If Not Now, Then When?

Like Tracy Chapman said…

If not now then when
If not today then
Why make your promises
A love declared for days to come
Is as good as none

Let’s look at this in terms of self-love. You can make yourself promises all day long and the thought is lovely, but what is really accomplished? Yes, dreaming, planning, visualizing and thinking are all good and perhaps necessary steps in accomplishing our goals, including our health and fitness goals.

But nothing makes a true change like actually doing something! An action is the only thing that will change the synapses in your brain and actually create real, new habit-pathways!

Doing something for your health right now, – that is love in action! That is real love. Take a step in your habit of real self-care, real self-love, and take a giant step onto the life path of being good to yourself right now!

If not now, then when?

And can I add…..

If not you, then who?

It’s in your hands! What is the next step? Any step in a positive direction will do. Any healthy choice, whether going for a walk or a run or drinking a glass of water or planning a raw menu plan for the rest of the day and tomorrow or just your next meal….Perhaps just saying “no” to the next temptation. Maybe the best thing you can do for your health at this moment is getting a massage or doing some journaling or visiting a friend. Only you know!

Keep going with it and watch this build momentum until your life is transformed!

In Joy!

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Keep Calm and Earn Points!

pointsOur next Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins on Saturday August 2nd!

The Rumpus is also known as The Raw Cup as it is a tournament in which participants compete in teams, earning points for their teams with a system of points given to themselves for each healthy choice made.

This system has made the difference for many people who realized that to their surprise they found themselves much more easily making healthier food choices and particularly resisting temptations and working out more to earn points for their teams!

Here’s a testimonials from our last session….

One of the reasons I signed up for this program was the group competition. I thought knowing that my actions would affect others would help me stay on the program. Now that I am here, I realize what really helps me the most is the point system. I like earning points for doing things that help me achieve my goals. I don’t like losing points for doing things that slow me down. But what I like best is the contrast, and the reason behind it. If I eat a bite of the lunch I make for the boys, my day is not ruined, I just lose a few points. If I go way off track, still far fewer points lost than gained the rest of the day for creating good habits. A mistake does not mean the end of the world; the points help to put our actions in perspective.
- Darla

For more information about The Rumpus points system and for registration options click here!

In Joy!

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Jealously Guarded Beauty Secrets

I had a wonderful conversation with a beautiful woman yesterday. My mouth dropped open when she told me she was 53. I had to ask her “pardon me, could you say that again?” 3 times. I thought she was a ravishing beauty who was in her 30′s.

I hesitated to ask her what her beauty secrets were because the last time I did that to someone the woman literally ran out of the store. I know, it was strange, but I have learned that many women actually guard their beauty and fitness secrets as though revealing them was just going to create more competition for them.

So I felt very grateful when my new girl crush revealed that she had accidentally stumbled into a simple habit that increased her metabolism and caused her to release 10 lbs, putting her at her ideal weight.

She had been walking her dog in the mornings and her roommate walked the dog in the evenings. But then her roommate went away for a week and she started walking her dog in the morning and the evening. And that did it. Each of the walks was about 20-30 minutes. And suddenly she started releasing weight. She could feel her metabolism had sped up. And this was the only lifestyle change she had made at this time.

I’m sure this isn’t the whole story…She is very spiritual with an inner glow and light…and she still believes in love. She values herself and is kind. These are just things I picked up, and these and many other factors play into a person’s health.

But I was grateful that she shared that one secret. I believe this is very valuable information when you consider how jealously guarded so much true knowledge can be.

I’m going to give it a try, while also continuing my afternoon bicycle ride and interval workout. Will keep you posted.

I have shared many more beauty secrets from around the world in our Programs.

In Joy!

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7 Week Guided Raw Journey Online Begins Tomorrow

saladWhether you want to go raw for a day, a week, a month, or a year – our 2-Program Lifetime Membership to the 21 Day Raw Cleanse and the 28 Days Raw Experience can help you begin safely and support you in all the challenges of living raw in an un-natural world!

