Getting Back on Track with Healthy Eating

WatermelonSmoothieSometimes getting back on track with healthy eating means finding a plan that resonates with you.

Sometimes finding something that resonates with you can be stranger than you would think.

In my case, I have eaten some unhealthy foods recently and I am really feeling like getting back on track. I had a nice balance going in my quest to transition from 100% raw to high raw over the last couple of years, and then, as so often happens, I lost my balance.

Strangely the idea of a 3 day watermelon fast that came up in conversation on the conference call last night is very appealing to me right now. (We were talking about how to get rid of parasites and I mentioned that a friend of mine accidentally discovered that a 3-day watermelon fast was a highly effective parasite cleanse for her!)

I bought a watermelon along with other foods today. But I don’t feel like eating a watermelon. It just seems like another addition to a day in which I’ve already eaten various foods and uninteresting in that context. (I also bought a fresh pineapple and yellow bell pepper juice I’m really excited about drinking!)

However, I’m still really liking the idea of a three day watermelon fast. I just couldn’t imagine buying enough watermelons at the store today. But this is what is resonating with me as something I could do; want to do, even, to reboot and get back in balance.

So, I think I’ll start tomorrow with a 1-day watermelon fast. I’ll just go to the store as-needed for watermelons. That feels do-able, separate from the family-shopping.

I’m really looking forward to the refreshing taste of watermelon and the delicious cool watermelon-ice slushies I’m going to indulge in all day long! (Blended watermelon and ice in the Vitamix).

It’s about what resonates. It’s about context. It’s about what is doable in your life right now. And then allowing yourself time to plan for it, to come into alignment with your plan.

It is like you have to come up with something that can work in your life, for your being, where you are at right now, that feels right to you. And then you make a plan around that. And then you may have to wait and allow a little time for your being and your life to come into alignment with your plan.

That’s just how it seems to be working for me right now.

Would love to hear what works for you! Comment below!

In Joy!


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All Roads Lead to Raw

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 2.44.57 PMWhen you have constant muscle pain it can be a sign of inflammation. So much pain in the body, so many issues from asthma and arthritis to colitis, fibrosis and stroke are caused by or contributed to by inflammation.

And now there are anti-inflammatory diets. Guess what you have to eliminate to reduce foods that cause inflammation? – You probably guessed it; meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, gluten and grains!

What is left you ask, to eat? – You may have guessed it again; that’s right, anti-inflammatory diets consist of mostly plant-based and raw vegan foods!

We’ve seen many other diet trends that have driven the masses ever closer to a diet higher in raw foods — the Calorie Restriction diet, proven to increase longevity in lab rats, naturally requires foods high in nutrient density i.e. more nutrients per calorie. Guess where that led these adherents; yup, straight into the raw food world.

From Gluten Free, Paleo, and Low-Fat diets to Plant-Based, High Carb and Juicing diets, to that popular end-of-life diet when the digestive system can’t handle anything else, the Strained Fruit diet – it is tempting to say that all roads lead to Raw!

Perhaps the 100% Raw Diet isn’t the answer for everyone, all the time, although it does help many people to release weight, but when it comes to healing and rejuvenation, science is pointing this way.

When something is true it makes sense on a lot of levels, from every angle, and like an idea whose time has come, will push up through the cracks in the pavement wherever it can or is needed or allowed.

I’m strangely reminded of Dumbledore saying “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it”.

In Joy!

PS: Today is the final day for 21 Day Raw Cleanse late registration at

PPS: Title of this post inspired by Tina Malia’s song “All Roads Lead to You

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This Healing Diet…

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 1.58.04 PMThe 21 Day Raw Cleanse is a healing diet on so many levels…

It was designed to help people go raw and release weight but I’m just amazed at the stories participants tell about the incredible physical changes they experience in just three weeks.

I’ve heard from participants who got off meds, whose blood pressure returned to normal, cholesterol levels dropped, eyesight improved, arthritis and asthma got better…I’m afraid to even mention it all myself. But I’ve shared their feedback on the 21 Day Cleanse page in the Testimonials section so you can read all the emails for yourself at

I’m so grateful to be able to share this way of eating in a simple-to-follow package that has so much value for anyone seeking to go raw, release weight, rejuvenate, improve athletic performance and recovery time, prepare for or recover from surgery, cleanse, detoxify, increase their energy, improve their diet, and just feel better all around!

The Cleanse starts Monday. You can sign up until midnight Sunday also at

In Joy!

