All the Flat Tummy Tips

Although I think some roundness on the belly is quite cute, everyone seems to want a flat tummy. And without being obsessive or unrealistic, I don’t think it is bad to shoot for reducing tummy fat, as carrying excessive weight around the middle can have many health risks.

Here are all the tips I’ve collected over time off the Internet for attaining that sleek physique. Use a few of these in conjunction with an all-raw or mostly-raw diet and you should see a difference quickly.


reduce stress

go to sleep early

don’t eat after 6:00 PM

never eat until you are full, only until you are satisfied

cut down on salt

drink water

suck in

move from your core

do crunches

do pilates

do situps

build your glutes and thighs

squats and lunges will do more for your abs than situps!

do weights

do some cardio (running, aerobics, dancing)

If you notice your tummy getting bigger, make changes right away

avoid grains (you may just have “wheat belly” similar to “beer belly”)

avoid gluten

avoid pasta and pastries

eat fiber (fruits and veggies)

avoid refined/white sugar

do not starve yourself (it can slow your metabolism down)

build muscle (burns fat)

avoid alcohol

take 3 to 7 deep belly breaths each hour

drink green tea

get enough sleep

ginger, peppermint, chamomile, pineapple

eat leafy green veggies for dinner

keep a food journal

do plank pose for 20 seconds a day

eat olives, nuts and avocados (2 to 3 servings a day) (these monounsaturated fats increase fat oxidation)

do pilates rollups (more effective than crunches)

trade your office chair for a large workout ball to sit on

eat an all-raw or mostly-raw diet

For a delicious raw menu plan see our 28 Days Raw Program! Next session starts Monday! Registration ends midnight Sunday!


In Joy!

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Over 1000 lbs. lost collectively with Delicious Raw Menu Plan


These folks above and other participants have lost over 1000 lbs. collectively with our Raw Food Menu Plans! Click here to see more pics and feedback from our members!

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1. weight loss

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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

- Les Brown

In Joy!
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Never Giving Up

waterfallsquareThere’s only one secret to success – never giving up!

Especially with diet, fitness, health, overcoming bad habits, overcoming addictions, food addictions, compulsive overeating, etc… you can expect it to be a lifelong journey.

So get comfortable with the struggle. Learn to enjoy the challenge.

When does it actually get fun? When you start giving yourself credit for where you’re at.

Realize that every good thing you’ve done, every healthy choice, every temptation resisted, every workout done, every positive thought — has allowed you to be here now, enjoying this life today at your level of health right now.

Then, as what you appreciate appreciates in value, you will start celebrating more of your successes, you start getting better at this struggle and a positive snowball of health, happiness, and goodness starts to build.

At times there are setbacks, bad days, difficulties and hurdles, but you can see the bigger picture. You know that you will get back on track quickly. You have many positive choices you can make even at this time to help you get back in the groove. It might take a few days or a week but you will not succumb to beating yourself up or believing in your feelings of despair. They are only feelings. They will pass.

It is your actions that count. And you can take healthy actions right now. You can start with one stretch, one walk, or one glass of water. You have a huge arsenal of healthy habits to choose from, and you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect or have perfect conditions or any particular requirements to start. You can do it right here and now, exactly where you are at, with what you have.

Sure, set a goal, make a list, visualize, study, learn, and plan -  those are actions too. But be sure to take one physical action towards your goal too; some action that could be the beginning of a healthy habit or set of habits.

Nurture and collect healthy habits and soon you will have a healthy lifestyle! Then you will experience a greater enjoyment of life and being alive in this body! Nobody can tell you exactly how to do it. You will find your own unique way that works for you! That’s the beauty of it. It is your personal journey.

And you are never really “there” completely, for long. Health is a journey, not a destination! Go it with joy!

Special on 28 Days Raw Program….

If you want to add a few more arrows to your quiver of healthy tools, tricks, and habits, including some delicious healthy recipes, workouts, and happiness exercises, join in our 28 Days Raw Program that starts on Monday!

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In Joy!

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Your Raw Problems Solved


For the last 14 years my work in the world has been to help people go raw.

The Daily Raw Inspiration helps inspire people. And The 28 Day Raw Transition Program helps people to try a balanced raw diet with a ready-made menu plan and shopping lists. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. The ingredients are not pricey superfoods and powders but everyday fresh produce and whole foods. And the results speak for themselves.

Here are some of the most common problems people have with going raw and how our Programs have helped….

1. Afraid of doing it wrong? – Deficiencies can be a problem when going raw, but with a balanced raw diet put together by experienced guides who have had to figure out how to get all the needed nutrients even for the children and male athletes in the family, you can feel safe that this healthy diet is truly health-producing! (Hear from hundreds who have been through the Programs!)