You’ll learn…
- what to buy
- what to make to eat a balanced raw diet
- how to make each meal
- hundreds of new recipes
- how to set up your raw kitchen – simply!
- how to avoid common raw pitfalls
- how to deal with emotional detox
- how to avoid detox discomforts
- how to use your raw food equipment
- how to store your foods
- all the types of raw cleanses
- how to safely begin and end a cleanse
- benefits of cleansing
- how to rejuvenate with cleansing
- how to invent your own raw recipes
- fundamentals of raw cuisine
- how to make raw food taste incredible
- how and when to exercise to release weight – and to gain weight on a raw diet!
(Yes, most people get to a place where they want to stop releasing weight and need to learn how to keep it on while staying raw for the energy and clarity!)

Find out more, see recipe pictures, see Before and Afters, and read hundreds of testimonials from people who have been through the programs at 21daysRAW.com

We start tomorrow! So get on over, download your shopping list, get your shopping for the first 3 days’ ingredients done today, and treat yourself to feeling better!

To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha

Action expresses priorities. – Ghandi
In Joy!

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Little Blip’s Personal Diet Wisdom

Wisdom is deep knowledge gained through life experience and the perspective of years.

I seek to gain wisdom to live right, to walk my unique path, inspired, going with the flow, following the grain of the wood, to come into balance and know how to eat right to support my body so it can support my soul in my goals and dreams as I traverse the time-space reality as this being that currently includes a physical carbon-based cellular organism called a body.

My body is not just my soul’s house and home at this time but also a very integrated part of my entire being. Not just a vessel, my body responds to my emotions, holds my stories, is changed by my desires and decisions, is dependent on my emotional health and daily choices for its comfort and continuation, which in turn affects the well-being of the entire organism – me. Which in turn affects the well-being, health, vibration and destiny of the larger organisms of which I am a small part – my family, my community, my world, humankind, the planet, and beyond!

We may be but a blip in the big picture but isn’t it exciting how many choices and opportunities and potentials we have to be completely unique, individual, happy, inspiring, loving and special little blips!

In Joy!

Coming up! 21-Day Raw Summer Cleanse! http://21DaysRAW.com

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Secret of Relaxation

Research shows that relaxing is key to reducing the stress hormones that cause us to store fat in our tummy area. We all know about deep breathing, yoga, meditation, prayer, and getting out in nature. And we also all know how important exercise is to increasing our reward hormone receptors which is hugely important in reducing stress.

But what about those purely escapist habits that we think of as relaxing but that also somehow cause us a little stress because we really don’t think we should be doing them? I’m thinking about gossip magazines, watching TV, drinking alcohol…things like that. These can easily become habits but often they take up time that could be used for more productive forms of relaxation.

What habit is going to make you happier in the long run? (And short run!) — Using your spare time for a typical escape like watching celebrity videos online or using your spare time to create something you really want – writing a book, writing songs, doing a painting, working on a new skill? It is just habits!

You can choose to have both habits, if you want to too! For instance a half hour show and an hour of creative work a day for instance. The habits of highly successful people are simply doing things that are productive more than things that are purely escapist. You don’t need escapism to relax. You can relax even more when you are doing something enjoyable that is also fulfilling!

In these busy times, if we are going to fit it all in and have full lives in which we get to express our creative natures, something has got to go on the back burner. It’s all about making healthy choices, gaining more energy, and reducing stress so that we can use all the knowledge and wisdom that we have gathered and obtained in our life experience!

- from 21 Day Raw Cleanse

In Joy!

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Research Shows Significant Difference in Organic Produce


Graphic from Fatal Harvest, a book which says volumes more in pictures than we could ever explain in words…

An article in Salon opens with the question…

“Could there be a clear difference between organic and non-organic food? An international study, due out next week, in the journal British Journal of Nutrition, presents evidence that there is, indeed, a discernible difference”.

Studies show that organic foods contain significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and are far lower in levels of toxic chemicals.

“This study, according to the Guardian, is the first to show an actual difference between organic and non-organic food”.

Whoa, I guess we organic-leaning non-scientists should all be patting ourselves on the back for figuring this out all on our own! Apparently without any scientific proof some people feel a natural aversion to ingesting chemicals and food grown in chemically treated soil even if the alternative costs twice as much and even in the face of the media constantly telling us that eating organic makes no difference at all.

