Healthy Weight Release 3-Week Raw Menu Plan


Have you tried our 21 Day Raw Cleanse?

It starts a week from Monday. (There’s an optional prep-week you can start this coming Monday). 

- This is a comprehensive program with a full 21 day menu plan, recipes, instructions, and shopping lists that make it a breeze to go raw!

- We also support you with workout videos, motivation, and a daily workout schedule.

- Stay on track easily with our Daily Instructions emails that include happiness exercises and various tips and techniques for staying raw joyfully, dealing with emotional detox issues, and staying motivated and inspired!

- You get the support of about 50 other program participants who start on the same day as you via the exclusive, private online community with forum, blog, chat, etc..a weekly conference call with me, and option to have a Program Pal to stay accountable to daily via email or phone!

If you’ve tried to go raw but didn’t make it, I believe this program will give you the edge that makes the difference! It has worked for hundreds of people over the last 5 years whose exciting stories you can read on the site!

Now is the time to register! We not only have our Early Bird Special on our already low-priced 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special but we are also giving away two extra bonus programs including 5 extra menu plans with tons of extra raw recipes if you sign up today!

Click here to get complete details, pictures, and registration links!

Contact me with any questions at

In Joy!


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Why We Eat Chocolate, according to David Deida

I stumbled on relationship coach David Deida’s website through some friends who are his students…And in this free excerpt from one of his books I found an interesting theory on why we eat chocolate…..The explanation which I’ve often felt/thought and you probably already know but may never have articulated in words or framed in this context, is interesting….Deida says, in the chapter “Express Who You Really Are” from his book “Blue Truth”:

Every day you want to do many things, from hugging your lover to earning money. Why? What feeling underlies all your hopes and dreams? This feeling is the tension between who you really are and who you assume yourself to be.

Consider your desire for intimate relationship. There are many reasons for engaging in a relationship. But you only feel utterly fulfilled in intimacy when you and your lover trust each other so much that you are willing to let down your guards, open your hearts, and love. This is your deepest desire in intimacy because, in truth, you are open as love—but you assume yourself to be a separate, isolated individual. So you scheme and dream to experience in your relationship what, in truth, you already are.

You want to enjoy financial security because, in truth, you are abundance, although you assume only effort will provide a feeling of ease. You enjoy dangerous sports because in every moment you are at the edge of death—the ultimate edge of winning or losing—and yet your assumed security makes you seek risks. You want to eat chocolate because, deep in your heart, you are blissful fullness, though you often close to its pleasure and so seek its taste.

Through your daily round, you seek to approximate the truth of who you are that you have lost touch with. This drama of approximation is the story of your life. You never quite succeed like you hope to. You never quite get the love you really want. And so you either try harder or give up trying. In either case, you are missing the point of existence.

The open expression of who you really are is the only thing that will free you from the stress of feeling incomplete. In truth, you are what you want.

The part that rings most true for me is that we are what we want. Maybe our wants are programmed into our hearts because we are meant to have them, to fulfill our mission on earth.

In my Gratitude and Goals notebook I always set what I’m grateful for before my goal. They are part of the same trajectory. I have already attained a lot of what I want towards any of my goals. I give thanks for what I’ve just attained and set the next goal on the path.

This way I’m not always in a state of just wanting. Rather I can see that I’m on a path in which my wants and needs are met and guide me towards the next goal; the next step in the journey unfolds.

As our gratitude increases (through practice) we also increase our ability to receive more, — and to notice that we are receiving it!

But back to Deida’s writing, I really resonated with: “You want to eat chocolate” (or whatever it is you want to eat emotionally) ”because, deep in your heart, you are blissful fullness”

….Hmmm, that’s so true. Can I open up to that blissful fullness now? Take a deep breath and find it. There it is! ….I will have to try this when I’m craving chocolate next and see if it takes away the craving, filling me up with my own blissful fullness! :)

“though you often close to its pleasure and so seek its taste”. …Yeah, it’s probably when I can’t find that blissful fullness that the chocolate craving sets in. Time to do what I know I need to do to re-connect with my bliss. Why am I cut off from it?

For me, it probably means I have not been practicing enough of my sanity maintenance activities…prayer, gratitude, work, creativity, exercise, cleaning….something is out of balance.  Maybe I’ve been eating like crap, not including enough fruit and veggies, especially dark leafy greens, smoothies, etc…

Maybe there is something I know I have to do, but have neglected to do, like giving thought to what I really want in my career. Sometimes it is hard to take time-out for thinking. But then that chocolate craving becomes a blessing, a really great symbol or reminder that it is time to attend to your needs or suffer the consequences!


