’s sooooo yummy! (The frozen berries make it like a slushie!)

Sip over time instead of a meal, or instead of random snacking in between meals!

For more fast, easy and nourishing/beautifying ways to enjoy fresh fiber-rich foods for an enjoyable and tummy-flattening way of life check out the 21 Day Raw Spring Cleanse at — Starts tomorrow, Monday March 23rd! Today/Friday is the last day to sign up!

Even if you don’t want to eat a raw diet for life, learning these recipes will change your life! As a cooked-food eater you need to eat lots of fresh fiber to clean out your colon daily. The recipes in this program provide you with actually delicious ways to use high quality fiber in fruits and vegetables to do that!

I hope you’ll make yourself a priority and put yourself on the list!

In Joy!

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Go-Raw Early Bird Special ends at Midnight Friday March 20th

Cheers! Happy Spring!


Would you like to experience the healing, rejuvenating, energizing benefits of the raw diet?

Would you like to get the raw glow and the natural weight release that a healthy raw diet brings about so quickly?

Would you like to learn to go raw with experienced guidance and support every step of the way?

Would you like to go raw without worrying about what to eat or what to buy or trying and testing tons of awful raw recipes?

Would you like to have complete 100% raw menu plans with a large variety of easy-to-make recipes that form a balanced and nourishing diet so you don’t have to worry about deficiencies, cravings or hunger?

Would you like shopping lists twice a week that itemize everything you need to buy to be able to make all the recipes on the menu plan for the next three days at a time?

Would you like raw recipes that are proven well-loved by even the pickiest of eaters (children), gathered from the best of the raw recipes available and further optimized for maximum nutrition, flavor and ease of preparation?

Then I hope you’ll treat yourself to our 21 Day Raw Spring Cleanse! It starts on this coming Monday March 23rd. And the Early Bird Specials end tomorrow (Friday) at midnight. We have Early BirdSpecials on both the 21 Day Raw Cleanse and the 2-Program Lifetime Membership that also includes the 28 Days Raw Program. The two programs run continuously back-to-back for ongoing raw support!

Sign up today for a delicious deal at…

(Includes bonus gifts galore!)

Your health and fitness is 100% mental – Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it!”

“Invest in yourself. Because you can’t afford not to.”

In Joy!


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Raw Green Lemonade to Celebrate St Paddy and Spring!

Join me in drinking a green juice a day from Saint Patrick’s Day March 17th until the end of March  to welcome Spring!

(You may never want to stop!)

This can be a good way to prepare for my 21 Day Raw Spring Cleanse which begins on March 23rd

I’m not proposing a green juice fast, just an idea to do this one good thing for yourself every day! You may notice though that you’ll naturally eat healthier than usual once you start this habit, and that you simply won’t reach for or crave unhealthy foods. Or if you do crave them, that’s as far as it goes. You may find yourself being with and maybe even observing or considering the craving, but somehow never really deciding to act on it.

See my delicious green lemonade recipes below. These green lemonades have become my comfort foods!

It is astounding the power of eating 100% raw foods in combination with green juicing to reconstruct, revive, regenerate and rejuvenate the face and body – and how quickly!

And why do cosmetic and plastic surgery industries even exist when they don’t even come close to achieving the results of a simple green juice a day?!!

What an improvement over green colored water or alcohol to celebrate St. Patrick’s and the beginning of Spring with!

Also as the world is turning more green in Spring, we can bring some of this green inside our bodies and burst forth with new life ourselves, in harmony with the re-birth happening in nature!

Here are some of my favorite green juice / green lemonade recipes…

Green Juice Lush

– 1 bunch dandelion greens

– 1 bunch celery

– 3 cucumbers

– 3 apples

– 1 lemon


Green Lemonade

– 1 bunch any greens (kale, spinach, dandelion, parsley)

– 2-3 cucumbers

– 2-4 apples

– 1 lemon (just juice the whole thing, rind and all)


Saint Patrick’s Day Green Lemonade

– 1 bunch spinach

– 3 cucumbers

– 3 apples

– 1 lemon (just juice the whole thing, rind and all)


Feel free to share these recipes / photos on Facebook!

In Joy!

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Daydreaming Hacks

yarrowbooNo, not hacks to stop daydreaming; hacks to get you daydreaming! See, daydreaming is a good thing. It’s an instant relaxation vacation. it’s visualizing. It’s creating possibilities. It’s increasing your appreciation for potential possibilities, for life. It also improves your memory, imagination, creativity and other brain functions. Plus, it’s fun!

Try doing one daydreaming hack a day for a week to improve your well-being.

Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge!

Give it a try today by picking a random daydreaming hack from the list below, gaze out the window right now and you’re off to the races!

If time wasn’t an issue, what would I do today….

How / what would I like to feel today….

If I had $20,000 (oro $100,000,000,000 or some other random number)…

If I was 25 years old again…

If I was retired…

If I was on my deathbed…

If I was my perfect weight/shape/fitness/beauty….

If I loved myself exactly as I am right now…

If the world was perfect….

If I had a superpower….

My ideal lover/partner/husband, etc….

My dream house….

My dream world…

My dream job….

My dream social life….

If I could help a nonprofit organization it would be….

If I could fund a business it would be….

If I could solve a problem in the world it would be….

If I could do any career it would be….

If I could play any instrument it would be…

If I could be the best in the world at one thing it would be….

If I could speak any forgeign language it would be…

My dream wardrobe…

My ideal diet….

My ideal workout schedule….

My ideal surroundings…..

If I could heal the world…

If I didn’t need money I would spend my days…

Come  up with a few of your own! Sometimes the biggest problems in life are solved by asking the right questions. This creativity exercise can help you come up with some creative questions about your life that could shift things around at a deep level.

In Joy!


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Favorite New Green Smoothie Recipe

Arugula Berry Best Smoothie

Arugula Berry Best Smoothie

When all else fails, green smoothies are a great way to get in your greens, stave off cravings for anything else, and keep that sweet tooth happy! They are also a great energizer and mood-lifter, as well as easy to make.

Today I made a blender full and keeping it in a water jug in the fridge has me feeling happy because I know exactly what I’m going to be eating/drinking all day and it’s good, good, good for me!

I poured 2 whole baskets of strawberries into my blender. Blueberries are even better in this recipe and blackberries or raspberries work really well too if you don’t mind drinking or straining the seeds. I’ve also done it with blueberries and blackberries together – yum!

Then I put in 2 cups of arugula (rocket) fresh from my friend’s garden. This bumper crop of arugula gone wild is the whole reason for my new green smoothie craze.

And then I filled the blender up with fresh squeezed organic orange juice. It is also quite nice and less sweet with water instead of OJ. You can add a banana or two or some avocado (1/4, or 1/2, or maybe a whole one) to make it thicker and creamier respectively, though I personally like my green smoothies best watery, like milk consistency vs. milkshake consistency.

Blend on high for 40 seconds in your vitamix, nutribullet or other high powered or regular blender and mmmmmmmmm that’s so good! The arugula seems to have a somewhat sinus-opening quality in its liquefied form that makes these smoothies really yummy and invigorating!

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