Monday Motivation – Your Own Truth – Oprah’s most inspiring talk ever!

oprah, motivation, inspiration, finding your calling, following your blissIt’s funny how I sometimes hear exactly what I need to hear when I most need to hear it!

Last night I stumbled upon this incredible talk that Oprah recently gave at UCLA for her SuperSoul Sessions. Wow! She has really unleashed a whole new level of motivational, inspiring message-giving, stepping into her full power as a spiritual teacher!

You know that I often write that nobody taught us how to think for ourselves, and how to trust our own feelings, thoughts and experiences! And that this is lamentable when people experience the healing power of raw foods but then stop eating this diet because some professional person told them it wasn’t good for them.

Well, this talk is that class that I wish we all had in childhood on how to listen to and trust ourselves! I’m so excited to have found this and to pass along this beautiful and empowering message to you!

I took copious notes so I will post those below along with the video for people who prefer to speed-read through those for the most pertinent points!

Here’s the Video: Best motivational talk ever!!! Oprah Winfrey: Your Own Truth

And here are my notes, basically transcription of Oprah’s exact words from the parts of the talk that had the most meaning for me…

Claim the essence of the phenomenon that is your life!

My life is phenomenal not because of what I have but because of whose I am (God’s). I am where I am because I know whose I am. and I know who and what holds the future (God).

How you know it’s time to move: You can feel the energy of your life pulling you in another direction.

Life is unfolding according to each of our truths.

You are creating your reality as you think and as you act upon those thoughts (every thought and action and feeling, all the time).

And the universe is constantly reflecting that reality back to us all the time.

My reality starts with my intention to do well, to be a force for good in the world…

And in return I get this phenomenal, forceful life where I’m constantly shown goodness and mercy.

The way to have this phenomenal life is to: Just be yourself

That’s what God wants. That’s what the Creator wants.

The goal: To become more of who you really are.

You want to grow in grace and become more of yourself. (because you are unique! You see your life through your prism. Your being here matters. Every single contribution that you have to make, the world has been waiting to experience from you…the very fact that you are HERE …on EARTH… is ENOUGH!!!! You don’t have anything else to prove.)

Your life and what you are meant to do IS special and DOES matter.

What can I do and what can I offer? The answer is: Your SELF.

My prayer is “Use me!”

The path to your truth is to ask God “How can I best serve and be used in the service of my highest good and the highest good of the planet. How can that happen?” –  The answer is: Being your true self. That’s the only requirement that actually matters.

This is the only thing I’m going to ask:

Stop wasting time!!!!  

You have a limited amount of time to do the good that you’ve come to do.

Understand what’s the truth of your life…. and get about the business of living it.

Leave here with that decision today. That I’m going to step into what is the truth of my life.

You know what it is because you really know what it isn’t.

If you aren’t living in your truth space, no matter what, live what is true for you. Just be yourself.

There’s a flow, a power, a stream, a vibrational field and frequency with your name on it.

Your real job is to find that flow and let it carry you to the next level and the next and the next. 

If you can’t figure out what’s going on, what’s wrong, you are out of flow and your #1 job is to get yourself back in flow.

“When your personality comes to serve the energy of your soul, that is authentic empowerment”. – Gary Zukav

Your job here on earth is to use your personality to serve the energy that is your soul. Your soul that’s going to go on forever.

How do you find your flow, your truth? Because it FEELS right! So you  move in the direction of what is the right thing to do, and you do the right thing, because that is moving in the direction of love, because love is what is gong to lift you to the highest possible vibration. Love. Harmony. Reverence for life.

What makes you feel alive is your truth!

What makes you come alive is your truth!

being able to understand what that is, is what allows you to do what every human being is here to do.

We are here to try to fulfill the truest, highest expression of ourselves as human beings.

I’m seeking what is the highest manifestation.

You cannot be all that you were meant to be unless you develop a spiritual practice.

You need a spiritual practice.

You cannot be all you were meant to be unless you are willing to give yourself some time to nurture the spirit of you! (the spirit that is you)

Beneath the surface of all things is the true thing. 