The above excerpt goes on to be even more interesting and you can read the whole thrilling conclusion – and solution – here….

What do you think? Comment below!

In Joy!

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Only You Know

stevebnaOnly you know how you feel at any given time. Only you know how certain foods make you feel, what gives you energy, what makes you feel moody. Only you know what you can do when you are feeling sluggish from food to help you come back into balance. Only you know what is doable for you as far as healthy living; what you have time for, energy for, desire for, and tolerance for.

Studying can be a help, following the programs that have worked for others can be helpful, and trying and learning new things is always good. But then you take what works and piece it all together in a unique way that works best for you. Honor your own experiences and listen closely to the messages from your own body and mind and emotions.

In Joy!

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Bad Experience with Meat after Raw

You do hear a lot of stories in raw circles about people going off a raw diet and having a bad experience eating something cooked, and most often it is about meat. 

Here’s an email I received from a woman just after she finished our last Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus session, a two week light raw diet / menu plan program:

Hello Jinjee

Well, it has been a great two weeks and an eye opening couple of days. First of all, here are my points for the rumpus —–34,170 (very happy with that).

So, last night I went out to dinner at a steak house. For the next few hours, people walked around with huge skewers of every meat you can imagine, while we scooped them off as we chose.

I was looking forward to having some meat so did eat about 7 of those, in very small chunks. I enjoyed it while I ate it and was feeling fine, figuring I may not in the morning, but was willing to take that risk.

Well, we decided to go for a walk afterwards which probably took 50 minutes. Just as an FYI, I do not poop in public, I just don’t EVER. Well, last night I had no choice. I had no idea food could go through my body so fast. It was like I had eaten poison and my body wanted it out.

I spent the next 20 minutes in the bathroom at a very crowded public place. I was in total shock that my body would react so badly to the food I had just eaten. A huge eye-opener for me.

I love the energy I feel on raw and last night I felt like I could not keep my eyes open. I am so thankful that today is a new day and I get to have a smoothie for breakfast.

This may have been the thing it took to convince me of raw for life :)  Thanks for everything and for introducing my body to health. 

Love and hugs,  - C

C is back on the Rumpus this session, which just started today. We are allowing registration through tonight for those who don’t mind starting a day late at:

(You will also be included in the next Rumpus starting Nov 2nd.)

In Joy!


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We Are One

We are all connected, of course, in the web of everything. (Is that what they call the Matrix? – I think so). I do like the concept of the Microcosm being reflected in the Macrocosm. That is, each one of us is a small part of everything, a Microcosm of the Whole which is the Macrocosm. 

And so when One becomes healthier, the Whole becomes healthier. And this reflectivity works both ways, so when the Whole becomes healthier, each One becomes healthier. 

And that is speaking as a truth-seeker of health. It applies I’m sure for happiness and growth and honesty and all things good. 

To me, here on this world in this body right now, being a health-seeker does not just mean having a good diet or a healthy body, but it encompasses much more as in living a healthy, happy, good and useful life. Even, realizing and expressing my true self on ever-expanding levels.

So if you find it easier to make healthy choices when you realize that it isn’t only for your own benefit but for the benefit of all, you might enjoy our Raw Rumpus where you can earn points for your team with every healthy choice you make! 

It is a little game that reflects how things actually work anyway. It has helped people re-orient themselves to doing their best at taking care of themselves because they actually find it easier to do so when it is for unselfish reasons.

Health is not the same for any two people. We are all very unique and so our paths to healthy living and our ways of living healthy will be unique reflections of our being, our goals, our experiences, our personalities, and our life missions.

I hope that our programs will afford you some more tools to collect on your journey and perhaps use for a little or a long time to attain the healthy balance that you are seeking in your own life!