Although the Salon article does contain some arguments against the study, it seems overall to strive to give a balanced view. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend in the media to give more evidence of the organic difference.

You can read the whole article at….

New study suggests differences between non-organic and organic produce

In Joy!


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Don’t Beat up on Yourself

This is an excerpt from our 28 Days Raw Program

Day 2 Motivational Reading

We Don’t Beat Ourselves Up!

I totally believe that we are all going to stick to this program,
and to our individual goals for improving our health habits, and
see phenomenal results!

But, if we slip off our program for any reason, I want us to
observe one absolutely golden rule! – We Don’t Beat Ourselves Up!

…This program is something we are doing to increase our
well-being, not to do the opposite!

…This program is something we are doing to honor ourselves, to
give a gift to ourselves, to enjoy, to relax, to play, to have fun, to make
friends, to raise our vibration, to get happy, to drop our issues and our
weight along with them!

- I don’t think beating ourselves up is a fair return on this

- I don’t think beating ourselves up when we are taking a step in
the right direction – even if we slip now and then – is very friendly
and happy behavior!

- I don’t think beating ourselves up is going to help us not slip
again. In fact, I think it will bring our emotional state down,
which will increase our desire for unhealthy foods.

The thing is, if we are eating at all better than we were
yesterday, that is a great thing!!!

If we slip up a little bit, let it go!

Just get right back on that bike, and keep riding!

Here is an exciting special we’re offering for a limited time:

Did you know about our Vital Force Diet System? Starts Monday as an optional prep-week for The 28 Days Raw Program. Check it out at thegardendiet.com/?p=1126

(Right now we’re giving The Vital Force Diet System away free with the 28 Days Raw Program if you order our 2-Program Lifetime Membership at 28daysRAW.com !)

Ok first, I have to tell you I’m LOVING the ease of the menus, they are so satisfying. I feel full and happy. Haven’t slipped! - CG, 28daysRAW.com

In Joy!

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Mentally Preparing for Going Raw

I don’t recommend that people try to go raw on their own. You won’t know all the many wonderful types of recipes that you can make and it will quickly get boring.

Instead of wading through raw cookbooks and blogs in search of the best recipes, you can actually get universally delicious kid-approved recipes at every meal.

We’ve already done the work and picked out all the best raw recipes out there and improved upon them over the years to appeal to 5 picky young raw foodists – our children!

We’ve also worked and studied hard to ensure that our children got all the nutrients they needed to build their bodies and brains; you will not find another program out there that has had to pass such rigorous standards for complete nourishment.

It can take years to find a balanced raw vegan diet while following all of the extreme raw diets out there developed by fanatics and anorexics. Many of these diets were designed for rapid healing and rapid weight loss but are often dangerous as long-term raw diets.

To prepare yourself to go raw it takes:

1. Equipment
2. Mental Preparation
3. Recipes in a Menu Plan format
4. Shopping Lists that exactly match your Menu Plan
5. Some form of social support
6. Setting a date
7. Inspiration and Motivation to jump in

If you are one of those people who need some time to prepare for a major dietary and lifestyle shift, you can sign up now at our early bird rate for our 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special for the 28 Day Transition-to-Raw Program and our 21 Day Raw Cleanse that start up again on June 23rd, just over 2 weeks from today.

We have an optional prep-week that starts a week from Monday. You’ll receive your prep-week eBook when you order that will give you all the instructions for doing this mental and physical preparation.

Sometimes it also takes several tries to actually succeed on a dietary program. That’s why our programs come with a lifetime membership so you never have to pay anything additional at all to jump in on the next session! The 2 Programs run continuously back-to-back for ongoing raw support! – Yes, you can stay on them forever!

For more on preparing yourself to go raw, see our Prep Week eBook in our 28 Days Raw Program, which you can order online here: http://28daysRAW.com

Click here now for the early bird special on our 2-Program Lifetime Membership!

Or get more info here: http://28daysRAW.com

In Joy!

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