In all circumstances, look for the truth of what is REALLY happening.

Crisis will come. Ask it: what are you here to teach me?

It mitigates the loss. You get clarity about why this is happening.

Failure is just a red flag saying “wrong way”! Thank it. Let it show you the new direction.

If you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Get still. Until you do know. Because nobody knows but you! Only you know the path to your own truth. You always know the answer when you are willing to hear your own truth. And listen to your own truth.

You are the master of your fate

You are the captain of your soul

You are in the drivers’ seat

When you are following the path of truth, you can trust that you will be strong enough to stand in it. 

Why? Because your greatest power doesn’t come from you, it comes from The Power Source. That’s what meditating, praying, yoga, being in nature, being still, taking some time for yourself, does..It allows you to fill your tank, to go directly to the source of all energy, where you are sustained by the energy that comes from the Divine Source of all Things.

Go directly to the Divine Source of All Things. Surrender to that power, energy, forcefield, and you will live the truest dream for you. Surrender your fear. Let go. And Let God align with the spirit that is you, and you will experience the miracle, the phenomenal, majestic, graceful life that you are waiting to claim for yourself.

– Oprah


Thank you, Oprah! What a gift! To see the complete talk on video click here:

In Joy!

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Self-Love Exercise

raw vegan jinjee garrick talifero

Have been struggling a little with positive inner self-talk lately…But then today found myself going on a bit of a rant about how amazing I am!

I was loading laundry into the washing machine and suddenly was thinking “I love how I’m doing laundry and working and relaxing, exercising and how I went for a walk this morning and did my dishes and getting this laundry pile down and how good I’m feeling and….”

It kind of amused me to see how long I could go on adding to this mental list. And I thought, this is a good thing to do a couple of times a day, just shower myself with some appreciation for everything I do! :)

So, I challenge you to start the world’s longest run-on sentence starting with “I love how I….”

In Joy!

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Strange Reason Raw Foods Help You Lose Weight!

raw food diet for weight loss

Image courtesy of stockimages at

A new article that came out yesterday on Tech Insider called “The Link Between Weight Loss and Raw Foods” states:

Calories are stupid.

Or, put more elegantly, they’re not a very good measure for understanding how much energy is stored in food, and consequently, how much energy you need to expend in order to lose weight relative to what you eat.

The science is complex, and it’s hard to know just how many calories you’re absorbing whenever you eat something.

One thing that nutrition scientists have discovered: food has a lot of potential energy to give, but it doesn’t all get to you. The more broken down a food is (as in, the more that it is cooked or processed), then the more energy gets to your body.

At first I thought the article was suggesting that we eat cooked foods in order to get the “energy” from the foods, especially after reading this quote…

“Cooking unlaces microscopic structures that bind energy in foods, reducing the work our gut would otherwise have to do,” report Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley. “It effectively outsources digestion to ovens and frying pans.”

So at this point I’m thinking, hmmmm so cooking helps us get energy out of foods.

However, the author went on to explain that it is the work of digestion that burns calories!

The article concludes:

The implication for dieters: don’t eat foods that come predigested by ovens or frying pans. Eat raw.

You can see evidence of this in nuts.  According to Graber and Twilley’s reporting, raw walnuts actually deliver 33% less calories to the body than would be listed in the nutrition facts. For walnuts, that’s 21%.

“All the nutrients – the fat and the protein and things like that – they’re inside this plant cell wall,” says USDA research physiologist David Baer.

For that same reason, it’s crucial to stay away from processed foods. Since they’re made of gunk that’s been made into cookie or chicken shapes, all those calories have been predigested by the industrial food process, so they deliver the maximum caloric load to your body.

Which is both gross and fascinating.

So, in trying to wrap my head around this twist, I think what is happening is that cooking helps deliver “energy” in the form of “calories” to our bodies. Cooking delivers a lot of calories with the least amount of work to our digestive systems. And although that sort of sounds good in a way, what is happening is that our body isn’t working for its calories. So in eating raw food, when we digest we are burning calories as well as getting calories from the foods we eat. It’s like a fair trade.