The Raw Rumpus begins tomorrow, Sunday, October 12th. You can register any time before midnight tonight to join in! Late registrations through Sunday will be able to join in this session also. Find out more about this special online event here: 

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The Happiness Habit

Being a vibrant, happy person seems like a major key to success in relationships, health, and work! Some might even define success as happiness. What can you do for yourself today towards your own happiness? Only you know what will make you truly happiest right now. I hope you’ll give yourself that gift, if only for an hour or even a few minutes! Who knows, maybe it will become a habit! The Happiness Habit! 
- Adapted from Daily Happiness Exercises on 21 Days Raw Program!
In Joy!
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Raw Holiday Program Schedule

The Garden Diet’s Raw Holiday Season Program Schedule

The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus
A 2 week menu plan program and Tournament for the Raw Cup!
Sunday October 12th – Saturday October 25th

The 21 Day Raw Halloween Cleanse
Get on board and avoid those subtle candy temptations!
Monday October 27th – Sunday November 16th

The 28 Day Raw Thanksgiving Program
Join us for an abundant time of raw feasting and stay healthy!
Monday November 17th – Sunday December 14th

The 21 Day Raw Christmas Cleanse
Be a part of bringing the light inside with our Holiday Support System!
Monday December 15th - Sunday January 4th

The 28 Day Raw New Years Transition Program
Start the new year off with a powerful raw lifestyle makeover!
Monday January 5th 2015 – Sunday February 1st 2015

The Raw Empowerment Program
A 1-year Program to take your raw lifestyle to the next level in 2015!
Start any time you wish and go at your own pace!
Next group start date: January 1st 2015.


Pre-Holiday Special!
When you sign up for our 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special at you will receive a bonus Raw Rumpus Session and a Bonus Raw Empowerment Program 1-year membership! So you will get to do ALL the sessions above and have ongoing raw support for as long as you like! — Now that’s a way to honor yourself and get through the Holidays with the mega energy you need at this time of year!

As a Member you’ll constantly be getting the best weight release, fitness, beauty, energy, and healthy happy living tips like this one here:

In Joy!


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Easy Flat Tummy Tip:

It’s all about posture. Rotate your shoulders back and down, bringing your shoulder-blades closer together. This will pull your posture in to the right position to allow your tummy to tone itself. Make it your habit and over time it will make an incredible difference in your entire skeletal structure, the health of your digestive system, and will even promote a positive mental attitude!

Please don’t ever hesitate to forward the Daily Raw Inspirations on to anyone you think will benefit from them!

In Joy!

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An Awesome Eating Meditation by Jay Michaelson


From the site…


Jay Michaelson writes….

Eating meditation is among the simplest, and most profound, of mindfulness practices. I’ve taught it at synagogues, schools, and community centers, to children, adults, and seniors — and everyone seems both to enjoy it right away, and to finally “get” what meditation is meant to be about: not a special feeling, not a special state, but just waking up to the miracles of ordinary life. It’s a Buddhist practice, adopted by Jewish Buddhists in the West, and now widely taught among the people who gave the world the bagel & shmear. But more than almost any other practice I teach, it works for people of any or no religious background, and with a lot or no meditation experience. Admittedly, it’s not quite instant enlightenment — but it is a taste of the World to Come.

Here is a very simple eating meditation practice, adopted from my book God in Your Body. I encourage you to give it a try.

Begin by selecting a piece of food. A bit of fruit or vegetable is good, though I often teach this practice with a potato chip — really, almost anything works. Take a moment to focus on the object before putting it in your mouth. Use the Kabbalistic map of the four worlds to help you, as described here.

1. First, on the level of the body, you might feel the food with your fingers, or just gaze at it with focused attention. What does it feel like, or look like? Allow yourself the pleasure of being entranced by this object — most food is quite beautiful, in its detail — as if you’re giving yourself a miniature spiritual retreat, right now, at your lunch table. You might smell the food too, and notice what effects doing so has on your body.

2. “Check in” next with the heart. What desires do you have? Are you hungry? Nauseated? Thankful? Or, maybe, do you think this practice is maybe not for you? Whatever the “feeling-tone” of this experience is, just note it attentively, without judgment; stay with it for a couple of breaths, and see if it shifts, or intensifies, or ebbs.

3. On the plane of the mind, consider for a moment all of the people involved in bringing this food to you. Farmers, truck drivers, factory workers, storekeepers — there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people whose labor created the simple occasion of this food arriving in this moment. Take a moment to consider them; imagine what they look like, how hard they are working to support themselves and their families, the economic system that creates the conditions for their labor.

4. And, on the level of the soul, consider all the conditions necessary to have created this food. The four elements of fire (sun), water, Earth, and air; the genetic information in the plants (or animals), which I see as part of the Divine wisdom (chochmah). Consider, in Thich Nhat Hanh’s words, all of the aspects of the universe which “inter-are” with this food. You are holding a small storehouse of the sun’s energy, and water from a cloud. Allow the poetry of this simple piece of food to be felt, in your body. It’s easy to be cynical or sarcastic. It’s harder, and more rewarding, to cultivate a moment of sincerity.