2. Can I do this although I don’t live in North America? – Yes! Even in places where all the ingredients are not available, you can use the recipes and simply replace any fruits with any other fruits, greens for other greens, nuts for other nuts, etc…You will be creating new recipes in this way, but that’s part of the fun of going raw!

3. What if I can’t stick to the diet? – Many people don’t end up sticking perfectly to the plan and many people improvise and do things their own way, just taking advantage of the group support and motivational parts of the programs, and they still report great results!

4. What if I fail? – Our Programs come with a Lifetime Membership, so you can re-do them any time! We run our 2 Programs, The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program and The 21 Day Raw Cleanse continuously back-to-back so a new session starts every 3 to 4 weeks! Some people like to do the menu plan the first time around, add the exercises the next time around, and then add the inner work exercises and motivational reading the third time around. You could do these in any order. It is a big comprehensive program, so taking it in bite sized pieces like this may be helpful if it feels like too much change all at once.

Some other common problems solved by our programs are….

- need for support / community / guidance / accountability – the programs include a forum, daily emails, program pals, conference calls, and more.

- need for raw education – everything you need to know in one place!

- support for emotional detox from someone who has been there! – (me)!

- our rich, varied, and balanced raw diet reduces chance of uncomfortable detox symptoms

- deliciousness of the recipes reduces chance of being derailed by cravings

- abundance of food at the meals and the great variety of food reduces chance of being derailed by hunger

- if you are traveling, living in the cold north, dealing with special health concerns, on a strict budget, kicking coffee, feeding children and family, needing to gain weight rather than lose it, if you are nursing or pregnant, or if you need more protein than the typical raw diet offers….we have special recommendations and/or additions/substitutions for all of these situations.  email me for information with a little about your particular situation.

Please feel free to post your raw problems in the comments section below!

Some raw teachers and raw recipe books make it sound as if you have to buy expensive “superfoods” and dehydrators to be successfully raw. In the Garden Diet no dehydrator is necessary and the recipes feature real food, not powders. The only things I’ve seen in the Garden Diet that might be “exotic” are young coconut and durian (optional).  - Betsy

Save yourself years of slow trial and error and avoid all the common pitfalls encountered when going raw by purchasing our menu plan Programs, The 28 Days Raw Program and the 21 Day Raw Cleanse.

Let our years of research and development with a real live test group – our family of five children – and our experience in what works and what doesn’t – go to work for you now so you can have an out-of-the-box ready-made raw menu plan that is both delicious and doable!

Check it all out at today and sign up by Friday to get all this at our ridiculously low Lifetime Membership Early Bird Special for ongoing raw support!

If you truly want to eat healthy and live your most vibrant life, we have the tools! I hope you’ll treat yourself to the experience!

28 Days Raw Starts Monday!

Order at the link above and you can download all the materials instantly!

Early Bird Special ends Friday!

In Joy!

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7 Steps to Creating a Workout Habit

We all go through these times and moments in the day, week or month where things just seem so hopeless. And we can get in the habit of punishing ourselves for this by acting out and taking terrible care of ourselves.

One way to stop beating ourselves up is to really understand that it isn’t us; it’s just habits.

I think one of the things that has been helping me recently to feel better in general is developing a workout habit. Working out daily seems to help me to make better food choices too!

I have always struggled with maintaining a workout habit so I’m somewhat surprised to see myself taking to it suddenly at this time in my life…

Some of the tricks for developing a regular workout habit are…

1. Working out at the same time of day every day really helps! We have an internal clock, a circadian rhythm, that we can program to do the same thing at the same time every day! It gets programmed whether we like it or not, but we can actually choose to program it consciously and thereby easily establish good habits.

2. Working out twice a day (or three times), even if shorter workouts, is really helpful to speed up the metabolism and also to just keep the momentum going and get that addiction to the feel-good workout chemicals our body produces. Remember the Law of Momentum and Inertia, a scientific law that really does apply to our bodies as well as celestial bodies or any other mass: “A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest” – Newton

3. Also helpful, especially in the beginning, is doing workouts that are fun. Like dancing, jumping on a trampoline, hula hooping, bicycling, whatever you enjoy.

4. And then work up to doing workouts that really make a noticeable difference in your appearance quickly. Like interval training, weight lifting, cardio, hot yoga, sprinting, jumping rope, running, swimming, etc…

5. For me, it helps to go to classes so I can’t get distracted by kids, household, friends, or business halfway through the workout.