Look at cooked food as giving you energy for free. If you don’t use all that energy up, where is it going to go?

And what kind of “Energy” is “Calories”? Calories aren’t nutrients, macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates or fats), micro-nutrients (electrolytes, enzymes) or vitamins, minerals, or fiber. These are all useful nutrients and components in food. But what do calories do?

I looked it up in Wikipedia and although a lot of what they say is very complex, this sort of sums up the practical application of calories…

The human body uses the energy released by respiration for a wide range of purposes: about 20% of the energy is used for brain metabolism, and much of the rest is used for the basal metabolic requirements of other organs and tissues. In cold environments, metabolism may increase simply to produce heat to maintain body temperature. Among the diverse uses for energy, one is the production of mechanical energy by skeletal muscle to maintain posture and produce motion.

So, calories help us think, exercise amd regulate our temperature. But if we get more than we need, this excess “energy” is stored as fat, presumably/hopefully for later use if needed.

Raw foods are lower in calories than cooked foods and yet have much more nutrition per calorie, making them nutrient dense and thus ideal foods for anyone seeking to lose weight. Plus, according to this article, you actually burn calories breaking raw foods down in the whole digestion process.

What do you make of the Tech Insider article and my analysis of it? Do you have a different take?

Here is a link to it…

Please comment below!

In Joy!

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Why Your Raw Diet isn’t Working

raw food diet pitfalls

I’ve been on and off the raw diet for 22 years! I’ve encountered many pitfalls and taken many wrong turns along the way! My greatest successes were the 2 years at a time that I was able to do a 100% raw diet and experience wondrous rejuvenation and being my most beautiful and energetic self.

Some of the reasons I would fall off or not be able to stay on the diet were:

– limiting raw fats and protein

– not eating a balanced raw diet

– not getting enough nutrition

– not eating enough calories

– not eating enough greens

– not having enough variety of good recipes

– not having quick and easy recipes

– spending too much money on packaged raw foods

– eating unhealthy raw foods that caused me to crave cooked foods

– not keeping the 100% raw seal on my diet

– not understanding the detox process

– not knowing how to avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms

Over the years I found solutions to these problems and found ways of staying with the raw diet joyfully! The tools that were most helpful were some wonderful inner work practices, daily exercise, and having support. Also, having scientific proof that a raw diet could be really healthy provided me with the confidence to continue.

In my 28 Days Raw Program available at I bring all the tools together in one seamless format that gives you a delicious and nutritious menu plan, daily instructions, workouts, raw education, and daily inner work practices from a wide variety of modalities to inspire and motivate you and keep you easily on the path to health, beauty, fitness, rejuvenation and greater energy and vitality than you’ve ever felt before!

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for this session that starts this Monday, February 1st at

Afraid you won’t stick to it?

“Dream big and dare to fail” – Norman Vaughan

I failed at staying raw at least 50 times over the last two decades! But, do you know what? Because I kept trying and never gave up, I ended up spending about 5 years at 100% raw, and about 10 years at 80% raw. And now, at age 48, I can see the benefits that all my raw efforts have given me. Those totally raw and high raw days, weeks, months and years were days, weeks, months and years that I didn’t age, my skin didn’t age, my organs didn’t break down, I kept my weight down, my joints stayed healthy, and my face was happy and rejuvenating.

So I guess what I learned is that even if you fail, the benefits acquired by just trying are so worth it!

In Joy!


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A Raw Cuppa

raw cup of teaI don’t think there could be much wrong with a nice hot cup of herbal tea with honey. But after several years raw I didn’t feel the need for it any more, and sun-steeped tea in room temp water, blended with honey was just as nice. But if I do want a strictly raw but almost hot cup of tea here’s what I do….

1. boil the water

2. let the water cool down to just a little hot

3. put the herbal tea bag, loose herbs, or bag of green tea in the hot water

4. steep for 5-10 minutes

5. add honey if desired

Now you have not damaged the herbs or tea leaves with cooking-temperature water. But you can still enjoy a warm drink on a cold day!

Make sure you read the ingredients. Many teas contain just tea leaves or just herbs. But some add preservatives or chemical flavor enhancers like “natural flavors”.