5. Then — finally! — place the food in your mouth. Before chewing and swallowing, experience the tactile sensations of the food on your tongue, the tastes, the feeling of the mouth watering. What happens to your whole body when you put the food in? Calibrate your sensitivity as finely and exquisitely as possible. See if the food tastes different in different parts of the mouth. Really give yourself a juicy, rich experience of this bit of food. You might keep your eyes closed for the duration of this practice, simply to focus your attention on what’s going on in your mouth, rather than on other things.

6. Then, bite into the food and chew, trying to omit any automatic movements. When chewing, know you are chewing. You probably know the joke about “walking and chewing gum at the same time” — this is the opposite. Do only one thing at a time. That way, the mind slows down, focuses, experiences. You are fulfilling the act of v’achalta, eating.

7. Swallow after the food has been thoroughly chewed, probably twenty or thirty times (don’t bother counting; it’s not a quiz). See if the flavor changes — some food really only comes alive after ten or more chews; some disappears. Finally, when you do swallow, see how far down your esophagus you can still feel the food. Just relax in the physical sensations of eating.

8. As your tongue cleans your mouth after this mindful bite of food, try to maintain the attentiveness that you’ve cultivated; don’t let it be automatic. We have a finite number of hours on this planet — why not be as awake as possible for each of them?

Very simple practice — not much Kabbalah, not many moving parts; just waking up to the body, to fulfill the injunction of v’achalta, v’savata, u’verachta (you will eat, you’ll be satisfied, and you’ll bless) with the same intensity our ancestors might have had. I like to think of it as the prerequisite for authentic blessing.

I invite you to make eating meditation a regular part of your day, for forty days. See what five minutes a day, or one bite a meal, does for you, even if only for the duration of those five minutes. I don’t want to promise too many results, but I will say that in my years of teaching this practice, the results can be far out of proportion to the effort. Believe it or not, people report deep relaxation, delight, insights into their personalities and needs, and immense gratitude to God — all from eating!

One time, on a meditation retreat, I was doing this practice with a single string bean, and had a sensory experience so intense and so beautiful that I was moved to tears. Obviously, it was just an ordinary string bean — but my mind (and heart) was so exquisitely sensitive to the sensations of eating that it was a delightful experience. Michel Foucault said, “What we need to do, it seems to me, is not liberate our desires but become exquisitely sensitive to pleasure.”

Meditation is just that: the process of becoming exquisitely sensitive. Then you can proceed to bless God.

- Jay Michaelson

In Joy!

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All the Flat Tummy Tips

Although I think some roundness on the belly is quite cute, everyone seems to want a flat tummy. And without being obsessive or unrealistic, I don’t think it is bad to shoot for reducing tummy fat, as carrying excessive weight around the middle can have many health risks.

Here are all the tips I’ve collected over time off the Internet for attaining that sleek physique. Use a few of these in conjunction with an all-raw or mostly-raw diet and you should see a difference quickly.


reduce stress

go to sleep early

don’t eat after 6:00 PM

never eat until you are full, only until you are satisfied

cut down on salt

drink water

suck in

move from your core

do crunches

do pilates

do situps

build your glutes and thighs

squats and lunges will do more for your abs than situps!

do weights

do some cardio (running, aerobics, dancing)

If you notice your tummy getting bigger, make changes right away

avoid grains (you may just have “wheat belly” similar to “beer belly”)

avoid gluten

avoid pasta and pastries

eat fiber (fruits and veggies)

avoid refined/white sugar

do not starve yourself (it can slow your metabolism down)

build muscle (burns fat)

avoid alcohol

take 3 to 7 deep belly breaths each hour

drink green tea

get enough sleep

ginger, peppermint, chamomile, pineapple

eat leafy green veggies for dinner

keep a food journal

do plank pose for 20 seconds a day

eat olives, nuts and avocados (2 to 3 servings a day) (these monounsaturated fats increase fat oxidation)

do pilates rollups (more effective than crunches)

trade your office chair for a large workout ball to sit on

eat an all-raw or mostly-raw diet

For a delicious raw menu plan see our 28 Days Raw Program! Next session starts Monday! Registration ends midnight Sunday!


In Joy!

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