6. Also, now that I’m older I’ve learned if I don’t keep working out regularly I get injured more easily. You really have to do it every day. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day. I like a variety of yoga, dance, cycling, sprinting, and interval training. But going to Core Power Yoga’s free week taking a hot yoga class every day for a week was a big momentum builder for me, so there’s a time for doing the same thing every day – maybe in the beginning, or soon after beginning. This will be different for each person, depending on your preferences. Keep at it. Keep trying new things. You’ll find the right combination of workouts for you!

7. But rest completely one day a week. Especially after your workouts reach the level when your muscles hurt the next day.

Try it – I think you will surprise yourself by enjoying your workouts and looking forward to them every day!

I hope this helps!

For more workout tips, tricks, inspirations, ideas, and schedules join our 28 Days Raw Program! So much more than a raw menu plan, it is really a total lifestyle makeover! Early Bird Special ends Friday. Check it out! :)

In Joy!


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1 Week Left to get Early Bird Special for 28 Day Raw Transition Program

dinners500The 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program, AKA The Raw Experience, is a 100% raw vegan doorway into a healthy, delicious, and doable raw lifestyle that is balanced, rejuvenating, and healing!

The next session begins on Monday September 29th.

The Optional Prep-Week Begins this coming Monday, September 22nd. Find out why the prep-week is helpful on this previous blog post about mentally preparing to go raw….

Find out all about the 28 Days Raw Program including recipe photos and Before and Afters, and register online now to download the menu plans and other materials here:

To see more Before and Afters and hear hundreds of success stories from our participants click here:

I have to let you know that we still have an awesome 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special to our 28 Days Raw and 21 Day Raw Cleanse Programs which run continuously back-to-back for ongoing raw support! Order right now and you also get an incredible bonus of 4 extra menu planstargeting different issues. 

Check it all out and join in the fun here:


“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others”.

- Plato


In Joy!
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Short Light Exercise Makes a Difference

laundryI just read an article called “Are you sitting comfortably? Well, don’t!”

The bad news is that the latest research shows that sitting for even just an hour or two at a time causes serious health risks.

The good news is that getting up and doing very light exercise, even pacing, once per hour for 20 minutes can help you to avoid dangerous blood sugar spikes and other perils of extended sitting. Even just 5 minutes here and there helps. In fact, short light periods of exercise were just as effective as more vigorous exercise in preventing a lot of the dangerous side effects of sitting.

This excerpt from the article describes one “for instance”…

The scientists discovered that short activity breaks reduced the volunteers’ blood sugar and insulin spikes after the drink by roughly 25 per cent. “That is a good thing,” Dunstan says. “We want to avoid those big spikes.” Even more interestingly, ambling on the treadmill was just as effective as more energetic walking.

Jensen thinks that what makes these short bouts of activity effective is that they’re enough to burn off some of the glucose that’s accumulated in your bloodstream. “Your bloodstream isn’t that big,” he says. “In the whole body it’s only 5 litres.” For non-diabetics, that translates to less than 10 grams of glucose in the bloodstream. “If you just burn off 4 grams – 16 calories — that’s a lot of glucose you’ve taken out of the bloodstream.”

It’s easy to burn 16 calories. According to my armband, I can do it within 5 minutes simply by pacing around the room. That’s also a really good way to clear the mind. “People who get up and move around for 5 minutes every hour are every bit as productive as people who sit there for hours at a time,” Jensen says.

Researchers suggested that things like getting up and doing dishes or putting in a load of laundry, pacing while talking on the phone, or going for a short walk around the block to clear your mind; just taking natural breaks in your workflow, can not only improve your health but increase your mental clarity and mood while working.

Read full (long) article “Sitting Comfortably? Well, don’t!”

Vigorous exercise has numerous health benefits but does not counter damage done during long periods of sitting. They are now recommending that extended sitting be looked at as a serious health risk.

Here’s to an active lifestyle!

In Joy!
28 Days Raw Optional Prep-Week Begins Monday!

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Question re Eating too many Nuts on Raw Diet

almondsLetter from a Program participant….

Hello Jinjee ,

I am wondering if a lifetime membership means you can be joined into the next 21 day program again? I would like to improve my game but at present my head is being stubborn. I know I can do this though. I am eating all raw except the nutritional yeast and some coconut organic ice cream and living in the tropics lends itself to some high calorie fruits and coconut so I feel I am overdoing this, I am being positive though as I am now finally back on track to eating 99% raw so in that sense it is good. I am close to a raw food family and they also question eating too much nuts but I am slowly shifting to sticking to the exact program you have sent. I also have been lazy and only worked out a little running, bike ride, small swim. I have just come out of having a very bad dose of [] so I was very run down and maybe it would be better to join the next group for the 21 day cleanse program as I have not been pro-active like I know I can. What are your thoughts?