In Joy!


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15 signs your raw diet is out of balance

balanced raw food diet, avoiding deficiencies on raw, problems with raw food diets.If you are experiencing any of these issues below then you may not be getting everything you need in the way of nutrients, balance, or pleasure from your current raw diet….

1 You worry constantly about how clean/fresh/pure your food is
2 You are always worrying about what to eat next
3 You are stressed about what to eat and what not to eat
4 You continue to restrict more and more foods within your raw food diet
5 You are losing or gaining too much weight on your raw food diet
6 You don’t enjoy your food, nothing tastes good
7 You are bored of raw foods
8 Your hair is thinning
9 You are having trouble with your teeth, losing teeth
10 Your eyes look sunken
11 You skin looks grayish and dull
12 You feel stiff, aching, and old
13 You can’t stop craving salt, sugar, or cooked foods
14 You feel hungry all the time
15 You never feel satisfied or full

There are many ways to get off-balance with a raw food diet. The good news is, that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating 100% raw! There is a way to be healthy and thrive long-term on a 100% raw food diet; by having a delicious, nutritionally balanced and easy to prepare raw diet that is doable on a daily basis in real life!

You can try a balanced raw diet with our 28 Days Raw menu plan support program that comes with:
– complete menu plan
– all recipes
– full directions
– complete shopping lists
– online support forum
– daily email instructions
– weekly conference call
– program pal
– email support
– inner work, journal exercises, happiness exercises
– workout schedule with online videos
– and more….

— Find out all about it through pics, testimonials, and how to join in at…

— Next session starts Monday Feb 1st!

— The early bird special ends this Friday so I encourage you to sign up now and treat yourself to an incredible experience with a really good deal, and enjoy all the benefits of a healthy raw vegan diet that you can do long-term without fear of deficiencies, cravings or imbalances!
In Joy!

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38 Best Diets in the World

diet, diets, best diets, list of best diets

#1 DASH Diet
#2 (tie) MIND Diet
#2 (tie) TLC Diet
#4 (tie) The Fertility Diet
#4 (tie) Mayo Clinic Diet
#4 (tie) Mediterranean Diet
#4 (tie) Weight Watchers Diet
#8 (tie) The Flexitarian Diet
#8 (tie) Volumetrics Diet
#10 Jenny Craig Diet
#11 (tie) The Biggest Loser Diet
#11 (tie) The Ornish Diet
#13 (tie) The Traditional Asian Diet
#13 (tie) Vegetarian Diet
#15 (tie) Anti-Inflammatory Diet
#15 (tie) Slim-Fast Diet
#15 (tie) Spark Solution Diet
#18 (tie) The Flat Belly Diet
#18 (tie) HMR Program
#18 (tie) Nutrisystem Diet
#21 (tie) Abs Diet
#21 (tie) Engine Diet
#21 (tie) South Beach Diet
#21 (tie) Vegan Diet
#25 (tie) Eco-Atkins Diet
#25 (tie) Glycemic-Index Diet
#25 (tie) Zone Diet
#25 (tie) Macrobiotic Diet
#28 (tie) Medifast Diet
#30 (tie) Acid Alkaline Diet
#30 (tie) Super-Charged Hormone Diet
#32 (tie) Body Reset Diet
#32 (tie) The Fast Diet
#34 (tie) Atkins Diet
#34 (tie) Raw Food Diet
#36 (tie) Dukin Diet
#36 (tie) Paleo Diet
#38 Whole30 Diet

The 38 Best Diets Overall was originally published on U.S. News & World Report.

Try one of the top 38 Diets, the Raw Food Diet, in its easiest, safest, most delicious format starting on Monday February 1st, 2016 for 28 Days!

In Joy!

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Instant Raw Salad Dressings

raw food diet, salad dressing recipes, raw salad dressingIt’s surprising how some very simple raw dressings can make an instant salad taste instantly delicious.

Here are some examples…

It seems amazing but just a little olive oil and salt can make a salad rich and tasty. 1 teaspoon or tablespoon of olive oil per serving should be enough depending on your taste.