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eBook Giveaway – How to Resist Temptation

natchsaladI’m dusting my no-cost eBooklet “How to Stick to Any Diet” off the shelf and launching a new giveaway.

There is new evidence that shows that we only have a limited allotment of willpower per day. So they recommend doing the things that require willpower early in the day, especially the things that are most important to you.

This eBook shares a method I figured out for myself called “Resisting the first temptation of the day”. I found that if I could get over that first hurdle and just say no to that first unhealthy, yummy temptation that I would be bolstered with a momentum powered by self-esteem that made it much more easy to get through the rest of the day without eating anything I shouldn’t.

The eBook goes into detail about how to do it.

Click here to sign up for The Daily Raw Inspiration email newsletter to receive “How to Stick to Any Diet” in your inBox right away!

Memo: 21 Day Raw Cleanse begins Monday! Early Bird Specials on until Friday at
In Joy!

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How Antioxidants Keep You Young

cherriesAntioxidants help your cells stay younger…

If you cut an apple and it starts to turn brown over time, that is because the oxygen is causing a breakdown called oxidization.

If you squeeze lemon juice on the apple pieces, it slows down the oxidization and the apple stays fresher looking for much longer.

The antioxidants in the lemon juice prevent the oxidization of the apple.

Oxidization goes on in our body naturally as a by-product of cellular functions. And fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in anti-oxidants prevent, clean up, repair and reverse this oxidization.

So if you want your cells to rejuvenate, eat lots of foods with anti-oxidants! You will be visibly refreshed, just like a fresh, juicy apple with lemon juice on it!

In Joy!

PS: Prep-week for 21 Days Raw starts tomorrow!

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Prep-week for 21 Day Raw Cleanse

21peachesWant to join in the 21 Day Online Raw Cleanse that starts a week from Monday on October 5th?…

Find out all about it at

You’ll be starting out on a raw journey that lasts throughout the fall for an easy transition to the colder months that includes healthy living!

We work on your diet, workouts, and inner wellbeing exercises all at once so you achieve a level of momentum that is unstoppable!

Get in on the early bird special, start on Monday with the optional prep-week, and continue on to all our Programs for a lifetime of raw support!

Enjoy the yummiest raw recipes ever!

Check it out at

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”

In Joy!

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3 Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 5.51.32 PMThe science of Circadian Rhythms has shown that eating a solid breakfast early in the day, by 8:00 or 9:00 AM, does three wonderful things:

1. It makes us stop eating earlier at night

2. It helps us go to sleep earlier

3. It helps us wake up earlier

The Circadian Rhythms are our bodies’ natural chemical rhythms that are tied into the rhythm of the planet, affected by daylight and darkness. Our mammalian bodies are programmed or optimized to perform certain functions at certain times of day.

Understanding and working with our Circadian Rhythms can help us achieve our natural state of grace, similarly to how eating a natural diet helps return us to our natural state of health. Together, along with a natural level of exercise, work, spiritual and social interaction, we have the bases covered for an abundantly healthy and happy life.

  1. Eating an actual breakfast at the start of the day jump-starts our digestive clock. This boots up other programs such as our getting-stuff-done program.  More importantly the digestive clock only runs for a certain number of hours, so eating breakfast in the morning shuts down our desire to eat once it gets dark. (Some people skip breakfast because they think it helps them be less focused on food throughout the day. This is self-defeating in the long-run however, because you don’t develop a healthy relationship with food. You are living in fear of it. Instead of conditioning yourself from morning to resist food, condition yourself instead to resist junk food, overeating and mindless snacking)
  2. If we stop eating earlier at night, we can go to sleep earlier. This helps us in a great many ways, optimizing the rest, repair, regeneration and rebuilding that our bodies do when we are asleep. Did you know that the hours that you sleep between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM count for 2 hours of sleep each? Isn’t that fabulous news! My personal goal is to sleep from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM, a way I think I could get my sleep needs down to 6 hours a night, and still enjoy some of those quiet wee hours in which creativity seems to thrive.
  3. If we go to sleep earlier, of course we wake up earlier, which is a great way to be in step with our natural rhythms and get lots done. It is true that “early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”.

The list of benefits goes on. For instance eating a good part of our caloric needs for the day in the early part of the day gives us the most time to use those calories up before we go to sleep. And staying up late causes release of a stress-hormone that orders your body to store fat in your tummy region. When something is good and true, it usually makes sense in an abundance of ways and has benefits across the board.