Warmest Regards,



Hi Cecilia,

Thank you for writing!

Many people have similar challenges with getting the programs right the first time, which is why we have the lifetime membership. So, yes, you can re-do the 21 Day Cleanse as many times as you like on all future sessions at no cost! The program starts every 7 weeks. (We do the 28 Days Raw Program in between, and keep the two programs running back-to-back so members of both programs can stay on them continuously long-term for ongoing raw support, as many do!).

Maybe the first time you just get familiar with the program, the materials and the community. The next time you follow the menu plan perfectly or close to perfectly or adapt it to your own needs. And the next session you add the workouts. And the next session you add the inner work presented in the daily instructions. Just for instance. Some people just use the programs for the support and social connections. Some just use the menu plans.

As far as the question about too many nuts, there are many schools of thought with eating raw. An all fruit / veg diet is wonderful for healing. But in the long-term (2 years+) people who don’t get enough fats and proteins (which are delivered via nuts) become mineral deficient and usually go off the diet.

It sounds like you are making good progress! Keep it up and do what you can. You get points for every step in the right direction, and it keeps getting easier!

Keep in touch!


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Self-Knowledge Through Raw Food

yarrowjeanjacketEvery body is different. And since we aren’t just a body but a whole being intertwined with our body, every being is even more vastly different as our almost limitless combinations and permutations of factors affect our health and the right way for us to eat as individuals.

If we are just looking at the purely physical body, even then, the variations in blood type, history, genetics, activity level, and much more all play a part in determining the right diet for us at this particular time in our lives.

Other factors that play a huge part in how we should eat are our tastes, mental state, emotional needs, lifestyle, relationships, family, work, finances, location, climate, health goals, priorities, beliefs etc…

Self-knowledge isn’t really taught. We are taught to believe the experts. And we tend to believe marketing; at least we would like to believe any marketing that gives us hope.

But what if developing a diet that is right for you is actually inner work. It is paying attention to how your body feels. It is, first, wanting to feel a sense of well-being, balance, energy, health. It is loving yourself enough to do what you need to do to feel good, while also taking care of all other aspects of your life. Sounds like an almost impossible balancing act.

Well, that’s why not too many people get to experience this. It is like an art-form. You have to practice in a dedicated manner for years to master an art-form. But it is not only worth it, it is perhaps an essential art to master to maximize our potential in this life. So we must start now.

Even if I am not sure that the 100% raw vegan diet is right for all people at all times (except perhaps in theory), I do believe that it would be of incredible benefit to anyone to try it for a time! – Ideally 1-3 years, but even if for a few months, a few weeks, or a few days!

There are insights to be gained from this path. Experiencing 100% raw is unlike reading about it, hearing about it, or observing it. Like child-birth, falling in love, and many other things, you just can’t explain it; you actually have to experience it to understand it.

If you are unsure about what foods are good for you, what foods are harming you, and how various foods affect you in general, if you are confused about what and how to eat, going 100% raw can be extremely helpful for bringing super-clarity on these topics.

By going 100% raw you eliminate all the toxins, allergens and common food sensitivities from your diet at once. By starting at this Ground Zero you simply gain a tremendous and rapid understanding of your relationship to food. Most people are shocked, surprised, and overawed at how quickly they feel better in every way once they are eating raw.

And from there you can try to add back various cooked foods to your diet and you will be completely in tune with exactly how each of these foods affect you, and how different combinations affect you.

Many people realize that they feel best by far on a 100% raw diet, although they may be able to add more cooked foods after doing a healing year or two raw.

Similarly, people who can’t digest fats (oils/nuts) or can’t handle sugar (fruits) on a 100% raw food diet and need to eat a more restricted / less balanced raw diet at first, will often quickly re-gain the ability to eat these foods as the raw diet is so healing for the digestive system.

Self-knowledge is a powerful thing, and is the key to claiming your birthright to health! Just as certain subjects are required reading for becoming a well-rounded person, trying the 100% raw vegan diet (preferably a well-balanced one designed by an experienced guide and gifted chef with proven delicious recipes that are easy to make) should be a required experience for any truth-seeker or health-enthusiast!

In Joy!


The Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins tomorrow, Sunday September 14th!



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Fed Up, A Powerful Film about Sugar

The Trailer for this film is powerful, high impact, and moving. I believe this film will give more people the desire and inspiration to make important changes in their diets and the diets of their children which will ultimately affect the food supply and improve quality of life for everyone!

Fed Up


Share the trailer with friends on Facebook… 



The Raw Rumpus starts Sunday!


In Joy!

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