Another very simple way to flavor a salad is to squeeze some lemon or lime over it. Add some fresh herbs like dill, chives, cilantro, parsley, thyme, savory or oregano and you really won’t need any more flavor than that.

The next really easy dressing is to just mash up an avocado (with salt if you like) and mix that the into the salad.

Here is a recipe from the Rawsome Sauce ebooklet that takes this avocado a step further and makes it a scrumptiously delicious and creamy dressing that will make any salad delightful.

Creamy Avocado Dressing
1 ripe avocado
1-2 tbsp honey
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar or Juice of 1 lemon
2 cloves garlic, cored and minced
1 tsp celtic sea salt

Mash avocado
Stir in other ingredients

Of course the easiest dressing in the world is oil and vinegar which you can do on a raw diet using cold pressed olive oil and apple cider vinegar quite easily. This is one that is available in most restaurants in some form too.

I like to add a little honey to that dressing to make it sweet like a Vinaigrette. Sometimes I enjoy vinegar and honey as a dressing without any oil.

There are some fancier creamy dressings in the Rawsome Sauce e-booklet but these take a little longer to make. You can prepare enough to store in a jar in your fridge to make instant salad for a few days to come.

Some raw vegans like to bring a jar of salad dressing with them when they go out to eat. One can always order a dinner salad and discreetly use your own dressing so you can be raw on the go.

If you enjoyed these tips you might like to purchase the Rawsome Sauce ebooklet at:

You can also get on board the 28 Days Raw program that starts on February 1st at now, take advantage of the early bird special, and join in the optional prep week that starts this Monday!
In Joy!

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Instant Salad

Simple Raw Salad Dressings, Raw Food Diet, Raw food recipes, It can be hard to go raw or even to eat healthier if you are used to having instant food! It is also harder to go raw if you don’t have a lot of minerals in your diet. This is because without minerals you’re going to still have a lot of cravings for junk foods.

But what if instead of going raw you start out with an “Instant Salad” today. It’s easy. It’s cheap. And you will mineralize your body, which will make it easier to go raw or even just to kick junk food.

What about getting a pack of pre-washed organic salad (romaine lettuce, mixed greens, or baby kale for instance) from Trader Joe’s for about 2 bucks (and maybe just slightly more at your local supermarket or health food store).

And get a fairly healthy salad dressing; one without sugar and without any really bad oils (stick to olive oil if possible).

If you know how to make your own raw salad dressing, that’s even better. You can make enough to keep in a jar in the fridge for a few days to a week so you’ll be able to have “instant salad”.

Tune in tomorrow for some great raw salad dressing recipes!

Or order The Rawsome Sauce eBooklet of Guilt-Free Decadence: Raw Sauces, Dips and Salad Dressings! – Full of yummy dressings, dips and sauces here:

Rawesome Sauce!

An eBooklet of Guilt-Free Decadence: Raw Sauces, Dips and Salad Dressings!
Price: 5.00 USD


In Joy!


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Focus on Positive Eating

food porn
Thinking about what you can’t or should not eat is coming from a place of lack, restriction, and deprivation, essentially a negative place. It’s a focus on what you can’t have.

Focusing on what you can/should eat is coming from a place of positive action, creativity, expansion, newness, learning and excitement.

And once you start eating healthy food (what you should be eating) you will slowly and naturally let go of the foods that are bad for you, and that don’t serve you.

You won’t have room for harmful foods in your life, or in your day. And as you become healthier you will literally stop craving them because your body will be so nourished that it doesn’t seek nourishment from empty calories any longer.

You will have established good habits without any of the trauma of cutting out whole food groups or imposing harsh restrictions on yourself.

So, without saying you are going 100% raw, without restricting cooked foods, I invite you to try my 28 Days Raw Menu Plan.

Having a raw menu plan to follow, you will be focused on what you have to eat, getting the ingredients, making sure you make all three meals every day and on the excitement of experiencing and enjoying a huge variety of new and delicious recipes!

Find out more and sign up now at — The next session starts in 2 weeks, on Monday February 1st!

In Joy!

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