I hope you’ll use this one simple practice that has the power to improve the quality of your whole life!

Whether a fruit salad, smoothie, green juice, nut milk or all of the above – enjoy your breakfast!

In Joy!



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The Sweetness of Life

happinessravenA new perspective…

Standing here in the cellphone store waiting and wishing I had some sweet thing to eat…

Lately, I’ve been practicing sitting with my cravings instead of acting on them… just out of curiosity… to see what feelings or thoughts might arise…

Earlier today it was emptiness….behind which was boredom (I was waiting for an online process)…behind which was sadness….(when I “sat with” and “felt into” the boredom that’s what it morphed into)

This time when I questioned my craving, there was the thought “I’m seeking sweetness”…Looking deeper, I wonder “What is the sweetness of life right now?”… Opening to that question….I’m noticing the sweetness…. There’s beauty….things to observe….to think, to remember…connection with myself within is pretty sweet.

My hypothesis is that the flavors that we crave, if we aren’t just hungry, might really be emotional feeling-states that we are craving and that taking part in life and our corresponding inner life and its emotions might provide much more lasting and meaningful fulfillment than just eating the flavors ever could.

Here are some thoughts about how flavors might represent our spirit’s cravings...

Cravings for sweet foods might represent a craving for:
sweetness of life
good times
kindness to yourself
treating yourself to….time off, relaxation, fun, play
love, romance, friendship, family time
beauty, nature, sunsets
prayer, meditation, inner work, contemplation, affirmations
goal setting, planning fun things, vision boarding, day dreaming

Craving Sweet drinks
taking a swim
wading in the water
having a bath
taking a nice long shower

Cravings for salty foods might represent a craving for:
strong emotions
Savoring the moment
Expressing your strong emotions (in person, on paper, or in song….)
Pursuing your passions in life (taking time to do what you most enjoy)
Doing high-adrenaline activities
Allowing your anger to surface, writing about it

Cravings for sour foods might represent a craving for:
getting out of your comfort zone
youthfulness (we loved sour things as kids!)
(sourness activates the glands in back of the mouth that are activated by both laughter and crying)
Watching a funny or sad film
Allowing your sadness
Participating in an improv comedy workshop
Doing something new, silly, childish or easy

Cravings for bitter foods might represent a craving for:
hard work
facing difficulties, fears
facing things that need facing
doing inner work

Chocolate — sweet and bitter
Work hard at finding the sweetness of life?
Look at (and enjoy) the bittersweet in your life

Soft foods
Soften your attitude, your spirit, to experience softness in your soul

Crunchy / crispy foods
Do something bold, difficult, and substantial
Bite off something you’ve been meaning to do
Take a definitive step in the direction of your dreams

What do you think of my theory? Do you have different ideas for what the flavors could represent for our spirits? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

In Joy!

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Small Bites for Health

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 5.51.32 PM

When you think about all the major changes you have to make for the rest of your life to live long and healthy, happy, fit and beautiful, it can be really daunting and overwhelming!

The good news is that what really matters is today. What small thing could you do today to improve your health, to feel better in your skin, to live a little healthier than you did yesterday?

What does your body (or think body/mind/spirit if your whole being’s health is as important to you as your physical health) most need today?

It could be something really random like, “today I’m not going to snack” or “I’m going to plan a really healthy dinner right now” or “I’ll take the afternoon off and go for a swim”.

Maybe there’s a healthy habit you’d like to establish in your life. Why not take a small bite of that habit today and try it on right now for size!

Memo: The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus / The Raw Cup Tournament starts this Monday, September 21st. Details:

In Joy!


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Keep greens fresher longer


My friend gave me lettuce from his garden wrapped in a clean, wet dish towel. Well, it wasn’t quite dripping wet, nor was it just damp, but somewhere in between. Very damp or slightly wet, you could say.

It was a lot of lettuce, enough for several salads. The amazing thing was that a week later when I unwrapped the towel, the lettuce still looked and felt just as fresh as the day it is was picked!

I’ve been using this technique to keep lettuce and greens fresher longer and I’m just astounded at how much it helps. I will re-moisten the towel once or twice a week and I think I’ve even had some greens keep perfectly for about two weeks!

Could it be that because the plant is still somewhat alive it can still absorb the moisture and keep more of its life force thereby?

The phrase “water is life” comes to mind.

In Joy!

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